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Since I will be publishing Demon Plague: The second Highland Wolves Book on August the first, I have decided to put the ebooks Witch Hitlist, the first of the series, and Lizendale, a stand alone, very dark paranormal drama up for free!

Phew, that was a long winded sentence.  Sorry about that but you get the point.


Which is a good thing, right?

That, dear readers, is my gift to you.  They are for free, across Amazon/Kindle in Canada, the US and the UK.

I do want you to love the first book so that you’ll want to read the second.  And I want you to love my writing so you’ll want to read any book I write.  

I am a writer, after all.  😉

I do hope you enjoy them because the simple fact is that I write to evoke emotions and paint pictures in my readers’ minds.  Not to make a pretty penny, that’d just be a major bonus.  

The links below are the Canadian ones.

Witch Hitlist


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Fiction Friday Week 18

Good afternoon!  I hope you are all enjoying this lovely Friday.  It’s supposed to get to a very humid 30°C (86 or so Fahrenheit) today.  Quite a nice day for a walk on the beach!  I’m hoping to accomplish just that thing this afternoon. 

I am working on the formatting to get Lizendale up on Kindle.  And because I’m working so hard on it, I want to share something from it.  It’s the marriage between Magni and Alexi – weddings are on the brain, given that I’m also writing Liam & Anna’s.  I think it’s a beautiful thing. 

I am looking towards the… And I got distracted.  I have no idea what I was going to say there.  I’ve been thinking and pondering it for close to ten minutes.  Not a clue.

I am heading to the beach today, (I know, quelle surprise), and I think this Monday’s medley theme may be water.  Or whatever comes to mind when I look at my pictures. 

For now, I am heading to The Boyfriend’s.  I will be sure to let you know as soon as Lizendale hits the Kindle market.  

It IS on Amazon!  You can find it here.  And you can find my Amazon Author page here although, for some reason, it isn’t linking my books together properly when you go to it from the book page.  It has also added a book to my profile when you click on “visit the author page” from the Witch Hitlist page.  I did not write The Golden One.  That’s someone else entirely.

Seems I have some tech support writing to do. 😉  But first! The cottage!

Have a wonderful weekend!  



Alexi watched through the kitchen door as the three men flew off.  “Will I ever get used to it?”

“Of course you will, my dear, you were born to be among us.”  Artie smiled and hugged the young girl.  “Come now, I prepared a bath for you, then I will show you the dress.”  Artie led the way upstairs and bustled away again once she closed the door on Alexi in the tub.

Alexi slipped into the steaming, strawberry scented water with a sigh and a smile.  Tonight she would be married.  She frowned wondering if married was the right word.  She shrugged it didn’t matter for then she would be his for all time.   She felt whole when she was with him and like a part of her was missing when she wasn’t.  It had started when she was thirteen, though she didn’t know what she was missing.  There was just something there at times then gone for months at a time.  Months she’d spent desolate and lonely. 

A smile curved her lips as she washed herself, sending the images to Magni.  You brat!  Do you know what you are doing to me?

The same thing I am doing to myself, Beloved.  See you soon.  Then she deliberately blocked their connection, not realizing that Magni hadn’t fully left her mind since the first day he’d seen her, except when he was hunting.  She washed her hair and worked painstakingly at removing all the extra hair from her body.   Then she rose carefully, trying not to slosh the water on the floor, and reached for a towel.  She wrapped her hair in one then grabbed another and dried off.  Wearing it like a toga, she padded down the hall, looking for Artie.

“We’re in here dear.”  Artie’s voice came from her bedroom. 

Alexi looked a little alarmed at the ‘we’ in the statement and peered cautiously through the door.  She nearly fled when Artie and three strange women turned to her.

Artie reached out a hand.  “Don’t be afraid, these are my sisters and they are going to help prepare you.  This is Thena,” the blonde one nodded as Artie turned to a brunette.  “This is Lacey.  And finally, this is Helena.”  Artie pulled Alexi into the room.  “Now, just let us do the work.  Look at the dress my sisters made for you, isn’t it beautiful?”

