The Anthology, Upcoming Releases & Life with M&M

Good morning, my lovelies! 

It has been far, far too long and I know that I should be getting my ass kicked for my lack of participation in promoting the athology. 

A few minutes a day is all it would take.  

I promise I will try to do better now that things are (sort of) calming down. 

But first I need to tell you, my readers, a few things.  One, is that the anthology came out April 24th! 

anthology cover

The anthology cover is stunning, no?


To date we have sold 52 books on Amazon and 17 on Draft2Digital.  That’s great! but I know that we can do better.  I know that you, my people, love my work and that you’re fans of the paranormal; of shifters; of hot, steamy stories; of wonderful authors.  I know that the idea of an anthology that is 170,000 words big, which is at least 50k bigger than most of the other similar anthologies out there, will appeal to you.

I know that helping out veterans also appeals to you.  American soldiers, yes, which matters a lot to my American and Canadian subscribers and maybe not so much to the others, but the programs that Wounded Warrior Project uses can be used elsewhere to help others. And 25% of our proceeds go to WWP.  


I got six copies of the anthology in paperback form yesterday (SO EXCITED!!) and since I am THREE subscribers away from three hundred, when I hit that number I will be giving one away, along with copies of HW1 and HW2 to a few lucky winners of a draw. 

Still not sure where to buy the anthology?  FEAR NOT!  I have just the information you need!

The Amazon global link:

Other Amazon Links:


Prefer not to buy it on Amazon?  That’s okay, we have links for that, too:


Go, my minions…er…my lovelies…*ahem* you saw nothing… and buy the book!  You will not regret it!

Life outside of writing has been… exciting.  *laughs*  It’s the best way to put it. 

About three weeks ago, I think, water started dripping through my bathroom ceiling vent. 




After the second time, I called management. They had someone come up and take a look immediately.  They went up to the apartment above mine and it seems that his toilet had been flooding and he’d been leaving pools of water sitting around. 


That’s what had been dripping into my bathroom, close enough to the toilet to drip ON YOU when you’re sitting there, unable to move away.

So they told him that he was going to be responsible for some of the bills incurred and told me the matter was resolved.

We were all, “Great!”

Then we went out a few days later, spending the day here, at the new place, trying to get things set up so that we could start moving things in slowly, since my lease isn’t up until the end of July.  Mike went back to the apartment, opened the door, inhaled and


The entire apartment smelled like wet, unclean ass.  At first, he thought maybe the cats had done a major number on the litter but no, he found a huge flood in the bathroom.

Really, management is lucky it wasn’t me who found it like that. Mike is generally much more level-headed than I am.  He went down there and dragged someone back up to the apartment. 

Turns out the outgoing sewage pipe between the apartment upstairs and mine exploded. It wore out (old copper pipe) and now my apartment is covered in mold. 

We moved out that day. 

Luckily, Girlkid happened to be home for the weekend and she helped Mike and I move two cats, the dog, him and I out, simply taking what we needed most immediately.  I still have to go back and pack but so much of my stuff is wrecked.  Almost everything that is in the bathroom is ruined, my bed, my couches, anything I can’t throw in a washing machine or dishwasher or scrub by hand. 

We’ve been bringing stuff over but we can’t be in there more than 15 minutes at a time, even with P95 masks on (which roughly means they block 95% of particulates in the air). I still have to pack up my books and movies, get the rest of my clothes out, pack up the rest of my kitchen, get my antique furniture out (and pray I can clean it).

It’s been depressing.

A few weeks ago, Micky (the large puppy I rescued at 4 and a half weeks old), took off after a bird behind me and pulled my left arm behind me, twisting it and overextending it at the same time, all in a real hurry.  We had no idea what she’d done.  Doc H said, “It’s definitely been strained.” 

Which was a really vague term to me.

I finally got into physio and it turns out she’s torn the tricep and tendon right at the elbow.  Allll y’all know that that’s been a lot of fun on top of everything else I deal with.  

However!  Mike, the darling man, recently bought me a bike. It’s a gorgeous bike and a beautiful ride. It’s vintage, too, older than my son. It’s a full suspension GT LTS-3 Deore XT (7005 heat treat aircraft aluminum).  Twenty-one gears. It was made in 1994. 

2018-05-05 16.36.29

Isn’t he a sexy beast?? Gods, I love my bike. There is at least 10cm of travel in the suspension.

Handles like a dream. Shifts like a hot knife through butter. 


And I do so much better on wheels than I do on my feet, let me tell you! I love that we love riding together.

2018-05-17 15.27.02

Aren’t we adorable?

We’ve been out three times this week – and he bought me the bike weekend before last, had it in for repairs and again twice more after that.  Yesterday’s ride was 11.7km (that’s 7.3 miles for you non-metric types).  Barely felt it.  Killed most of the hills too.  I only had to walk one and I made it halfway up it the first time I tried it. We even went a little offroad on a single track dirt path running through the trees beside the paved path. 

My bike swallows bumps like Girlkid’s pet dragon swallows crickets at dinner time: fast and smooth. (When he can catch them, that is. ;)) I barely feel a thing.  

My derailers are mismatched now because of a *thing* with the stem and the cables but it still works well enough for me. 

We are finding some beauteous rides throughout the city and it’s amazing to see this much nature in the middle of downtown. Guess it ain’t called the Forest City for nuttin’, eh? *chuckles*

I have to go now. 

Have a wonderful afternoon! And don’t forget to buy the book! 


PS. Damn! I forgot to tell you about the upcoming releases! I am in the middle of editing A Year in the Life of S. Claus and I have a tentative release date of June 30th. That’s barring anything else going wrong.  I will also be releasing HW3 – Ghosts Afire – this summer.  I have that scheduled, also tentatively, for the end of August. 

I am releasing both books in preparation for the Ignite Your Soul Author Event in London, Ontario in September.  I will be attending as an author this year. I will have books available for pre-order as well as books at the table and some swag. I’m nervous and jazzed at the same time and it causes a full on swarm of butterflies to erupt when I think about it. It’ll be fun! Mike will be with me so  he’s going to keep me on an even keel.

Now I’m out. Muah!