Fiction Friday Week 29

Good Friday afternoon!

How are you?  I am whipped.  This week has been physically and emotionally exhausting – two days of the outside world (including a 3 floor library!  Totally orgasmic), and a fight in the family that cut me to the quick.  

I plan on doing mostly sit-down work today and I really want to put my feet in the lake.  The weather is incredibly hot and humid this week and it’s draining.


google image find

google image find

It is only 57 days to NaNo! 

I mentioned way back before June that Wolfman challenged me to write a thriller. The challenge came with the following criteria:

  • No paranormal anything.  
  • Can’t go back any further than the cold war.
  • It must include: an ex-bounty hunter cowboy, ninjas and a Mexican super assassin who happens to be a midget with an eyepatch.  

The last is his payback for me making him include pink and penguins (and ships but that’s normal, eh?) in the challenge I gave him.

I have never written a thriller.  I’ve written violent, erotic romances with some thriller elements but an actual thriller?  No, not if you look at the definition.  

  1. a novel, play, or movie with an exciting plot, typically involving crime or espionage.



  1. Thriller is a genre of literature, film, videogame stories and television programming that uses suspense, tension, and excitement as its main elements. Thrillers heavily stimulate the viewer’s moods, giving them a high level of anticipation, ultra-heightened expectation, uncertainty, surprise, anxiety and terror.


According to Daily Writing tips, a thriller is a story where the “protagonist is in danger from the outset.”  

In another article I read, either the prologue or first chapter is from the antagonist’s point of view and it shows you why the protagonist is in danger.  

I also had to look at the difference between a mystery and a thriller.  

Writer’s Digest says, “A mystery follows an intellectual protagonist who puts together clues to solve a crime after it’s been committed, and a thriller details the prevention of a crime before it has been committed.”  

That seems to fly in the face of the antagonist committing a crime or action that sets the pace and gives the reason for the protagonist’s danger. However, I do like it for defining the difference.  

In any case, now I know what a thriller is.  I need to figure out how to thriller.

I am studying that today.  However, it would be helpful to have some idea of a plot, of a reason for the danger.  I’m hoping that developing my characters will help with that.  

So far, I have Theodore “Ted” Terwilliger, a bounty hunter of some kind (Federal?  Still researching it) turned cowboy.  He had a wife and a little boy, (who pretended he was a ninja almost all the time, thank you TMNT), that were murdered because of ….well, I don’t know what yet.  

Ted is 6’1″ and built like a linebacker.  Broad shoulders, well-muscled chest and abdomen.  Strong, muscular arms and legs.  Sensuous mouth, strong jaw, red-gold hair, green eyes.  A lumpy nose, from being broken many times, large scarred hands.  He’s got a scar just under his ribs on his right side from a bail skipper stabbing him and another low on the curve of his left butt cheek.

He won’t tell me what that one is for though.  I am intrigued.  I bet you are too. 😉

I have the Mexican, super assassin, eye-patch wearing, midget character figured out too.  Partly.  He’s a friend of Ted’s and his name is Carlos Montalbán.  He is going to have a bionic eye implant.  I want the eye to allow him to be able to choose between the lower and upper infrared spectrums.  

A quick lesson (because I just learned it):  The lower spectrum of infrared is what we typically think of as night vision.  It’s like a cat’s eye at night, when their pupils open wide.  They catch tiny amounts of light and enhance them to create a brighter picture of their surroundings.   The upper spectrum is like thermal imaging – capturing heat emitted by objects and people, rather than reflected light.

I am hoping that by building the characters – the complex protagonist and equally complex antagonist as well as the other characters of varying importance – I will stumble upon a plot.  A conflict at the very least.

Already, I’m thinking that Ted, in his bounty hunterness, (it’s a word…now), has done something to the antagonist, probably unintentionally.  Or at least peripherally.  

I am excited to share my progress with this book, this brand-new-to-me genre.  I’m looking forward to the challenge.  




Oh Thank the Gods!

It is FIVE days to NaNo and I still don’t have a plot but I have a beginning – sort of – and I have my main character fleshed out.