It hung from a dressmaker’s dummy.  An invisible strap held it across the back, holding the front in place where it stretched across the front of the dummy.  It was formfitting to the hips where the skirts fell in soft folds, a slight ruffle around the hem.  The color of the fabric rippled from emerald green to pine green in the shifting light, sparkling slightly.  Elbow length gloves in the same material were draped over one shoulder.

Alexi gasped. “That’s for me?”  All four women nodded.  “It’s so beautiful!”

“As are you, little one.”  Helena smiled.  “Our sister was right; you are beautiful and delightful.  I only hope Magni is deserving of you.”  All four of the older women laughed. 

Alexi blushed as the four of them began bustling around her, arguing over her hair, undergarments and just about everything.  Alexi just let them move her as they would.  Soon she was dressed with the gloves, the skirts of the gown just brushing the tops of her bare feet.  Her hair was pinned on top of her head, except for a few ringlets trailing over the nape of her neck.   All four women congratulated each other and beamed at the slip of the girl.  Alexi stared at herself in astonishment as they turned her to the mirror.

“That’s me?”  She watched her reflection move its mouth in time with hers and just shook her head.  She was very nervous all of a sudden.

Artie came up behind her and smiled.  “Yes it is Alexi.  Magni will be speechless when he sees you.  It’s time. Come downstairs in five minutes.”

Alexi nodded, watching as the women filed out of the room.  Then she moved to the window, staring out at the backyard as it filled with people.  The earthen altar was gone and torches had been lit in a large circle against the gathering gloom of the evening.  People were filling the yard, once again forming a circle that was open towards the house.  Suddenly three large birds flew into the yard, circling to the ground and landing on their feet as Llyr, Magni and Matheus.  Alexi smiled at the sight of her beloved.  There you are.

Indeed.  And where are you?  He asked the question even as his sought to find her in the window.  His brother and father flanked him, all in formal dress, as Alexi heard Artie’s voice in her head, telling her it was time. 

Alexi moved on bare feet down the stairs and out the kitchen door.  She felt like she was floating and had eyes only for her Mate.  She never noticed the circle closing behind her, or the gasps of delight at her appearance.  She glided to Magni’s side and took the hand he offered her. 

Magni looked down at her, awed by her beauty.  He had to be poked in the back to begin.  Alexi heard the words she was to say flow into her head as Magni began to speak.  With his first words, silver sparkles began to form in the air around them.  “My love, kiss me, let my breath be yours.”

Alexi’s voice rose, musical and strong, “Let my breath be yours.”

“Remember me, for my soul remembers you.”  The sparkles grew, dancing and swirling around them with his words.

“Love me, all of me, for all of me loves you.”

“Yield to love, for love conquers all.”

“As love for you has conquered me.”  Alexi’s voice was breathless.  She could feel the bond between them strengthening, a hundred million golden threads pulling their souls closer.

“I am yours for all time.”

“As I am yours.”

“Our soul, once halved, is one; we glow with the same light.”  Magni nearly gasped as his heart wrenched, skipped a beat then strengthened, beating in time with hers.

“For now, forever, across all time and space.”

Magni spoke his last line and the sparkles around them swirled, gathering speed with each word.  “What once was mine is forevermore yours.”

“What once was mine is forevermore yours.”  As Alexi spoke the last words of the binding the sparkles closed in on them then exploded outwards, scattering over all gathered, spreading the love shared by two.  Magni cupped Alexi’s face and leaned down to kiss her.

At once the people around them erupted into applause.  Magni released Alexi’s mouth with a whispered promise to continue later and turned them both to greet the others.  His hand rested on the small of her back and both of them could feel the fires he tried to bank flaring to life under the casual touch of flesh on flesh.  Magni was impatient with the need to be pleasant and greet and thank all of their guests.  He nearly growled when Artie waved a hand and tables of food and beverage appeared.

Alexi smiled and slid her arms around his waist, laying her head on his chest.  I can feel your impatience, Beloved.  There is no need; we have all the time in the world for I am yours for eternity.

