Kinkentine & LP!


This Valentine’s Day the Leather Persuasion Resort, on a secluded island of Trunk Bay, is the exotic obsession among singles and couples of the BDSM lifestyle. Take the questionnaire and meet your guide, Lance Pierce, at the pier where you will experience the vacation of a lifetime. Meet your special someone or casual play partner!

At the Leather Persuasion Resort, anything is possible.

Collect all 5 erotic stories in this brand new kink series of varying degrees of erotic romantic heat. Dip your toes into the sand with the characters, experiencing the exclusive erotic adventures that will forever be memorable.

WORTH THE RISK by (Crystal St Clair writing as) Crystal Lynn & Iain Shaw, Author vol1

BOUND BY YOU by Claudia Stevens vol2

SECOND CHANCE PERSUASION by Simone Evans, Author vol3

KEEPING HIS KITTEN by Rexi Lake vol4

TIED TO THE BEAT by Catherine Bowman vol5

JOIN THE LP GROUP: Leather Persuasion Series – Erotic Readers Book Club

I am so excited! Valentine’s Day will bring so much good reading for me and for all of you! I have purchased all the books in the series and had the pleasure to edit Worth the Risk by Crystal and Iain. I quite enjoyed the book and I’m sure the others are just as much fun.

Don’t forget to pre-order Tied to the Beat! The paperback will be out on the 15th!


I haven’t quite been keeping up but I do have one more to share with you. Maybe two if my brain will spit out today’s prompt. Remember that they’re all first drafts! Raw and unedited.

First up is the prompt from the 4th: Shower/Bath.

Water, hot and pulsating, flows up from the showerhead.

It thump-thump-thumps against a tiny nub of gathered nerves.

A gasp echoes through the marbled chamber. Water is pushed away in protest.

It’s shoved back into place, held there.

The gasp turns into harsh breathing, constant sounds of pleasure.

There’s a growl of frustration as the water is moved and the peak is denied.

When breathing settles, water is moved back into place.

Water creates fire and lightning.

Muscles twitch. 

Gasping, panting, moaning.

A large hand covers the smaller one, holding the water in place.

A scream pierces the air.


It got called an “overly long orgasm haiku” on my writing group. laughs

Today’s writing prompt is Cunnilingus/Clothing (suits/costumes/etc)/Porn Stash. To do this one, I think I’m going to choose Clothing. It’ll be short and sweet.

Sarah stared at the big white box on the bed. It was intriguing. Wide, red satin ribbon held it shut and the store logo was covered by a large, blood red envelope.

Her name was written in calligraphy on the front in large letters. Below them, it said, “Open immediately.” It was a command she could not ignore. Trembling fingers reached for the ribbon and pulled the bow apart before they reached into the envelope and pulled out a note.

It said: Be ready at 8, my girl. Hair down, dark makeup.

Sarah shivered. They were going to the Club. She wondered why; it wasn’t their usual night. And this…this box. It wasn’t a day for gifts. She stared for another moment then grinned. “Oh, whatever,” she says with a dreamy little sigh. “This will be a good night.”

Finally, she opens the box. At first, all she sees is a confusing pile of red leather, the same red as the envelope on the front. Idly, for a brief second, she wondered which came first: the dress or the envelope. Was he inspired by the envelope to get a dress that colour?

“Whatever!” she says again as she gives her head a shake. “What’s with the tangents?” Carefully, oh, so carefully, she lifted the dress from the box.

As soon as she had it all unfolded and hanging from her hands, full length, she gasped in shock. “It’s a Northbound Leather dress! It’s THE Northbound Leather dress!” She let out a loud squee and ran for the full length mirror.

“OH MY GAWD!” She shouted. Immediately, she lowered her voice with reverance. “It’s stunning. I have to put it on. I have to wear it. I have to put it on.”

Sarah whirled around and ran to put it on the bed. “Clean. I need to be clean.”

She ran for the shower and cleaned herself thoroughly, shaving everything below the chin. She scrubbed and primped and washed and dried her hair, leaving it down as ordered.

“Okay, slut,” she said to herself, “now it’s time for the dress.”

It was ridiculous, but she had moisture on her inner thighs because the mere thought of wearing the dress excited her almost to the point of orgasm. She was hot, swollen and wet between her thighs. Her nipples her tight and her breasts heavy. She was panting and quivering as she slowly slid the zipper down on the back of the dress and unsnapping the collar of the halter.

She sat down in her Master’s armchair, the one in the corner of the room, placed where he could best watch her masturbate, so that she could pick up both feet, already clad in black stilettos with ankle straps and closed toes, and slide them into the dress and through the skirt at the same time. The smell and feel of the leather was almost too much to bear already.

Sarah shuddered with pleasure and more moisture pooled in her core.

“Oh shit!” She jumped up, hopping in a circle as she held onto the dress. “Please tell me I didn’t get his chair dirty!” She leaned over and examined it carefully. Finding nothing, she sagged in relief. “Thank God. He’d have locked me in the cage.”

Straightening up, she resumed tugging the dress up over her hips. Little sounds of pleasure were escaping her as the dress slid over the curve of her ass then wrapped around her ribs. She tugged the halter up and tucked her D-cups into place. She was lucky that gravity hadn’t started to get a good grip on them yet so she could stuff the perky-ish, pink tipped, pleasure globes into place.

Then she wrapped the halter collar around her neck with a moan. It was tight enough she could feel herself swallow, with just enough give that she could breathe easily.

Lastly, she pulled up the zipper. It came up to mid-back but once it was done up, the dress was tight. It wrapped around her like a coccoon and the boning hidden in the seams forced her into an upright, proper posture. The skirt stopped at mid-calf and kept her from taking a full and proper step.

