I am a Canadian writer who has a love of the paranormal on and off the pages.  I am Pagan and a polythesiest.  No, I am not Wiccan.  I am the mother of two – a fully grown young man and a 15 y/o girl.  I have been writing since I was about 10 years old and started writing adult fiction at fifteen.  I can and have written everything but poetry (I can not make a rhythm to save my life, except perhaps iambic pentameter, although it’s been years since I tried).  I am open, friendly and will answer any question you have of me, even if it’s to say “None of your business” with a smile.  

I love to talk about  my work, my boyfriend, my kids and my cat.  



P.S. Feel free to reach me with your thoughts and opinions at caitybowman at gmail dot com  

I can also be found on: Twitter @highlandwolves Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HighlandWolves , Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/bowman4408/ and I am trying to get used to using Instagram https://instagram.com/catherine.bowman/ .  With Pinterest and Instagram, you get a deeper insight into who I am and what makes me tick (including my warped sense of humour).


“The destination is not that rewarding if you have not had the experience of the journey” ~Jimmy Buffet


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