Meet Mr. Kris Riddell: 

Age 44, Canadian


  • Salt & pepper hair, more salt than pepper, shaggy layers that just touch his collar
  • Beard is in perpetual scruff, neat but the hairs are always a quarter inch long, almost completely white, except for the mustache which is still mostly dark
  • Deep set, dark green eyes surrounded by long lashes, topped with sparse narrow eyebrows that peak in the middle, laugh lines create narrow creases around his eyes
  • High, sharp cheekbones
  • Full lower lip, slightly thinner upper lip, usually curved in a smile when he isn’t on the job
  • Dimples, laugh lines around his mouth mostly hidden by the facial hair
  • Straight white teeth
  • Strong jaw line, slightly pointed chin
  • 6’3” tall, broad shoulders, well muscled but sleek looking rather than body builder carved, trim waist, tight ass, torso and leg length are almost equal, slightly longer legs, long arms, big hands, well manicured fingers (kept that way to keep his gloves in one piece and no mistakes when handling his weapons and, frankly, because he likes it, he was bred that way)
  • Looks as good in biker leathers as he does in a three piece suit, don’t get me started on how he looks in a tux



  • Loner
  • Friendly and personable, he is a chameleon that can fit into any situation, despite the ever-present scruff
  • Country music man, likes some alt-rock, favourite song is Kenny Rogers’ Islands in the Stream
  • Single-minded in completion of goals and tasks.
  • Very passionate, about his wolves, about sex (believes that the female pleasure is tantamount to a great experience for both)
  • Loves intensely; there was a girl he met in high school, once-in-a-lifetime type love, despite their youth, she died a month before their wedding because of a drunk driver, he’s had a few girlfriends since but has always held them at a distance – each one has left him because of it, now has a few regular lovers
  • Teetotaler
  • Dominant



  • Is an agent of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service – started career in law enforcement because of Megan’s death, recruited by them as a young officer in the RCMP
  • Began study of mammology in mid-30s to pursue his passion- the preservation of wolves
  • Mammoligst specializing in the anatomy, physiology and ethology (behaviour) of North American wolves
  • Has special, secret permissions from USA’s Homeland Security to hunt poachers in the US, carry his weapons and shoot to kill within any US territory
  • Uses the mammologist as a cover for intelligence gathering
  • Generally works out of the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and British Columbia to help protect Canada’s natural resources from terrorists
  • Is often called to track other criminals by other agencies such as the RCMP, the FBI and US Fish & Wildlife Service


Kris was born into one of Canada’s richest families.  His great-grandfather started their fortunes with the peddling of coal and they moved from there to oil.  His father, Stephen, had since diversified, to keep from losing too much money as the oil futures bounced up and down.  Stephen was foresighted and he had hoped that both of his children would go into the family business.  Kris’s sister, Aphrodite, (named for the Greek God, the favourite of their scholar mother, often called Dite), was as much a business mogul as their father, with an innate sense of business trends.  Stephen was disappointed but understood Kris’s switch from business to law enforcement in his early twenties.

Kris’s parents – Stephen and Ruth – have a loving marriage that has been an inspiration to both of their children.  The reason Kris’ favourite song is Islands in the Stream is his parents.  They celebrated their 20th anniversary when Kris was 17 with a vow renewal with their Kenny Rogers song was their bridal dance.  The love they showed for each other and their family imprinted on Kris at a deep level.  He had already met Megan and been dating her for two years.  He was deeply in love with her and planned to marry her, she planned to marry him right back.

At the age of 19 he proposed to Megan.  They planned to marry at the age of 21 and, with the help of their parents, had a plan to have a small but romantic wedding with their friends and family in attendance.  One month before their wedding, Megan was out running some final errands when her car was t-boned by a drunk driver.  No one understood why the woman was drunk at noon and no one could ask her, she died at the scene.  Megan died of complications two days later.

Kris immediately went into law enforcement.  He worked his way through the ranks quickly and ended up being approached by the Canadian Federal Marshall Service.  They recruited him and he developed his tracking and hunting skills further.  He took a special interest in poachers, animal abusers and black market trading of exotic animals and animal parts.

He grew to love wolves in particular and used his free time to go back to school to become a mammologist.  He combined both his loves into a job that allows him to make extensive use of third love – motorcycles.

At the age of 4, Kris was a lover of vehicles.  He saw a BMX trick rider in a TV show and instantly began begging his parents for a bike.  Being the indulgent (yet firm) parents they were, they got him the bike, safety gear and lessons on riding one.  He rose through the ranks of the under 12 crowd then, just as he was getting to be well-known, he discovered motors.  At the age of ten, he begged his mother for a motocross bike.  She talked his father into it and it became a lifelong love of motors.