“Oh, oh,” she rubbed her hands all over herself as she moaned. “Oh my yes. Yes!” She took a few small steps to the mirror and looked at herself. “Oh god. Look at me. I’m in bondage and I’m going out in public.” She panted more, head thrown back, hands on her breasts as she slid them over the leather, her orgasm about to crash over the peak.

Suddenly a deep voice breaks into her self-admiration. “Don’t you dare cum, slut. Not until I have allowed it.”

Sarah’s moan catches in her throat and she slowly comes back to herself. She turns and looks at him, eyes heavy and dark. “As you wish, Master.”

“Good girl. Let’s go.” He heads out the door and he’s halfway down the stairs before she realizes he’s in a tux.

“Not the club?” she asks herself. “Who cares! Public bondage! Yay!” She runs after him with tiny mincing steps, a grin on her face.

Well, time for me to go! I want to talk briefly about my goals for the next six months. I have a few, some personal, some writing.

  • applying myself to re-learning the flute. I have it. Use it.
  • I have two languages I’m learning on Duolingo: Scots Gaelic and german.
  • I’d like to write HW4. The series deserves to be completed.
  • I need to start Whisky Cats.
  • There’s a writing competition I just got introduced to that I am considering. It’s deadline is …well, shit, it’s the end of the month. Better consider it fast, eh?
  • We are doing the MS Ride again. You can donate to me here
  • I want to lose 30 pounds. Training for the ride will certainly help that.

I think that’s good for six months. We’ll see where I am then.

For now, it’s way past dinner time, I need pain meds, and the dog is getting impatient, too. Don’t forget to pre-order Tied to the Beat!


Of the Leather Persuasion

Good morning, everyone!

I know, it’s a terrible shock to see me pop up in your email. “Catherine actually wrote a blog? What the f…?” I know, I get it; it’s been thirteen months since I’ve written one.

In those thirteen months, though, life has been busy.

I have to say, I’ve lost my hermit status. There are actually new people in my life! We have a new friend name Paul. He’s a Witch, he’s gay, he’s a Drag Queen, he’s brilliant at throwing shade (he’s fierce!) and he is

There is also G, M’s best friend, who is becoming my best male friend, outside of M. He is a Dom, a wonderful man, and brilliant.

My son got engaged!

This is my favourite photo from that day.

My daughter got accepted to her exchange program and is spending this school year in England. She’s thrilled. I’m thrilled. I miss her. She comes home for the holidays in a few days.

They all do. I’m looking forward to it. Boykid has been in Australia this past month. I know Girl-in-law has missed him fiercely.

What else has happened… hmm… OH! I did the MS Ride! I did the entire first day, which ended up being around 85km. I cried, I quit, I got back on, and we were the last team in. Just dead last.

That night I had a fever of 102*F, way out of it with fever and pain. The next morning, I had a fever, still, a degree or so lower. M & G insisted I get on the shuttle to go two stops up and avoid the hills so I went to the shuttle stop (M dropped me off with my bike) and everyone there was like, “A fever? No, no no, you need to go to the third stop. Besides, there’s only one hill from there.” So I did 25km from there.

It wasn’t the full ride but I crossed the finish line and did what I said I was going to do.

This year, I have Zwift and will be doing better indoor training (ankle damage notwithstanding) and I will do more next year. Maybe the whole ride. It’s just that the second day starts on hills like this:

Super steep in the middle of the city, not the country.

I’m working on it, though.

Has anything else happened? M’s divorce is final! I don’t remember anything else offhand, but that’s because I’m tired and achy. My ankle is in an Aircast boot right now because there is tendon damage.

I am back today because I am part of a new series! Of the Leather Persuasuion is a series dedicated to trying to promote a healthy view of BDSM.

Here is the series blurb:

This Valentine’s Day the Leather Persuasion Resort is the exotic obsession among singles or couples of the BDSM lifestyle on a secluded island of Trunk Bay. Take the questionnaire and follow your guide, Lance Pierce, at the pier where you will experience the vacation of a lifetime. Meet your special someone or casual play partner! At the Leather Persuasion Resort, anything is possible.

Collect all 5 erotic stories in this brand new kink series of varying degrees of erotic romantic heat. Dip your toes into the sand with the characters, experiencing the exclusive erotic adventures that will forever be memorable.

It should be a lot of fun! We have Crystal Lynn and Edward Blackwood collaborating on Worth the Risk for Book 1. You can pre-order here

Book Two by Claudia Steven

Alivia Grant is finally getting a break from her stressful job and bound for a girl’s getaway with Penelope Vasquez, her best friend. Penelope has promised Alivia lots of fun, relaxation, and lots of hotties at the resort where they will be staying. Without another thought, Alivia packs her bags and boards a plane bound for an island retreat.

There’s only one thing that could ruin Alivia’s vacation. Penelope has kept a very big secret from Alivia about the resort. This luxurious resort isn’t something you see on t.v. This is the one of a kind Leather Persuasion Resort — a BDSM resort. Alivia has always wanted to explore the lifestyle of BDSM but has always been too scared to dive into it on her own.

Will this vacation be the push that Alivia needs to get out of her comfort zone and experience the world she has always dreamed of? Or will she be homebound before the vacation ever begins?

You can find her pre-order link here.

Book three brings us Simone Evans with Second Chance Persuasion.

Jannah and Nikolas Allen have been married for five years and trying for a baby for eight months, and in all that time, Jannah hadn’t shared one important fact about herself — she’d been a domme before meeting Nikolas on her first day at Lazarus Industries as a technical writer. Afraid to share her need for dominance with the straight-laced computer programmer, she pushed it deep down in favor of love.

But, now, Jannah is realizing something is missing in her marriage so she decided to take a trip to get her past desires out of her system once and for all. Her and Nikolas agreed to take separate ‘friends only’ vacations — giving them time apart, away from the stress of making a baby — the two separated at the airport uncertain about what their future will hold.

