Micky & I just love the UPS Guy

He brings nice things.

Like this:


Isn’t it gorgeous??


It’s a slightly blurry picture, I know, but I was taking the picture to show Mike and I was excited. 

The inside looks great but the cover is slightly off. I’m not sure if it’s them or me since the two books are different in that way.  I think it’s me, personally, but Mike thinks it’s them because it looks perfect in the digital proofer. 

It’s a pretty, pretty book. With an exciting concept.


What if Santa wasn’t a small, fat man in a bright red suit?

What if he were really a magic man, a savvy businessman, a car enthusiast and some time vigilante?

Santa’s real name is Ari Lykke and he is a Norwegian given the job of Santa Claus by the Gods many centuries ago. Since then, he’s built the business into a worldwide conglomerate, helped thousands achieve their dreams, and rescued millions from the clutches of Darkness. Now, he has a murder to solve, corporate espionage to prevent and one tiny old woman to save.

And you can get it for free through tomorrow as an ebook at the following sites:


Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/Year-Life-S-Claus-ebook/dp/B07GLVZH8C/

US: https://www.amazon.com/Year-Life-S-Claus-ebook/dp/B07GLVZH8C/

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Year-Life-S-Claus-ebook/dp/B07GLVZH8C/

And here as a paperback:

Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/Year-Life-S-Claus/dp/1725681218

US: https://www.amazon.com/Year-Life-S-Claus/dp/1725681218

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Year-Life-S-Claus/dp/1725681218

I know that the books seem kind of expensive but the proceeds are going to our MS Ride: http://mssoc.convio.net/goto/thelongshotriders .

We are riding for a couple reasons.  Mike’s aunt died of MS several years ago. MS is, as far as I can tell with the research I’ve done, as close as any other disease gets, to FMS as anything else. That means the research is potentially helpful to finding resolutions to FMS as well. I’ve wanted to do this ride for many years and finally, in Mike, I have the support I need to get it done. 

With your help, we can raise the money we are looking for to contribute.  We will have a bonus for the top three largest contributers. 

Have a good evening!



Santa is LIVE!

Good morning!

Make it happenIt is a good start to the week:  – Micky is doing well, though she’s sleepy.  That’s a good thing, it means she’s not going to tear stitches (like she did when she was spayed).  We’re going today to get her a Medi-shirt because the cone is making her depressed, which is bad.

Mike and I are feeling pretty good, though neither of  us slept well

The Santa book is LIVE! I’m thrilled with it.  It’s a gorgeous cover; the story is unique; and I think it’s an intriguing blurb (and have had people say so, which is even better).  


Choose daysWell, I absolutely meant to post that yesterday. A hundred things came up and I forgot I was writing the blog. ☺  

It’s a good thing, though, because I checked the website this morning and the


*happy dance*

I’m waiting on my physical proof but the digital copy showed that it looks gorgeous.  

You can get the ebook for FREE for a very limited time – until Thursday.  After that, as with the paperback, all proceeds will go to our MS fundraiser

You can buy the book here:


Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/Year-Life-S-Claus-ebook/dp/B07GLVZH8C/

US: https://www.amazon.com/Year-Life-S-Claus-ebook/dp/B07GLVZH8C/

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Year-Life-S-Claus-ebook/dp/B07GLVZH8C/


Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/Year-Life-S-Claus/dp/1725681218

US: https://www.amazon.com/Year-Life-S-Claus/dp/1725681218

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Year-Life-S-Claus/dp/1725681218

And speaking of gorgeous covers and greaat causes, let’s not forget about the anthology! 

anthology cover

The anthology cover is stunning, no?

Still for sale and still donating to Wounded Warriors Project. Don’t forget that you can pick that up, too.  Ten awesome cat-shifter stories from nine fantastic authors!

You can buy it here:

Amazon Global link: https://getBook.at/AG2-CaSCAntho
US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079MHWBZ4
UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B079MHWBZ4
DE: http://www.amazon.de/dp/B079MHWBZ4
CA: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B079MHWBZ4

I have to go for now.  The weather here is insane and I’m getting a massive migraine. 

Have a great afternoon!



The Review Process Stinks

Good morning!

I get it. I really do. I understand that they have to make sure that everything is up to their standards (though, really, how do some of those books make it through?) but it takes so stinkin’ long.

Screenshot 2018-08-18 08.47.53

72 hours! *grumble*

I have found in the past that it can be remarkably shorter, so we’ll see.  I will be doing a freebie promo for a few days to help get the word out.  However, the proceeds from this book will be going to the MS Ride fundraising.  

This one though…

Screenshot 2018-08-18 08.49.58

It does take 24 hours.

If I wasn’t such a lady – hey, you in the corner, stop laughing! – I’d flop back with a hugely dramatic sigh.  