Now, at the age of 44, he has three women he calls friends and lovers across the country, he does bike rides like the Iron Butt Association’s SaddleSore (1000 miles in under 24 hours), the SaddleSore 1600, 2000 and 2500K (24, 24 and 36 hours respectively) and the Iron Butt Rally.  The Rally occurs every two years and it’s a lottery to gain a spot, if you complete their prerequisites.  He works hard enough and long enough to do these rides almost at whim.  The Rally is 11 days, 12,000 miles, expensive to do and a real coup for any biker to get into. 

It’s also where our story with Kris begins.


Sexy, isn’t he?  I’m still not sure what his story is  here but we’ll find out.  

…won’t we?

Enjoy the rest of your day!


NaNo 14

October is in four days.  That means NaNo is about five weeks away.  


Pretty much how I feel about it.  I have zero ideas.  None.  

Well, I have one in my file but my daughter gave me a seriously dirty look when I mentioned it (she’s off school today in a planned school closure).  Wanna see it?

Of course you do.

The big bad biker and the girl with the demon eye are on a mission from God. (rescue? Replace? Kill/destroy? Hide?)  Adopted by an animal with different coloured eyes on their travels.

I don’t think it’s a horrible idea.  There’s a reason I wrote it down.  I don’t remember the reason offhand but there it is.  So I’m kind of sitting here with a big WTF?? look on my face over that one.  

I do think I like those characters though, the girl with the weird eyes – one demon, one normal – and the biker.  I keep seeing the

Without the singing. 😉 …Maybe

biker as a Kris Kristofferson type.  Right about this time frame too  (the picture here). Just starting to go white, face lined with life and age.  

mmhhmmmmm  I think I like this look.  





As I was saying, I could use these two.  It’d have to be something related to Gods, perhaps.  A divine mission?  Yeah, I keep coming back to the rescue/hide thing.  

The female though.  A girl?  A woman?  Is it a female?  Maybe it’s a male who has lived as a girl for years in order to hide.  

I have about sixteen books and movies floating in my head now.  I don’t want to be like everyone else.  I want originality.  

I do like the biker character.  I wonder what he’s doing.  Where he’s been.  What, if anything, he looks forward to.  Is he a cowboy type?  I don’t think I’ve written a western before.   I think his name IS Kris.  I like it.  

Maybe he’s the grey hat character.  Neutral chaotic.  (Yes, that was a D&D reference, get over it *laughs*)

Hmmm….   Food for thought.  Maybe his story and his mission/goal/the plotline & theme will come clear if I develop him.  

Interesting.  A character driven story.  I’ve never done that either. 

Off to do other things to get ready for my trip.  9 days, 10 hours and 56 minutes until my plane taxis away from the terminal!  Not that I’m counting. 😉



News, News, Huzzah!, News and Oh Em Gee It’s a NaNo Book

Yeah, okay, it’s a lengthy title.

News 1:

I just completed my tax information for Kindle Publishing.  What a headache!  Tax stuff is confusing as hell.  Befuddled my brain enough that it took me three tries to spell ‘publishing’.  It’s done now, though, and that’s a Good Thing.  I hope to be making money soon (within the next 5 years) and not having to worry about that is most excellent.

News 2:

Yesterday, Dad informed me that he should have a hundred more books for me by the end of the week. 😀 Then we’ll just have to figure out how to get them from him.  It’d be nice to see my parents.  We’ll have to figure something out.  Peter will be back from Bancroft sometime next week (between Sunday and Wednesday) because we have Jeff Dunham tickets (squee!) for Thursday.  


This morning I got this email from a friend of mine, someone to whom I gave a book because I knew she’d share it:

Hey, I shared your book with a few girls from work and they want to know.
1) Is there a series prior to this book
2) where can she buy your books
3) when is the next book in this series gonna be out

they really like it.
Talk soon!

I fixed her singular spelling error because I couldn’t post her here with it there. 😀 I couldn’t stand it. *laughs*

Other than that, the email is as it was.  How awesome is that?  *washing machine happy dance*  I encourage people to share my first book with everyone for this very reason.  And this leads me to…

News 3:

I will be publishing Lizendale very, very soon.  

Beautiful, slick, dark cover.

Beautiful, slick, dark cover.