Will Jannah accept her true self and find the courage to tell her husband about herself when she returns from the Leather Persuasion Resort on Trunk Bay? Or, will her mysterious submissive throw a wrench in her plans?

Next up is Rexi Lake with book 4, Keeping His Kitten.

Her pre-order link is here.

The Kitten

Kelli has always been an explorer. Of marine life. As half owner of a wildlife rescue, she has spent a lot of time in the waters off Jubilee Harbor, Connecticut. An unexpected gift to visit the island of St. John gives her an opportunity to explore the reefs in the warmer waters of the Caribbean. What she doesn’t realize until she’s on her way is that the resort she’s been gifted an all-expenses-paid trip to isn’t just any resort. It’s a BDSM resort that caters to any kink imaginable. She’s had her fantasies, but she’s never acted on them. She thinks she can get away with simply booking some reef tours and snorkeling adventures, but the resort director sends her to Jake, a local bar owner and a VIP member of the resort.

The Master

Jake grew up on St. John’s Island and his bar Saints has thrived with the resort located on the next bay. As a member of Leather Persuasions and a St. John’s native, he gets the business when someone wants an excursion outside the resort. When he gets a call from a woman requesting a tour of the reefs, he never expects to discover someone whose unexplored curiosities are a perfect match to his own kinks. He’s played with guests before, but no one has ever sparked that need for more in him.

Will Kelli be the one to turn the tide? Can Jake convince her to enjoy a little playtime? Does he have what it takes to keep this kitten?

And then there’s mine:

Oh, wait, that’s right, you have to wait until the reveal this afternoon before you can find out what it is. 😉

I am doing a takeover of the Leather Persuasion Series – Erotic Readers Book Club on Facebook this afternoon starting at 2pm EST. (That’s Toronto, Canada time, -5hrs, GMT) While I’m there, I will be doing a Facebook Live chat about BDSM, namely SSC and RACK.

Those are Safe, Sane and Consensual and Risk Aware Consensual Kink. They are the way people should be behaving in the BDSM world and we’ll talk about what they are and why they’re important, plus any other topics that come up.

I will post again once my pre-order links are active and my book cover has been revealed. Have a wonderful day and I hope we see you at today’s takeover.


NaNo and Costumes and Shifters, Oh my!

Good morning!

It is November first and you know what that means!  

It’s NaNoWriMo time!

I will be giving it a go again this year.  I have the time and the support and I think I have the health (although the sleeping thing is still an issue), so completion shouldn’t be a problem.  

I have decided to retell something by Shakespeare: As You Like It.  

I am doing a modern twist, I am also taking it from brothers to sisters and setting it in Canada. This is the tentative plot so far:

Two Sisters, the younger takes over the other’s place in a large corporation(? A baking company maybe? Gourmet cupcakes with bakeries in cities all over the country) by cheating her sister out of her place

The older starts her own business in another country, taking with her loyal employees, leaving behind her son who is attached to the company he helped his mom and aunt build after they took it (a single bakery) over from his mother’s mother.

To the younger’s company comes two more sisters – one super bitchy, a cheater, mistreats her sister, uses her sister as a slave, takes all the credit; the other is super sweet, incredibly talented, knows exactly what her sister is, loves her anyway.

Both seem to be really capable of filling the position, the son holds a knock out competition between the two sisters, and another, and discovers that the younger is much talented. After the elder is taken out when her cupcakes flop early, she tells the remaining competition to do “whatever” it takes to take her sister down.

Son falls for youngest sister when she wins. Older sister ingratiates herself with his aunt.

Aunt gives him an ultimatum – get rid of the girl or get banished.  When he refuses, she sends him to his mother.

Younger sister is fired b/c of older sister, leaves with small severance b/c son makes his aunt do it, wins a lottery on the same day, changes her appearance and her name, and moves to another city  in the country over to open up a bakery, doing full sized cakes & wedding cakes but non-traditional (carved, shaped, creative), hires 3 people (all female, one of whom is gay) to help her with the shop  Keeps seeing her name on flyers, hearing bits of song lyrics on the radio in commercial with her name in it.

Finally, reads one of the flyers closely, discovers it’s a band with the son as lead singer, realizes she’d inadvertently moved to same city.  Disguises self, takes three employees, who have become closest friends with all the long hours they work, to see the band play.  Manages to become friends with the band, intending to get son to talk about how he feels about her. 

Decides to set band members up with her employees, esp lead guitarist with gay woman. Guitarist falls for her instead.

Older sister shows up in town looking for her. They reconcile when elder reveals that she’s had a change in attitude when a brush with cancer made her realize what a cunt she’s been. Younger takes her to see band. Elder immediately falls for drummer. Love at first sight. 

Pushes youngest to reveal herself to son after his mother is at one of the shows and sits at the table talking to them and reveals his feelings for her. Mother says “I got ordained to marry my two best friends together. I’d marry Son and Younger tomorrow if only he could find her and she felt the same way he does.”

Younger makes gay guitarist promise to date gay employee if she can’t have her alternate persona then reveals herself to son. They are happily reunited and only wait enough time for a cake to be made before getting married.

Son’s aunt gives back the business after getting into Scientology and everyone moves back to the old city to resume the company, leaving youngest’s bakery in the hands of her employees as part of the larger company

It’s one of The Bard’s comedies, so we’ll have to see how funny I can make it.  

We have the following characters:

Characters Involved                                                                                  Settings

Sister One – generation one                                                   Two cities

Sister Two – generation one Cicely                                      Two companies

Son of sister two  Eastyn                                                        Bar with live band

Sister One – generation two –  Honor

Sister Two – generation two (Sprinkles Cupcakes) Temperance


Three bakery people (one gay, all female)

Three band members

Only two of whom are developed. 