I would like that time to start right now.  Magni’s chest rumbled with a soft growl, even as he sent her images of what he’d like to be doing to her.    He was even more annoyed when Alexi merely laughed softly then left his side to talk to his mother and aunts.  The next couple of hours were spent with him watching helplessly as she smiled and greeted and even flirted with their guests.  He had a nearly permanent scowl on his face.

Llyr, in a rare show of light humor, slapped his son on the back.  “Lighten up, you ogre, your scowl will scare away our guests.  This is a celebration!”

Magni turned his scowl on his father.  “Scare them away?  Good!”  He turned slightly and morphed one arm into that of a bear, complete with vicious claws.

Llyr just laughed at him.  “That won’t make a difference.  These people can do all that.  They know very well what you want.  The pheromones you two are giving off are nearly spoiling the taste of the food.”

Magni gaped at Llyr.  Then he laughed.  “Fine, fine.  Let’s have a party.”  He merged with the rest of the crowd, greeting old friends as he sought his Mate and clamped her to his side.


*girlie scream of excitement*

See?!  A good reason for the scream.

See?! A good reason for the scream.

I am totally stoked.  This is the announcement I mentioned a couple of weekends ago.  I had some technical issues – Createspace and I were just not getting along as far as the formatting goes – but I got them resolved and here you have it.  Lizendale, for sale.

Lizendale was up on Lulu many years ago but it was not the quality it should be.  I did not have a great experience with Lulu either so when the contract ended I was happy to take the book down and revamp it.  The book as a whole reads much better now.   The prologue is, still, a short story all on its own.  Meeting Irisi and Alexander is important to the rest of the story.  It is full of violence and love and eroticism, just like you’d expect from me.

Their daughter, Alexi, is a wonderful girl.  She has a gift with people, animals and plants alike.  Everything she pays attention to is happier.  Animals thrive, plants grow.  She is intelligent, compassionate, and always sunny.  She worries about her mother and loathes her father – and learns later just exactly why she should.  That loathing is the only dark spot in a girl that is otherwise, pure light. Magni, on the other hand, is barely contained violence.  He is a ruthless male, a hunter of evil and almost two centuries old when he first encounters Alexi.

Magni is Talos.  They are a step above humans in the evolutionary scale. They have great mastery over the energy that is in all things.  They can manipulate at will, from changing the temperature in a room to shifting molecules around to change their own shape or that of something else. In Magni’s world, one rumoured about but not quite known to most humans, the Talos are born with half a soul.  They are creatures of the light until they become 500 years old or so.   At that point, darkness starts creeping in, unless they have found the person holding the other half of their soul.  It comes to a point where they have to choose – end their lives or give into the darkness and become Winnigo. (Winnigo is a term I borrowed from Native American mythology.  As best I can remember from my research, it is a form of demon, inasmuch as that culture has demons.) Alexi is the other half of Magni.  His attraction to her is instant but he is forced to wait for five years before he can claim her.  As soon as he presents himself to her, she is smitten.  They quickly learn what love is, what that connection of souls means.  

And, almost as quickly, darkness finds them in the form of a Winnego named J’aret.  J’aret’s initial motivation is revenge but then he learns what Alexi is – the prophesied girl, the one who walks the line between human and Talos, born to be Mated to Talos.  The one who mates her will have the greatest power of all, able to rule human, Talos and Winnego alike.    The book is dark, violent, erotic, passionate and full of love, all at the same time.  Kind of like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s BDB series, IMO.  

You can find it here. For now.  It’ll be on Amazon soon and I will share the link for that as soon as it happens. I have to adjust the formatting to get it on Kindle but I’m already working on that. I will have a giveaway very soon too. How could I not? 😉

Have a great evening, folks!


Fiction Friday Week 13

Good evening! 

It’s week 13 and that makes it a lucky week, right? 😉

I was meant to share Anna & Liam’s wedding with you this week, however, this was not a writing week, as much as I wanted it to be. Three days of appointments equals three days of chemical exposures.  It really saps my brain power, as well as affecting me physically. I think I managed a couple of hundred words but that’s about it. So instead, I’m going to share something else.

