Micky Update

received_216128339080990The Bean here has gone to surgery.  We had to take her to an emergency vet this morning after she threw up the tummy healing food.  

And then threw up water she hadn’t been drinking.  A LOT of water she hadn’t been drinking.

We stopped by our standard vet first and explained what was going on. The RVT there said they wouldn’t be able to do the testing required and maybe we wanted to take her to the vet hospital instead. Besides, they wouldn’t be able to see her until 11 (this was around 8:45, I think).

So we said, fine, we’ll take her down there (and pray she didn’t puke in the car, PLEASE DON’T BARF UP ANY OF THAT NASTY SMELLING STUFF!

She didn’t.)

So we got to the vet hospital and they saw her right away.  They were quite lovely people.  They listened to what we had to say then they put us in an exam room.

It didn’t take long before an RVT came in and asked a lot more questions, did an exam (including a rectal thermometer that made Micky turn halfway around like, “Hey! What were you just doing??”), asked a few more questions that got answers like:

Ah, well, she’s been eating all her toys.

Well, ah, she ate a Kong toy.  You know one of the ones with the thick plastic ring on the outside and the rolling treatball in the middle?  Yeaaaahhhh… she decimated it. 

Oh, for sure, several stuffed toys, too.

No, we did our best to catch it all but she’s pretty quick…

Then the vet herself came in, asked questions, some of the same, some of them different. she probed, palpatated, petted, then suggested an x-ray.  

So away Micky went.  Then we got taken into another room to be shown the results.  

Micky has a rather large obstruction in her small intestine, right before her large intestine, that is not moving. On the x-ray, it looks like a lot of fabric (or, I dunno, toy stuffing perhaps??) so the doc suggested a lot of different options.

Finally, Mike just said, “What would you do if it was your dog?”

“I’d do the surgery now.  I’m fairly certain there’s a blockage and I don’t need the other tests to tell me that and delay the surgery, potentially making things that much worse for her.”

So that’s what we did. 

Now I’m waiting for the call that tells me she came out okay. 

I hope your day is going better than mine.  The side of me that has a sick sense of humour wants to label the last couple of days as #extremeaggressivechewerproblems


PS.   Well… it looks like I fell asleep before I sent this. 

The vet called, Micky came through with flying colours.  They took out that which was anchored in her tummy and made sure the rest of her intestines were clear.  Then they stitched her up with backward(?) stitches so she doesn’t pull them out or rupture them easily by moving too much.  And she’ll come home in 24 to 48 hours with pain meds, a sedative for the first 10 days (because she’s an active, active puppy), and a need for a lot of TLC.  


3 thoughts on “Micky Update

    1. Thank you very much! This morning I got a call saying that she spit up parts of her dinner and breakfast so they’re keeping her another night. Which is good for her but sucks for me because I want my puppy at home. She’s in the best place possible, though, so I’ll suck it up.


      1. I totally understand wanting her home (wanting to be home) from the hospital – but I am glad she is getting great care and she is doing well. Lots of loves and gently tummy rubs to let all her meals and drinks to stay down so she can get home, healthy and happy! Loves!


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