A Slight Delay

Hello my lovelies,

2018-03-01 16.43.21


Unfortunately, we woke up to Micky  throwing up all over the place.

We are not entirely sure what set this off.  We do know that she’s ripped apart (and eaten parts of) every single toy she owns.  Stuffed animals are now bag-animals, if they are in one piece.  Plastic toys have been thrown out.  She ate one of these. They’re a hard plastic.

She dismembered a wolf. Destuffed a walrus. Tore the wing off a dragon.

We’ve managed to get some bad-puppy-tummy food into her (boiled ground beef and rice) and she’s kept it down for going on 3 hours now, longer than any water she drank.

However, cleaning up all that barf and looking after her meant that I didn’t get all the work done I needed to to get the book published today. Sadly, it means that I will be doing it tomorrow, not today. 

But I will make it up to you! Three days of the book free as an introductory offer. 

It’s worth the price I’ll put on it but free is a good thing. 😉

Sleep tight!



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