So the book will be available very soon! All the work is done. Now it’s just a matter of waiting. 

Bonus: I believe we get to bring Micky home today. 

Have a superlative Saturday!


What a Week!


Been a hell of a week, eh?

I don’t even remember Monday. I know it existed but Tuesday and Wednesday wiped it away completely.  And then there was yesterday, taking Micky to the pet ER… That sucked. 

However, she’s in the best place outside of Guelph (where there is a world class learning institution and animal hospital) that she can be. The vet called this morning and told us that last night Micky was fed and spit up some of it. They tried again this morning and she spit some of it back up again so they’re keeping her overnight tonight to make sure the meds are working and that she is eating. She is otherwise stable. 

Oddly, my oldest cat, Terror, has been running around here, yowling and howling for the dog and yelling at me about the lack of large canine presence.

Weird, eh?

On to business!  I know that I  promised you all a book by Thursday and I haven’t delivered. It IS coming!  It just needs reviewed.  It’ll be out by tomorrow afternoon.

Screenshot 2018-08-17 11.57.49


And then we can celebrate the coming of Santa Claus, aka the hot Norwegian businessman. 

Dog and book in the same day. It’s a good thing.  

I’m a little concerned about the cover now but we’ll see how it goes.  After some adjustments, the page count is different, which means the width of the book is different, which *takes a deep breath* means that the spine is a different size.  It’s now off by 0.05″.  I’m a little alarmed.  I don’t know how much Createspace will allow for in error.  I know it doesn’t matter in Kindle but for print, it makes a difference.  

I don’t want to have to redo it.  That’s math.  Lots of math.  And miniscule adjustments against rulers.  Blargh.

Well, no borrowing trouble, right?  Now, I’m going to go have lunch with my Mike and do some edits in HW3.  

Oh… I also have to figure out swag for IYASE.  

Not sure I can afford to do it now, after we paid for Micky’s surgery.  

It is important though…

  • It’d be good exposure for me.
  • It’d be good for my social anxiety to be able to do this
  • I love these people and they’re a lot of fun to hang out with (okay, a lower on the list reason, kind of but still important)
  • I’m using it as a fundraiser for our MS Ride, too.

We’ll figure it out.  And while it’s on my mind, take a look at this fabulous promo that one of the organizers created! 

IYSAE promo

Some books available by Ignite Your Soul Author Event 2018 signing authors! Many genres to choose from, so join us on September 29th for another fabulous Canadian book signing convention! 16 more days to claim your VIP tickets and join us at DoubleTree by Hilton for the Harvest Dinner After Party with a delicious buffet dinner, great entertainment from Toronto’s Magic Moments DJ Entertainment, with photographs and photo booth by American photographer Eric D Battershell! Don’t forget our group discount code when booking your room at our all-in-one venue! You may also still register your table (4 left!) until Sept 1st! Join us and find out why London, Ontario is called the Forest City, support your book community and Alzheimer’s Society of London and Middlesex 💜 http://igniteyoursoulauth.wixsite.com/iyse

Gorgeous, isn’t it? And, look! I’m in it! Middle row, second column. 😀

I am being told it is lunch time. Have a great afternoon everyone!


Micky Update

received_216128339080990The Bean here has gone to surgery.  We had to take her to an emergency vet this morning after she threw up the tummy healing food.  

And then threw up water she hadn’t been drinking.  A LOT of water she hadn’t been drinking.

We stopped by our standard vet first and explained what was going on. The RVT there said they wouldn’t be able to do the testing required and maybe we wanted to take her to the vet hospital instead. Besides, they wouldn’t be able to see her until 11 (this was around 8:45, I think).

So we said, fine, we’ll take her down there (and pray she didn’t puke in the car, PLEASE DON’T BARF UP ANY OF THAT NASTY SMELLING STUFF!

She didn’t.)

So we got to the vet hospital and they saw her right away.  They were quite lovely people.  They listened to what we had to say then they put us in an exam room.

It didn’t take long before an RVT came in and asked a lot more questions, did an exam (including a rectal thermometer that made Micky turn halfway around like, “Hey! What were you just doing??”), asked a few more questions that got answers like:

Ah, well, she’s been eating all her toys.

Well, ah, she ate a Kong toy.  You know one of the ones with the thick plastic ring on the outside and the rolling treatball in the middle?  Yeaaaahhhh… she decimated it. 

Oh, for sure, several stuffed toys, too.

No, we did our best to catch it all but she’s pretty quick…

Then the vet herself came in, asked questions, some of the same, some of them different. she probed, palpatated, petted, then suggested an x-ray.  

So away Micky went.  Then we got taken into another room to be shown the results.  