Lizendale is a land home to a species of human genetically different, dare I say superior?, named Talos. They are magic.  They have the ability to shape shift, heal and communicate telepathically.  They have more focused abilities as well, such as an affinity with plants.  They are creatures of Light with the capacity for great Darkness.   Each Talos is born with but half a soul and must find the other half; if they do not, they tumble into the Dark.  

Magni Tenoch is one such man.  He is an Enforcer, one who hunts the Talos that turn to the Dark, and he is about 225 years old.  As soon as he sees Alexi his soul knows her.  He resolves to wait until he can claim her.  

Alexi Brandt is half human, half Talos, living as a human with her mother.  She is a creature of prophesy, one the Dark has been waiting for.  She is thirteen when Magni first finds her.  When she turns eighteen, Magni’s family steps forward to introduce themselves.  Little did they know that someone was hunting Magni and all of the Tenoch family.  Hours after Alexi and Magni are mated she is kidnapped by that someone. He wants her life force for their own. 

The story is, as the cover says, a tale of love, terror and loss.  It’s also a story of triumph and great passion.  It’s my first NaNo book and I love it.  I am publishing the second edition.  It’s a second edition because it had extensive editing and is brought closer to my current writing skill and style.   It reads better than I can talk about it though.  *laughs*


The cover for the NaNo site.  Gorgeous, isn't it?

The cover for the NaNo site. Gorgeous, isn’t it?   The background photo is courtesy of a google search, no artist was attached to it.


As you may guess, this year’s NaNo book is (tentatively) called Haley’s Magic.

Haley is a 7 year old girl who happens to be a witch.  She is the thirteenth in a long line of witches.  With a grandmother who is Coven matron and mother who is the Coven’s maiden (second-in-command), Haley is privy to a lot of things the Coven does.  One of those things is scrying to see the future.  Haley, her little brother Liam and best friend Kessie decide that they want to see what they’re going to get for Yule gifts and give the scrying ritual a shot.

What they get is not what they wanted.  

I still haven’t decided what kind of entity they call with their childish attempts to speak the words the adults speak.  It will, however, be a nuisance, gain energy until it becomes a true danger and the children will have trouble trying to solve the problem on their own.

This will be a category I haven’t tried yet – Young Adult.  I want to be able to read it to the real Liam and Haley (for whom the characters are named, though not based on) when I see them in Scotland.  So there will be no sex, restrained violence and g-rated language.  

This will be fun for me.  *laughs*  

Have a great rest of your day, folks!


Characters in Command

I thought it was hilarious.  ;)

I thought it was hilarious. 😉

I have been negligent again! 

It’s CampNaNo month and I have been busy writing.  I’ve also been to an air show – which was completely awesome, by the way.  I have been on a date or two with my boyfriend and I’ve been helping my daughter with her summer school.  It’s the 7th and there’s been enough ‘stuff’ to fill up half the month already!

I have missed almost 2 full days of writing because Friday ended up being insanely busy, though good, and by the time we got home I was in so much pain I couldn’t see straight.  And yesterday morning I woke up before dawn sweating and ill.  It only lasted 5 or 6 hours but it was enough.  I got almost the day’s word count in but it wasn’t enough.  Today I am playing catch up.

And it is that catching up that lead me to write to you!

When you’re writing, are you the rigid made-an-outline-and-everything-must-follow-that-outline type?  Or are you perhaps the loose-outline-we’ll-see-how-it-goes type?  I used to be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants writer.  I still am, mostly driven by instinct and inspiration, but I need to do at least a vague outline now to begin and character outlines.  I need to know who I’m writing about now.  What they look like, where they come from.  I need to know what drives them.  

Sometimes those outlines don’t get completed until after the book is done though.

Sometimes those same characters interrupt and change the story.  That happened to me yesterday.  Now I have no real clue what’s going to happen.  

Carwen was supposed to meet with her sister and one brother, Eurwen, the Earth God, God of fertility, home, hearth, etc.  Instead, all four Gods showed up!  And then!  Seren, their mother, showed up too.  I’m sitting here, watching my fingers type these things out going, “What the f*ck!  Hello!  This is MY story.”  I swear, one of them turned to look at me and laughed.  -.-

Yes, I have a vivid imagination.  It’s like a … well, a movie screen isn’t right.  It’s like they’ve built a world inside my head and it pans in and out as the need arises, where the action needs to be.  They’re annoyed I’ve taken the time out to write here.  Bully for them.  

The GOOD thing is that Seren actually may have made a difference in the way Carwen will handle things.  