Basically, this is nearly a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants writing job.  Should be fun!  I hope y’all are looking forward to it.  I may post the daily pages in my blog this year.  Maybe not.  If you are interested in being put on the mailing list for it, leave me your email in the comments section.  It will come from my yahoo email.  


I also wanted to talk about the MS Bike fundraiser.  TODAY IS THE DAY!  Today official fundraising begins!  And you can help us out by searching for us on our teampage (and yes, I need to update our little blog) and clicking on one of our names to donate, or you can just click on our personal pages here: and  (hmmm… I need to get him to personalize his page a bit, eh?).

Thank you in advance of any help you find it in your hearts to give us, and a warning:  This is not the only request I will make! At some point, I will be finding out the legalities of offering prizes for the highest donations.  We are looking to raise $3000 together.  It’s not a lot, in the grand scheme of things, but it is a pile for two people to try to gather on their own.  So far, we have  about $115.  I have $65 in cash on my desk, waiting for me to be able to continue personal donations so I can put it up (sales from A Year in the Life of S. Claus).  And I will be donating $250 more of my own money, in bits and pieces.  


Two more bits of business:  First, the costumes, second, the Scaredy Cat anthology.

This past weekend was the London Comic Con.  And we had a lot of fun.  

We only managed to get there on Sunday this year but we spent the entire day there. We saw a lot of costumes, and a lot of vendors. The best cosplay we saw were these guys:


They had it down perfectly, from the Yip yip yip to the phone ringing and the movements.

Mike (on the far right) tried to get them to break character but they refused.  They were absolutely perfect.  

As you can see, Mike was dressed as a Templar knight.  

He is wearing chainmail.  You can see the sleeve of it on his sword arm.  He made it of tempered steel, though the shirt has a copper body, in part. 

People, when you see a Templar Knight, don’t assume he’s a Monty Python character.  We must have been asked that more than a dozen times.  

The funniest questions came when I had to pee, though.  

Outside the bathroom doors, there was a standing of red and white fabric, hiding the washrooms from the  vendors next to them.  Mike took up a stance next to the fabric then just stood there, very still.    People started questioning whether he was part of the display, a statue put there.  So Girlkid, being who she is, started taking selfies with him…


Which was just funny as hell.  

One guy decided to come up and exam Mike, got in his face looking him all over.  Mike didn’t move.  He said later that he really wanted to start following him around though.  

Girlkid was a character from Supernatural, sorry, but I can’t remember which one.  She was just a little disappointed in herself because she couldn’t do the heavy eye makeup the character does because she was having a problem with her eyes and makeup would have been counter-productive.  


I think we both looked pretty good.

And I was Mina Harker, from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.   I wanted to go as someone recognizable this year and I managed it.  I was recognized several times, even if you could see it as “oh, she’s that character from that movie with Sean Connery. What was it called…?” lol  

Someone did call me out by name, startled me badly since he did it from just behind me. *laughs*  I was pleased though.  And I found out where to get the comics the movie was bas on, too.

Mike got his picture taken several times and asked dozens of questions about his chainmail and the sword he was carrying (a hand-and-a-half polypropylene one by Cold Steel. I have  single hand one by them). 

Then he was invited to walk in the Oxford Ren Fair’s Christmas Parade and we were invited to attend their Elizabethan masquerade ball.  That’s pretty cool, eh?

The other outstanding thing that happened was this:


That’s right!  Girlkid met Julian Richings! He plays Death in Supernatural and he’s been in Man of STeel, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Urban Legend. X-Men: The Last Stand, Orphan Black, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End, just to name a few. 

Mr. Richings is a grand fellow.  What a lovely man. We had a wonderful time talking to him.  He made his Q&A personal and cozy. 

It was a really good day, overall.  

Looking forward to New Year’s Eve.  


Now, the Scaredy Cat Anthology and then I need to get some writing done. 

The entire book, all ten stories by nine fabulous authors is now on EBOOK FOR JUST NINETY-NINE CENTS!  ($1.30 in Canada)

That’s write…er…right… you can get all of the cat shifter stories, from the likes of Josette Reuel, S.E. Isaac, Me, Romarin Demetri, Crystal St Clair, A.M. Cosgrove, Adalaine Rose, Edward Blackwood, and Laura Stapleton.

One hundred per cent of each sale is going to Wounded Warrrior Project.

You can get it here:

Amazon Global link:

If you still prefer it in print, you can get it here: Amazon US Print:

That’s it from me today, folks, have a great day!  I’m going to take the dog out, feed her, then get to starting As You Ice It.  


Yeah…that’s a bad title…




Definitions and an Update


It’s taken me over a week to get this blog out and for that I must apologize.

IYSAE wiped me out.  It left me far more exhausted than I thought.  I’ve been passing out at least twice a day this week, despite getting an appropriate number of hours a night and taking my B12.  It took me four days of sittings to get all the definitions {from the magnet words} together for you all.

And in the process, I discovered, to my dismay(!) that there are only 23 when there should be 26 words. I missed B, J & N.  No idea how.  I thought I got all the words.

Oh well, it’s done, right? The magnets and bookmarks both look fantastic and the people who took them loved them.

Okay, once more, here’s the magnet:


Pretty, pretty.

Now, the definitions:

ANODYNE: an adjective that means something unlikely to provoke dissent or offense; inoffensive, often deliberately so. Or a noun as a painkilling drug or medicine. “Morphine is the most anodyne pain medicine we’ve ever seen.”

CYCLOPEAN: 1. denoting a type of ancient masonry made with massive irregular blocks. “that building has ridiculous cyclopean stone walls. Why would they do that?” 2. Of or resembling a Cyclops. “a cyclopean eye”

DASTARDLY: wicked and cruel; having or showing a lack of courage “It’s the story of a woman who plots a dastardly revenge on her unfaithful lover.”