Micky has a rather large obstruction in her small intestine, right before her large intestine, that is not moving. On the x-ray, it looks like a lot of fabric (or, I dunno, toy stuffing perhaps??) so the doc suggested a lot of different options.

Finally, Mike just said, “What would you do if it was your dog?”

“I’d do the surgery now.  I’m fairly certain there’s a blockage and I don’t need the other tests to tell me that and delay the surgery, potentially making things that much worse for her.”

So that’s what we did. 

Now I’m waiting for the call that tells me she came out okay. 

I hope your day is going better than mine.  The side of me that has a sick sense of humour wants to label the last couple of days as #extremeaggressivechewerproblems


PS.   Well… it looks like I fell asleep before I sent this. 

The vet called, Micky came through with flying colours.  They took out that which was anchored in her tummy and made sure the rest of her intestines were clear.  Then they stitched her up with backward(?) stitches so she doesn’t pull them out or rupture them easily by moving too much.  And she’ll come home in 24 to 48 hours with pain meds, a sedative for the first 10 days (because she’s an active, active puppy), and a need for a lot of TLC.  

A Slight Delay

Hello my lovelies,

2018-03-01 16.43.21


Unfortunately, we woke up to Micky  throwing up all over the place.

We are not entirely sure what set this off.  We do know that she’s ripped apart (and eaten parts of) every single toy she owns.  Stuffed animals are now bag-animals, if they are in one piece.  Plastic toys have been thrown out.  She ate one of these. They’re a hard plastic.

She dismembered a wolf. Destuffed a walrus. Tore the wing off a dragon.

We’ve managed to get some bad-puppy-tummy food into her (boiled ground beef and rice) and she’s kept it down for going on 3 hours now, longer than any water she drank.

However, cleaning up all that barf and looking after her meant that I didn’t get all the work done I needed to to get the book published today. Sadly, it means that I will be doing it tomorrow, not today. 

But I will make it up to you! Three days of the book free as an introductory offer. 

It’s worth the price I’ll put on it but free is a good thing. 😉

Sleep tight!


The Cover Reveal!

 Good morning!

It’s a beautiful day for a cover reveal!

I have finished the blurb and the tagline (which stayed just like it was in the last blog *laughs*) and everything is ready for release on Wednesday!

That’s right! 

A Year in the Life of S. Claus will be out TOMORROW!

Here is the blurb:

What if Santa wasn’t a small, fat man in a bright red suit?  What if he were really a magic man, a savvy businessman, a car enthusiast and some time vigilante?

Santa’s real name is Ari Lykke and he is a Norwegian given the job of Santa Claus by the Gods many centuries ago. Since then, he’s built the business into a worldwide conglomerate, helped thousands achieve their dreams, and rescued millions from the clutches of Darkness. Now, he has a murder to solve, corporate espionage to prevent and one tiny old woman to save.

And the tagline:

Santa: magic man, businessman, car collector, and vigilante. The real story behind the myth.

What do you think?  Catchy, right? 

I like them. I just hope they’re as effective as I’d like them to be. 😀

The other thing about the book is that most of the proceeds will be going to our 2019 MS Ride.  

We have named our team The Longshots. *chuckles* I am kind of a longshot to make this run from Grand Bend, Ontario to London and back again. It’s a two day ride but dang, it’s a 150 km (93 miles, +/- a few yards) ride. That’s a LOT of my ass in the saddle and feet on the pedals. 

Thank the Gods for Mike. *smiles*  He knows how to keep me going. 

Here is where you can keep up with me.  And here is where you can keep up with the team, although I haven’t done anything with it yet; I need Mike to register.  Our team goal is $3,000. I will be donating $300 (a little at a time, I’ve got 50 in so far) and the proceeds of A Year in the Life of S. Claus, for as long as I’m fundraising.

We will be doing other things to fundraise:

  • a bake sale at IYSAE.  Which you can attend, if you live in London, Ontario.  I will have cupcakes and cookies. I haven’t yet decided which will be gluten free.  I will probably do a poll among the attending authors.
  • the standard “pestering” of friends, relatives, work ‘friends’
  • buck-a-kilometer training sessions (which will be tracked/proven via the Cyclometer app I have on my phone)
  • Maybe we’ll find a way to do a silent auction or something. 

We’ll get there with the fundraising and then some, I know it.  AND I WILL RIDE.  I will do every single kilometer by my own power (and then not be able to walk until Wednesday *laughs*).  

But now, it’s time for what you’re all waiting for:


*drum roll*

Santa cover copy

TA-DA!! Isn’t it gorgeous?

I think it’s beautiful, sleek, and just the right touch. I didn’t want Christmas or overt Santa material. I wanted subtly and class.  And I think I achieved that.   The back is going to be pale gold with black lettering. 

Tell me, what do you think?

I am going to get to work publishing! Have a great day, everyone.