Lizendale is a favourite book of mine. I wrote it in 2008 and spent quite some time editing it. It’s as good as I can make it, I think. Truthfully, it may not be as good as I think; I’m a tad biased. 

Oh, I’m sure if I went over it again I’d find things to change, but would that make things better?  Probably not.

I am going to put publishing it to Amazon and Kindle very soon and I thought I would share an excerpt with you today.  I’m trying to decide where to pluck bits out of.  Should I share the prologue?  The first chapter?  Some place else that’s super exciting?  


Chapter one, I think.  It is a good introduction to two of the main characters.

Here is the blurb for the book I wrote in a blog a couple of years ago.  (My brain is not yet working well enough to create a new one, sorry.)

Lizendale is a land home to a species of human genetically different, (dare I say superior?), named Talos. They are magic.  They have the ability to shape shift, heal and communicate telepathically.  They have more focused abilities as well, such as an affinity with plants.  They are creatures of Light with the capacity for great Darkness.   Each Talos is born with but half a soul and must find the other half; if they do not, they tumble into the Dark.  

Magni Tenoch is one such man.  He is an Enforcer, one who hunts the Talos that turn to the Dark, and he is about 225 years old.  As soon as he sees Alexi his soul knows her.  He resolves to wait until he can claim her.  

Alexi Brandt is half human, half Talos, living as a human with her mother.  She is a creature of prophesy, one the Dark has been waiting for.  She is thirteen when Magni first finds her.  When she turns eighteen, Magni’s family steps forward to introduce themselves.  Little did they know that someone was hunting Magni and all of the Tenoch family.  Hours after Alexi and Magni are mated she is kidnapped by that someone. He wants her life force for his own. 

The story is, as the cover says, a tale of love, terror and loss.  It’s also a story of triumph and great passion.

It is my first NaNo book and, I think, is quite the story.  It’s violent, sexy, and dark. There is a great love story at the core of it. All the things I love in a book. 😀

I am off to cook dinner. 

Have a good evening, a happy Easter and I shall see you later this weekend with a photo blog!


(I am reading this excerpt over before I post it and, yes, I probably do need to make a few grammatical changes.)

Chapter One


Magni Tenoch was sitting on the patio of Sarah’s Tea House, watching, waiting for his quarry.  His eyes skimmed over the humans in the marketplace in a casual way.  He had no interest in them.  He was Talos.  He was an Enforcer.  It was his family’s job to keep this town safe; they had been ordered to do so more than a decade ago by their King.  However, Magni and his brother Matheus were often sent hunting worldwide. 

This week, however, Magni’s parents, Llyr and Artie, were Realm hopping.  Magni smiled a bit and the serving girl nearest him stumbled as his good looks increased tenfold.  Magni sighed impatiently, blurred both his appearance and her memory and went back to his musings.   Llyr claimed it was a multiverse, not a universe, and that there were other worlds, other people, other creatures, coexisting alongside theirs.  He went occasionally to visit, to watch over events there.  Magni didn’t quite get it, nor did he care.  He just figured it was his parents trying to get away from their duties for a bit.  Not that he blamed them.

Once more his eyes swept over the crowd of shoppers as they wandered the avenue.  A flash of gold caught his attention and his breath caught in his throat.  He moved to get a better view even as faint thoughts started pouring into his mind. Utter nonsense like Momma knows pale colors wash me out, why would she even suggest it?   It made no sense to him at all.  He dropped money on the table and ghosted off the patio, unseen by all.  Masking his presence was an easy task for him, one of the many abilities the Talos took for granted.   He skirted around a couple of rather large old women, following the bit of gold floating through the air.  Finally, it stopped and he moved even closer, sneaking up on it and listening.

* * *

Alexi Brandt sighed as her Momma once again held a pale yellow ribbon to her hair.  “Momma, you know as well as I do that my hair will merely make the ribbon disappear.  And besides, I hate having that crap in my hair.” 

