Of the Leather Persuasion

Good morning, everyone!

I know, it’s a terrible shock to see me pop up in your email. “Catherine actually wrote a blog? What the f…?” I know, I get it; it’s been thirteen months since I’ve written one.

In those thirteen months, though, life has been busy.

I have to say, I’ve lost my hermit status. There are actually new people in my life! We have a new friend name Paul. He’s a Witch, he’s gay, he’s a Drag Queen, he’s brilliant at throwing shade (he’s fierce!) and he is

There is also G, M’s best friend, who is becoming my best male friend, outside of M. He is a Dom, a wonderful man, and brilliant.

My son got engaged!

This is my favourite photo from that day.

My daughter got accepted to her exchange program and is spending this school year in England. She’s thrilled. I’m thrilled. I miss her. She comes home for the holidays in a few days.

They all do. I’m looking forward to it. Boykid has been in Australia this past month. I know Girl-in-law has missed him fiercely.

What else has happened… hmm… OH! I did the MS Ride! I did the entire first day, which ended up being around 85km. I cried, I quit, I got back on, and we were the last team in. Just dead last.

That night I had a fever of 102*F, way out of it with fever and pain. The next morning, I had a fever, still, a degree or so lower. M & G insisted I get on the shuttle to go two stops up and avoid the hills so I went to the shuttle stop (M dropped me off with my bike) and everyone there was like, “A fever? No, no no, you need to go to the third stop. Besides, there’s only one hill from there.” So I did 25km from there.

It wasn’t the full ride but I crossed the finish line and did what I said I was going to do.

This year, I have Zwift and will be doing better indoor training (ankle damage notwithstanding) and I will do more next year. Maybe the whole ride. It’s just that the second day starts on hills like this:

Super steep in the middle of the city, not the country.

I’m working on it, though.

Has anything else happened? M’s divorce is final! I don’t remember anything else offhand, but that’s because I’m tired and achy. My ankle is in an Aircast boot right now because there is tendon damage.

I am back today because I am part of a new series! Of the Leather Persuasuion is a series dedicated to trying to promote a healthy view of BDSM.

Here is the series blurb:

This Valentine’s Day the Leather Persuasion Resort is the exotic obsession among singles or couples of the BDSM lifestyle on a secluded island of Trunk Bay. Take the questionnaire and follow your guide, Lance Pierce, at the pier where you will experience the vacation of a lifetime. Meet your special someone or casual play partner! At the Leather Persuasion Resort, anything is possible.

Collect all 5 erotic stories in this brand new kink series of varying degrees of erotic romantic heat. Dip your toes into the sand with the characters, experiencing the exclusive erotic adventures that will forever be memorable.

It should be a lot of fun! We have Crystal Lynn and Edward Blackwood collaborating on Worth the Risk for Book 1. You can pre-order here

Book Two by Claudia Steven

Alivia Grant is finally getting a break from her stressful job and bound for a girl’s getaway with Penelope Vasquez, her best friend. Penelope has promised Alivia lots of fun, relaxation, and lots of hotties at the resort where they will be staying. Without another thought, Alivia packs her bags and boards a plane bound for an island retreat.

There’s only one thing that could ruin Alivia’s vacation. Penelope has kept a very big secret from Alivia about the resort. This luxurious resort isn’t something you see on t.v. This is the one of a kind Leather Persuasion Resort — a BDSM resort. Alivia has always wanted to explore the lifestyle of BDSM but has always been too scared to dive into it on her own.

Will this vacation be the push that Alivia needs to get out of her comfort zone and experience the world she has always dreamed of? Or will she be homebound before the vacation ever begins?

You can find her pre-order link here.

Book three brings us Simone Evans with Second Chance Persuasion.

Jannah and Nikolas Allen have been married for five years and trying for a baby for eight months, and in all that time, Jannah hadn’t shared one important fact about herself — she’d been a domme before meeting Nikolas on her first day at Lazarus Industries as a technical writer. Afraid to share her need for dominance with the straight-laced computer programmer, she pushed it deep down in favor of love.

But, now, Jannah is realizing something is missing in her marriage so she decided to take a trip to get her past desires out of her system once and for all. Her and Nikolas agreed to take separate ‘friends only’ vacations — giving them time apart, away from the stress of making a baby — the two separated at the airport uncertain about what their future will hold.

Will Jannah accept her true self and find the courage to tell her husband about herself when she returns from the Leather Persuasion Resort on Trunk Bay? Or, will her mysterious submissive throw a wrench in her plans?

Next up is Rexi Lake with book 4, Keeping His Kitten.

Her pre-order link is here.

The Kitten

Kelli has always been an explorer. Of marine life. As half owner of a wildlife rescue, she has spent a lot of time in the waters off Jubilee Harbor, Connecticut. An unexpected gift to visit the island of St. John gives her an opportunity to explore the reefs in the warmer waters of the Caribbean. What she doesn’t realize until she’s on her way is that the resort she’s been gifted an all-expenses-paid trip to isn’t just any resort. It’s a BDSM resort that caters to any kink imaginable. She’s had her fantasies, but she’s never acted on them. She thinks she can get away with simply booking some reef tours and snorkeling adventures, but the resort director sends her to Jake, a local bar owner and a VIP member of the resort.

The Master

Jake grew up on St. John’s Island and his bar Saints has thrived with the resort located on the next bay. As a member of Leather Persuasions and a St. John’s native, he gets the business when someone wants an excursion outside the resort. When he gets a call from a woman requesting a tour of the reefs, he never expects to discover someone whose unexplored curiosities are a perfect match to his own kinks. He’s played with guests before, but no one has ever sparked that need for more in him.

Will Kelli be the one to turn the tide? Can Jake convince her to enjoy a little playtime? Does he have what it takes to keep this kitten?

And then there’s mine:

Oh, wait, that’s right, you have to wait until the reveal this afternoon before you can find out what it is. 😉

I am doing a takeover of the Leather Persuasion Series – Erotic Readers Book Club on Facebook this afternoon starting at 2pm EST. (That’s Toronto, Canada time, -5hrs, GMT) While I’m there, I will be doing a Facebook Live chat about BDSM, namely SSC and RACK.

Those are Safe, Sane and Consensual and Risk Aware Consensual Kink. They are the way people should be behaving in the BDSM world and we’ll talk about what they are and why they’re important, plus any other topics that come up.

I will post again once my pre-order links are active and my book cover has been revealed. Have a wonderful day and I hope we see you at today’s takeover.