EPISTEMIC: relating to knowledge or the degree of its validation “As human beings, it is very important to be aware of our epistemic limitations.”

FENESTRATED: adjective:  provided with a window or windows; (anatomy) having perforations apertures, or transparent areas “The capillaries have a fenestrated epithelium.”

GARBIST: noun, one who is adept at engaging in polite behaviour; an expert in etiquette “The golden rule of good manners for the garbist is to think of others before himself or herself.”

HONEYFUGGLE: To entice or deceive by flattery or sweet talk “Don’t think that I am unaware of your attempts to honeyfuggle me.”

IRASCIBLE: having or showing a tendency to be easily angered. “The older we get, the more irascible we get.”

KYPHOSIS: excessive outward curvature of the spine, causing hunching of the back. “If you wanted to get technical, The Hunchback of Notre Dame should probably be The Poor Sap with Kyphosis of Notre Dame.”

LAEOTROPIC: turning to the left: SINISTRAL (which means inclined to turn left or left-handed), used in particular to describe various shells, spiral shell cleavage patterns or the movement of volvox colonies (volvox is a polyphyletic genus of chlorophyte green algae

MARPLOT: An officious meddler whose interference compromises the success of an undertaking.

OBLIVESCENCE: the act or process of forgetting  “Our memory, and what is often equally important, our oblivescence, is what helps is become the  person we are; we just need to learn to use both wisely.”

PURLOIN: to steal something  “Judging by the look of satisfaction on the dog’s face, it was she who managed to purloin the last of the turkey off the table.”

RAMFEEZLED: Scottish word meaning worn out, exhausted. “After the book signing this weekend, I’m flat out ramfeezled.”

SUDORIFEROUS: adjective, bearing or secreting sweating “That burly guy was gross! I don’t care that it’s 150 degrees out, he should have done something about being so sudoriferous.”

TRISKELION: A Celtic symbol consisting of three legs or lines radiating from a center, usually in a triple spiral in rotational symmetry. “In Celtic lore, the Triskelion is associated with the connection of mind, body and spirit, as well as striving toward personal growth.”

ULTRADIAN: a recurring chronobiological cycle longer than an hour but shorter than a day, “Unlike the Circadian rhythm, which completes one cycle a day, the Ultradian rhythm repeats in a 24 hour time period.”

VITIATE: to spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of, corrupt “When peers and bullies apply pressure, it can vitiate the moral character of young people and lead them down the wrong path.”

WELKIN: the sky   or heaven (archaic English)  The welkin contains many stars, planets and heavenly bodies that are invisible to the naked eye.

XENIUM: a gift given among ancient Greeks and Romans to a guest or stranger, especially a foreign ambassador  “The xenium given to Maximus by the Emperor included a new blade, impractically imbedded with jewels in the hilt, a small sack with enough gold to make Maximus’s aide stagger to the side a little, and a dark haired, dark eyed girl who said her name was Aurelia.”

YGGDRASIL: From Old Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is the immense tree that connects the Nine Worlds together. It is the center of the cosmos and considered very holy.

ZOIATRICS: the science of veterinary surgery “Thank the gods the woman who operated on Micky was extremely adept at zoiatrics.”

What’s your favourite word? What word rolls off your tongue the best?  What word did you like the definition of the best?  My answers are  Ramfeezeled and Honeyfuggle.

Ignite Your Soul was slower this year than the other years I’ve been to it as a reader.  That was okay, it made my first time there as a writer easier. I sold some books – a few copies of A Year in the Life of S. Claus  and at least one full set of the Highland Wolves books.  The bake sale didn’t go as well as I’d hoped but we did raise a little money for the MS Bike ride, about $50.

Every little bit helps, right?

It’s taken me almost two weeks to write this – or remember that I was writing this *laughs* – and yet another Friday has rolled around again.  This week I found out why you cannot search for us in order to donate to our fundraiser:

The 2019 fundraising season starts November 1st.  After that you’ll be able to find me under my actual name, Jenn Van Massenhoven, or the team, The Longshot Riders, to donate. 

Don’t worry, I’ll remind you. 😉

I hope to see those of you I saw this year plue many more next year at IYSAE! 

One last thing!   Ghosts AFire: Highland Wolves 3 will be released in the next few days!



What a Week!


Been a hell of a week, eh?

I don’t even remember Monday. I know it existed but Tuesday and Wednesday wiped it away completely.  And then there was yesterday, taking Micky to the pet ER… That sucked. 

However, she’s in the best place outside of Guelph (where there is a world class learning institution and animal hospital) that she can be. The vet called this morning and told us that last night Micky was fed and spit up some of it. They tried again this morning and she spit some of it back up again so they’re keeping her overnight tonight to make sure the meds are working and that she is eating. She is otherwise stable. 

Oddly, my oldest cat, Terror, has been running around here, yowling and howling for the dog and yelling at me about the lack of large canine presence.

Weird, eh?

On to business!  I know that I  promised you all a book by Thursday and I haven’t delivered. It IS coming!  It just needs reviewed.  It’ll be out by tomorrow afternoon.

Screenshot 2018-08-17 11.57.49


And then we can celebrate the coming of Santa Claus, aka the hot Norwegian businessman. 

Dog and book in the same day. It’s a good thing.  

I’m a little concerned about the cover now but we’ll see how it goes.  After some adjustments, the page count is different, which means the width of the book is different, which *takes a deep breath* means that the spine is a different size.  It’s now off by 0.05″.  I’m a little alarmed.  I don’t know how much Createspace will allow for in error.  I know it doesn’t matter in Kindle but for print, it makes a difference.  

I don’t want to have to redo it.  That’s math.  Lots of math.  And miniscule adjustments against rulers.  Blargh.