Irisi smiled at the one person who brought her joy, her daughter, her piece of Alexander.  “Sweetheart, the whole point is to have it disappear.  You’re starting school again and you must wear the uniform, look appropriately like the mayor’s daughter.  So we will continue.  At least with the yellow, having your hair up will kind of look miraculous.”  She said this last with a totally straight face, waiting.

Alexi glowered, then blinked in astonishment as it registered that her mother was joking with her.  That happened so very rarely it was always a surprise.  Alexi giggled.  “Fine Momma, we’ll get what you think will look best.  Then can we please visit Chuck’s?”   Alexi tried very hard to glance around her without her Momma noticing.  Something was making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.  There was a curious wrenching in her heart and it almost sounded like male laughter in her head.  She was both terrified and happier than she’d ever been.   She steered her mother away from the market stalls as quickly as possible.   She nearly ground her teeth when Irisi insisted on stopping at the milliner.  “I do not need any hats, Momma!” 

* * * 

Magni growled at the male name before he realized it was the chocolatier.  He smiled.   He could hear Alexi’s thoughts. This was his mate.  This was his woman and no man had better lay a hand on her.   He set himself as a quiet shadow in her mind so he could learn about her.  Magni hurried to Chuck’s shop and handed the startled man a bag of gold coins.  “Alexi…” he stumbled over the last name for a moment before remembering the name of the pompous ass that was mayor, “Brandt will be in here soon with her mother.  Please be sure she gets whatever she wants as often as she comes in here.  When the money runs out, I will be back.”

Chuck nearly swallowed his tongue when the incredibly imposing man of Magni Tenoch walked into his shop.  Every shopkeeper, at some point or another, had glimpsed the Tenoch family.  They were all beautiful, all tall.  Magni was particularly so.  His hair was black as night and his eyes twilight blue. And he positively exuded power.  Chuck winced as Magni reached out and grabbed his wrist, slapping the small bag into his palm.  He finally found his voice, “Alexi comes in here about once a week, to watch us make candy.  She rarely buys more than a truffle or a piece of hard candy.”

Magni nodded, “Then be sure she gets two, or three, or six. Allow her to buy for her friends if she wishes.” At that, Chuck’s face fell and sorrow filled his features.  Magni’s eyes sharpened and he used his voice as a tool, turning it silky, melodious and compelling.  “Tell me what the problem is.”  He shamelessly thrust the command to answer into Chuck’s mind.

Worry filled Chuck’s voice, as well as relief at having someone he could finally tell.  “Alexi has no friends.  There isn’t a single person, besides her mother and a few select adults, she will talk to.”

Magni frowned.  “Why is that?”

Chuck looked around the room then leaned closer, as if imparting a secret, though it seemed that most of the town knew already if the rumors were anything to go by.  “Alexi has these abilities.   People are afraid of her.  The children are cruel to her.  She is the oldest thirteen year old I know.”

Magni’s expression turned thoughtful.  “What kind of abilities?”

Chuck swallowed nervously and tried to turn away.  Magni caught his eyes and Chuck spilled his guts helplessly.  “It is said that she can read minds, that she can commune with animals and nature.   She never cried as a babe, except when her mother was not present.  It was like she could tell Madame Brandt what she needed.  She hunts better, rides better, shoots better and is better with a blade than most of her father’s friends.   These are just rumors, although I personally have seen her ride. It is as if she is one with her horse.”

Magni nodded then lifted his head as Alexi’s presence got closer.  He leaned into Chuck, holding his eyes for a moment longer.  “You will not remember me, or this conversation, only the gift of the gold and that it is for Alexi and Alexi alone.”  Then Magni disappeared.  He didn’t leave, he merely blocked his image from all humans and leaned against the back wall.

Alexi opened the door to the chocolatier’s shop and was immediately comforted by the smells of melting chocolate and cooling sugar.  Her smile lit up the room and made Magni’s breath catch.  He hadn’t left, he’d just become part of the background.  He wanted to see her up close.  He watched as her eyes changed from a cool jade green to moss as she smiled at the shopkeeper.  Magni was instantly jealous, then in the next second he was worried.  

* * * 

Alexi entered, paused and looked around, sensing something out of place.  She looked all over the room, her eyes catching a faint shimmer by the back wall.  She moved closer to it, reaching out her hand.  Just before she touched Magni Chuck called out to her.

“Alexi!  Something wonderful happened.  You have an admirer; he left some money here so that you may buy any treat you wish.”

Astonishment made Alexi’s jaw drop and she turned away from the curious shimmer.  “Who?  I can already buy anything I wanted.  I have a substantial allowance.”

Irisi nodded, her curiosity warring with a sudden fear.  Who wanted her baby?  This was not acceptable.  “That she does, Chuck, and you know she doesn’t buy more than one treat at a time.”

Chuck bowed his head.  “I know, Madame Brandt, but the man left enough here to treat her for a year.”

Alexi shook her head. “I do not want it.  I don’t know this man.  And why would any man be interested in me anyway?  I am not of age yet.”

“He was quite adamant, young Miss; I cannot go against his wishes.”

Alexi set her teeth on edge.  It was probably another of her father’s friends.  The lecherous old fiends were forever trying to trap her in a corner and she had not yet gained the curves of a woman.  “I do not want gifts from my father’s friends.”

Chuck swallowed visibly.  The idea that she would not use the money scared him to his toes, though he couldn’t figure out why.  Quickly he concocted a plan.  He would put Alexi’s money aside for her eighteenth birthday.   Then he would present it back to her and offer to put it towards a charity of her choice.  “As you wish, Alexi.  What do you want today?”

Alexi smiled and dug through the little purse tied to the belt at her waist.  It was nearly hidden in the long folds of the dress her father insisted she wear in public.  She could almost hear his voice in her head, “You will dress as a lady!  You are my daughter and you will always look the part when you leave this house.”  She mentally sneered at the memory, hoping her Momma was almost done with their shopping so she could go home and get out of the ridiculous clothing.   She came up with a coin and laid it on the counter in front of Chuck.  “Something with caramel today I think.”

Chuck laughed then grabbed a small bag and looked through his display counter.  “I know just the thing.”  He reached with tongs and plucked a caramel filled chocolate truffle.  He surreptitiously slipped a raspberry filled one into the bag too and closed it up tight before handing it to her.  “You have a wonderful day with your mother, Alexi.”

Alexi leaned forward and kissed his cheek.  “Thank you, Master Chocolatier.  Hopefully we will be done soon, my animals need me.”  On the way out the door she noticed the plant hanging in the window.  “Chuck, this looks a little lifeless.  You should give it some food and water.”  She stroked a couple of the leaves then held the door open for her mother. 

* * * 

Magni watched as they left the store then glanced at the plant.  It was once again vibrant green.  He sucked in a breath.   It can’t be, he thought to himself, no human has ever had that ability.   He resolved to learn more about her and turned himself into a mouse, slipping through the door just as it closed and racing after Alexi.  He got ahead of her then squeaked loudly and fell over in a shameless display.  He desperately hoped his brother didn’t see him.

Alexi stopped abruptly.  “Oh the poor mouse!  Momma, stop a moment.”  She could hear Irisi strangle a sigh as she bent over to pick up the mouse.  A jolt of electricity went up her arm and she nearly dropped the tiny creature.  She smothered a gasp then smoothed the animal’s fur.  “You poor thing, you must be starving!”  Alexi turned towards the stalls in the middle of the marketplace and headed for the one selling cheeses.  “Would you like some cheese, little one?”

Irisi followed, bemused but unsurprised, as Alexi proceeded to purchase a small wheel of cheese then find a bench.  She sat beside her daughter and let herself lapse back into the oft replayed memory of her one night with Alexi’s true father as Alexi broke off a small hunk of cheese and set it and the mouse in her lap. 

* * * 

Magni felt the electricity run through his tiny body too and had nearly lost his grip on the image he needed to keep in his head in order to maintain the shape shift.  He chuckled mentally as he allowed Alexi to feed him cheese.  He examined the thoughts and memories of both Alexi and her mother.  Irisi’s memories told him everything he wanted to know and he sat very still in Alexi’s hand as he assimilated the facts.