Well, no borrowing trouble, right?  Now, I’m going to go have lunch with my Mike and do some edits in HW3.  

Oh… I also have to figure out swag for IYASE.  

Not sure I can afford to do it now, after we paid for Micky’s surgery.  

It is important though…

  • It’d be good exposure for me.
  • It’d be good for my social anxiety to be able to do this
  • I love these people and they’re a lot of fun to hang out with (okay, a lower on the list reason, kind of but still important)
  • I’m using it as a fundraiser for our MS Ride, too.

We’ll figure it out.  And while it’s on my mind, take a look at this fabulous promo that one of the organizers created! 

IYSAE promo

Some books available by Ignite Your Soul Author Event 2018 signing authors! Many genres to choose from, so join us on September 29th for another fabulous Canadian book signing convention! 16 more days to claim your VIP tickets and join us at DoubleTree by Hilton for the Harvest Dinner After Party with a delicious buffet dinner, great entertainment from Toronto’s Magic Moments DJ Entertainment, with photographs and photo booth by American photographer Eric D Battershell! Don’t forget our group discount code when booking your room at our all-in-one venue! You may also still register your table (4 left!) until Sept 1st! Join us and find out why London, Ontario is called the Forest City, support your book community and Alzheimer’s Society of London and Middlesex 💜

Gorgeous, isn’t it? And, look! I’m in it! Middle row, second column. 😀

I am being told it is lunch time. Have a great afternoon everyone!


Micky Update

received_216128339080990The Bean here has gone to surgery.  We had to take her to an emergency vet this morning after she threw up the tummy healing food.  

And then threw up water she hadn’t been drinking.  A LOT of water she hadn’t been drinking.

We stopped by our standard vet first and explained what was going on. The RVT there said they wouldn’t be able to do the testing required and maybe we wanted to take her to the vet hospital instead. Besides, they wouldn’t be able to see her until 11 (this was around 8:45, I think).

So we said, fine, we’ll take her down there (and pray she didn’t puke in the car, PLEASE DON’T BARF UP ANY OF THAT NASTY SMELLING STUFF!

She didn’t.)

So we got to the vet hospital and they saw her right away.  They were quite lovely people.  They listened to what we had to say then they put us in an exam room.

It didn’t take long before an RVT came in and asked a lot more questions, did an exam (including a rectal thermometer that made Micky turn halfway around like, “Hey! What were you just doing??”), asked a few more questions that got answers like:

Ah, well, she’s been eating all her toys.

Well, ah, she ate a Kong toy.  You know one of the ones with the thick plastic ring on the outside and the rolling treatball in the middle?  Yeaaaahhhh… she decimated it. 

Oh, for sure, several stuffed toys, too.

No, we did our best to catch it all but she’s pretty quick…

Then the vet herself came in, asked questions, some of the same, some of them different. she probed, palpatated, petted, then suggested an x-ray.  

So away Micky went.  Then we got taken into another room to be shown the results.  

Micky has a rather large obstruction in her small intestine, right before her large intestine, that is not moving. On the x-ray, it looks like a lot of fabric (or, I dunno, toy stuffing perhaps??) so the doc suggested a lot of different options.

Finally, Mike just said, “What would you do if it was your dog?”

“I’d do the surgery now.  I’m fairly certain there’s a blockage and I don’t need the other tests to tell me that and delay the surgery, potentially making things that much worse for her.”

So that’s what we did. 

Now I’m waiting for the call that tells me she came out okay. 

I hope your day is going better than mine.  The side of me that has a sick sense of humour wants to label the last couple of days as #extremeaggressivechewerproblems


PS.   Well… it looks like I fell asleep before I sent this. 

The vet called, Micky came through with flying colours.  They took out that which was anchored in her tummy and made sure the rest of her intestines were clear.  Then they stitched her up with backward(?) stitches so she doesn’t pull them out or rupture them easily by moving too much.  And she’ll come home in 24 to 48 hours with pain meds, a sedative for the first 10 days (because she’s an active, active puppy), and a need for a lot of TLC.  

A Slight Delay

Hello my lovelies,

2018-03-01 16.43.21


Unfortunately, we woke up to Micky  throwing up all over the place.

We are not entirely sure what set this off.  We do know that she’s ripped apart (and eaten parts of) every single toy she owns.  Stuffed animals are now bag-animals, if they are in one piece.  Plastic toys have been thrown out.  She ate one of these. They’re a hard plastic.

She dismembered a wolf. Destuffed a walrus. Tore the wing off a dragon.

We’ve managed to get some bad-puppy-tummy food into her (boiled ground beef and rice) and she’s kept it down for going on 3 hours now, longer than any water she drank.

However, cleaning up all that barf and looking after her meant that I didn’t get all the work done I needed to to get the book published today. Sadly, it means that I will be doing it tomorrow, not today. 

But I will make it up to you! Three days of the book free as an introductory offer. 

It’s worth the price I’ll put on it but free is a good thing. 😉

Sleep tight!


The Drama, the Romance, and the Work That is 2018

Hello, my lovelies!

The Work:

Today I finished the final draft for A Year in the Life of S. Claus. 

I am thrilled!

I have to write the blurb and the tagline – something like Santa: magic man, businessman, car collector, vigilante. The real story behind the myth.

Dear Gods.  I hope I come up with something better. 😉

I need a blurb, too.  How do I pack so much adventure into less than 300 words? I guess we’ll find out.

Next up, and in a rush but no less quality job, HW3.  

It’s 50 days until Ignite Your Soul in London. I’m kind of freaking out a bit.  >.<

I don’t have anything done for HW3, the printer doesn’t have any quotes for me yet (partly because we lost touch until today… Not entirely sure why… >.> ), I have no swag done, nothing prepared for the table. I kind of want to run around like Marge Simpson with her hair on fire. 

Well, I suppose it’ll come together. Somehow. 

And here’s a reminder to buy the anthology!

anthology cover

You can buy it here: 

The Amazon global link:

There are other links in my previous blog.

The Drama:

There certainly has been some! That mess that happened to my apartment at the end of April never did get fixed.  It took us a solid month of attempts at packing and a solid weekend of throwing my shit at a van and into a storage unit.

We took samples of the paint, visible mold, and the fabric from my couch and mattress.  We have bedding and clothing in garbage bags waiting to see if it can be salvaged. 

I was out of the apartment by the end of July, which was a relief!

I’ve been preparing applications to sue the property holder through the Landlord and Tenant board (which is why we took samples). That should be fun.  I don’t want to go to court with it, although, really, I should get something back for the sheer number of panic attacks I had and the strain the whole mess put on both me & my PTSD and Mike.  Assholes.  But I’m not that litigious. 

Also, I have come off of two medications – and I’m feeling much better in many ways.  My head is clearer and I’ve actually had the urge to write again. (Which means I’m planning on doing NaNo again!)  And, if I don’t refill this med, I’ll be off a third. I’ve been out of it for a couple of days now.  I’m feeling pretty good.

Mike and I are training for next year’s MS Bike Ride. It’s fantastic! I love cycling and I’m good at it. I’ve never had anyone say, “Yeah, you can do THAT marathon” before.  The conversation with Mike went something like this:

Me: *listening to radio ad for the fundraiser* I’ve always wanted to do that.

Mike: Oh yeah? We could do that.

Me: Really? You think so? I think it’d be fun and MS research is the closest thing to FMS research there is. 

Mike: You can do anything you want to do. It would be fun.

So we are taking my GT LTS-3 and his equally nearly-ancient bike out on tours of London’s multi-use pathways.  London is a gorgeous city.

A generous portion of the proceeds for A Year in the Life of S. Claus will be going to our MS Fundraiser. We are riding as a team and fundraising as a team.  The MS Ride website suggests five thousand dollars as the suggested team donation. 

We’re a team of two; that’s a lot of money.

Sure, I have some fundraising ideas – like the proceeds and a bake sale at the Ignite Your Soul Event in London (more about that in another blog…or later in this one) – but it’s a LOT.  You can bet I’ll be asking you all to chip in.  And if you leave your name, the most generous donation will get a prize pack.  Haven’t decided yet, but it will include copies of all 5 books (HW 1-3, Lizendale and the Santa book). 

The Romance:

Mike and I settled on an anniversary date for the start of our relationship. I’m happy. 

And now we are consolidated into one place, that’s pretty cool, too. 

We’re planning on spending our lives together so at some point this blog will see an engagement announcement. 

Then a wedding photograph. 😁

Happy author over here.  

I will do a COVER REVEAL this weekend!  Here’s a little hint:

Santa cover hint

 Pretty, eh? 😉

We’re off to go on a ride.

Have a great night everyone!



The Anthology, Upcoming Releases & Life with M&M

Good morning, my lovelies! 

It has been far, far too long and I know that I should be getting my ass kicked for my lack of participation in promoting the athology. 

A few minutes a day is all it would take.  

I promise I will try to do better now that things are (sort of) calming down. 

But first I need to tell you, my readers, a few things.  One, is that the anthology came out April 24th! 

anthology cover

The anthology cover is stunning, no?


To date we have sold 52 books on Amazon and 17 on Draft2Digital.  That’s great! but I know that we can do better.  I know that you, my people, love my work and that you’re fans of the paranormal; of shifters; of hot, steamy stories; of wonderful authors.  I know that the idea of an anthology that is 170,000 words big, which is at least 50k bigger than most of the other similar anthologies out there, will appeal to you.

I know that helping out veterans also appeals to you.  American soldiers, yes, which matters a lot to my American and Canadian subscribers and maybe not so much to the others, but the programs that Wounded Warrior Project uses can be used elsewhere to help others. And 25% of our proceeds go to WWP.  


I got six copies of the anthology in paperback form yesterday (SO EXCITED!!) and since I am THREE subscribers away from three hundred, when I hit that number I will be giving one away, along with copies of HW1 and HW2 to a few lucky winners of a draw. 

Still not sure where to buy the anthology?  FEAR NOT!  I have just the information you need!

The Amazon global link:

Other Amazon Links:


Prefer not to buy it on Amazon?  That’s okay, we have links for that, too:


Go, my minions…er…my lovelies…*ahem* you saw nothing… and buy the book!  You will not regret it!

Life outside of writing has been… exciting.  *laughs*  It’s the best way to put it. 

About three weeks ago, I think, water started dripping through my bathroom ceiling vent. 




After the second time, I called management. They had someone come up and take a look immediately.  They went up to the apartment above mine and it seems that his toilet had been flooding and he’d been leaving pools of water sitting around. 


That’s what had been dripping into my bathroom, close enough to the toilet to drip ON YOU when you’re sitting there, unable to move away.

So they told him that he was going to be responsible for some of the bills incurred and told me the matter was resolved.

We were all, “Great!”

Then we went out a few days later, spending the day here, at the new place, trying to get things set up so that we could start moving things in slowly, since my lease isn’t up until the end of July.  Mike went back to the apartment, opened the door, inhaled and


The entire apartment smelled like wet, unclean ass.  At first, he thought maybe the cats had done a major number on the litter but no, he found a huge flood in the bathroom.

Really, management is lucky it wasn’t me who found it like that. Mike is generally much more level-headed than I am.  He went down there and dragged someone back up to the apartment. 

Turns out the outgoing sewage pipe between the apartment upstairs and mine exploded. It wore out (old copper pipe) and now my apartment is covered in mold. 

We moved out that day. 

Luckily, Girlkid happened to be home for the weekend and she helped Mike and I move two cats, the dog, him and I out, simply taking what we needed most immediately.  I still have to go back and pack but so much of my stuff is wrecked.  Almost everything that is in the bathroom is ruined, my bed, my couches, anything I can’t throw in a washing machine or dishwasher or scrub by hand. 

We’ve been bringing stuff over but we can’t be in there more than 15 minutes at a time, even with P95 masks on (which roughly means they block 95% of particulates in the air). I still have to pack up my books and movies, get the rest of my clothes out, pack up the rest of my kitchen, get my antique furniture out (and pray I can clean it).

It’s been depressing.

A few weeks ago, Micky (the large puppy I rescued at 4 and a half weeks old), took off after a bird behind me and pulled my left arm behind me, twisting it and overextending it at the same time, all in a real hurry.  We had no idea what she’d done.  Doc H said, “It’s definitely been strained.” 

Which was a really vague term to me.

I finally got into physio and it turns out she’s torn the tricep and tendon right at the elbow.  Allll y’all know that that’s been a lot of fun on top of everything else I deal with.  

However!  Mike, the darling man, recently bought me a bike. It’s a gorgeous bike and a beautiful ride. It’s vintage, too, older than my son. It’s a full suspension GT LTS-3 Deore XT (7005 heat treat aircraft aluminum).  Twenty-one gears. It was made in 1994. 

2018-05-05 16.36.29

Isn’t he a sexy beast?? Gods, I love my bike. There is at least 10cm of travel in the suspension.

Handles like a dream. Shifts like a hot knife through butter. 


And I do so much better on wheels than I do on my feet, let me tell you! I love that we love riding together.

2018-05-17 15.27.02

Aren’t we adorable?

We’ve been out three times this week – and he bought me the bike weekend before last, had it in for repairs and again twice more after that.  Yesterday’s ride was 11.7km (that’s 7.3 miles for you non-metric types).  Barely felt it.  Killed most of the hills too.  I only had to walk one and I made it halfway up it the first time I tried it. We even went a little offroad on a single track dirt path running through the trees beside the paved path. 

My bike swallows bumps like Girlkid’s pet dragon swallows crickets at dinner time: fast and smooth. (When he can catch them, that is. ;)) I barely feel a thing.  

My derailers are mismatched now because of a *thing* with the stem and the cables but it still works well enough for me. 

We are finding some beauteous rides throughout the city and it’s amazing to see this much nature in the middle of downtown. Guess it ain’t called the Forest City for nuttin’, eh? *chuckles*

I have to go now. 

Have a wonderful afternoon! And don’t forget to buy the book! 


PS. Damn! I forgot to tell you about the upcoming releases! I am in the middle of editing A Year in the Life of S. Claus and I have a tentative release date of June 30th. That’s barring anything else going wrong.  I will also be releasing HW3 – Ghosts Afire – this summer.  I have that scheduled, also tentatively, for the end of August. 

I am releasing both books in preparation for the Ignite Your Soul Author Event in London, Ontario in September.  I will be attending as an author this year. I will have books available for pre-order as well as books at the table and some swag. I’m nervous and jazzed at the same time and it causes a full on swarm of butterflies to erupt when I think about it. It’ll be fun! Mike will be with me so  he’s going to keep me on an even keel.

Now I’m out. Muah!

Oh my Goodness!

Good morning everyone!

It’s been a long, long time since I wrote last, I know.

A year, actually, almost to the day, I think.  Many many things have happened since then.  

  • I finished my first year of school in 25 years with a 4.01 GPA.  Yay me!
  • Girlkid graduated high school, with honours.  AND she got accepted to the university program of her choice. Yay her!
  • Boykid moved to Alberta.  It was time for him to make a change and he is doing well.  Yay him!  I miss him horribly.  His visit at Christmas was wonderful but I am very happy he is finding his way.
  • I moved to the city! It’s been great for me.  I’m stronger, more independent, happier.
  • Unfortunately, it was also the catalyst for the break-up with The Boyfriend (P) several months ago.
  • I got reacquainted with an old friend from high school. M was amazing then and he’s amazing now. Lots of history there.
  • I rescued a 4.5 week old puppy after her mother abandoned the litter. P, who drove me out to pick her up, rescued her sister. Micky, who started out at 4.7 pounds is now approx 35lbs and stands 19″ at the shoulder at barely 4 months old. She is a Corso-Rottie-St Bernard mix and will be a support dog for me. I have a blog where I will be talking about her (new post coming very soon). 
  • There was a college strike this fall and I got a in one of my classes! 😦
  • Wolfman is alive and well and we have been getting along brilliantly.  This makes me ecstatic.
  • I have lost weight and am getting stronger (although I have also fallen three times this winter and am struggling with recovery).
  • I have a new man in my life and am super happy about it.  This works, trust me. It’s one of those inexplicable things.

And finally, the two things I want to talk about.  

One, I am part of an anthology called A Guide to Claiming a Scaredy Cat.  There are ten authors writing short stories about strong female leads, feline shifters, claiming their commitment-phobe Mates and I am privileged to be one.  Here is our Thunderclap, click on over to support us!


Would love to have your support for getting the word out about this anthology. Click the link, choose which social media platform(s) to support with, then make this post famous! 💖💖💖

#anthology #scaredycat #authors #paranormalromance


The second thing I wanted to talk about terrifies the snot out of me while making me very happy at the same time.  Here it is:

I am now an official attendee for Ignite Your Soul 2018!!

Soooo much work to do.  

Write and edit the story for the anthology.  Finish editing A Year in the Life of S. Claus and HW3 for publication, finish this term at school, figure out swag and signage and a look.  Plus the promo work for the anthology.  And Micky’s training.  And, you know, life. 

What’s happening with you?

I have homework to do.