Frankly, I had no idea Carwen was lacking in self-confidence this much.  She seems so self-assured.

After Kylie ran from the room Carwen straightened her spine and tried to look like she didn’t have a care in the world as she trailed her hand over the nearest object d’art.   “It’s good to see you, Mother.”

“I’m sure it is,” Seren said dryly.  “Explain the presence of my granddaughter to me and why she wasn’t raised here.”  As Carwen struggled to come up with something pithy, Seren chose the chair made for Eurwen, sat down gracefully and drummed her fingers on the arm of the chair.  “Don’t bother telling me anything but the flat truth.  Why do you have a daughter when you are, according to the humans, a virgin?  And why as she reached twenty-four years old without being known by neither your father nor I?”

“Perhaps because you are blind to your children, Mother.”  The words were out before Carwen could stop them and she fought to keep from slapping her hand over her mouth.  At her mother’s raised brow she rushed on.  “Do you not see how different I am from them?  The others may be able to coexist, should they bother to try, but I cannot.  I am made of fire!”  The flames flared up around her.  “If I am not destroying them, they are destroying me.  Rhian is quite capable of drowning me until my flame is out.  Eifion, he can fan the flames until I want to kill him, or he smothers me. I am always destroying everything of Eurwen.”

“What of Cadfael?” 

“What of him?  He’s just never there.  And yet he is everywhere.  There is no getting past him or away from him.”

Seren sighed.  “How does Eifion deal with Cadfael?”

Carwen sat heavily on a footstool and clasped her hands together, arms straight between her knees.  She looked so much like a little girl Seren just wanted to pull her into her lap and stroke her hair, as she had when Carwen was small.  Finally, she spoke.  “He creates a tornado that sweeps away Cadfael’s energy.”

“And why do you think that you cannot do the same?  What makes you think everything you touch must be destroyed by that touch?”   Seren paused as a thought came to mind.  “Is that why you did not raise your daughter here?”

Carwen nodded miserably.  “She is half human.”

“She is mostly you.  Come here.”  Seren waited until Carwen had sunk to her knees at her mother’s side and laid her head in her lap.  “Have you ever seen what fire does to a forest?”

“It destroys it.”




Chapter Fifteen


“Does it?”  Seren lifted a hand and gestured at the fireplace.  Immediately the banked fire within roared to life.  It licked over the mantle and around the edges of the fireplace, creating a frame.  Within that frame, Seren showed a large wooded area that had been nearly razed by fire.  Carwen turned her face away.  “Watch!” Seren commanded.

Carwen stared unwillingly at the picture as Seren chose a spot and zoomed in closer and sped it up.  Frame by frame, from beneath the ashes new life sprung up and soon the forest was tall and stronger than ever.  Animals flourished and the ashes faded.  “You see, my girl, your fire does a lot of good.”

“Yes, after it destroys everything.”  Carwen’s voice was bitter.

Seren tugged her daughter’s hair none too gently.  “There is a place for destruction and regrowth.  Think about the bugs that eat the dead.  All they do is destroy but their destruction does great good.”  Seren grinned wickedly.

Carwen was silent for a moment then barked out a surprised laugh.  “Did you just compare me to bugs, Mamma?”

“I did.  Just remember that you are as powerful as your siblings, if not more so.  And, just like them, you can control the level of destruction.   Fire can warm things up; its heat can create wonderful things.”  She patted Carwen’s shoulder.  “Let me up, I must see Cadfael.  What I thought I heard from him is most disturbing.  Go find Eurwen and introduce yourself to your daughter.  It is time.”

Rising as her mother did, Carwen frowned.  “Mamma.”

“Yes, child?”

“There are two prophecies.”

Seren froze inside though she tried to remain serene on the outside.  “Oh?”

“Yes.  Not just the one about justice coming from a human child born to a god.  There’s also one about a child of Air having a great evil in his hands.  It is said that ‘fire shall consume him from the inside out and only fire shall quench his thirst.’”   Carwen smoothed her hand over her hair and tugged on the ends.  “It says that with fire he may commit great evil or be brought to peace.”

“Does it say what this evil is?”  Seren’s voice was ragged.

“No Mamma.  Just that he holds it in his hands.”

Seren stood there for a long moment.  “I believe that child has Ammit.  Be careful.”

“Can’t you help us?”  Carwen hated the pleading note in her voice.  It made her feel like a little girl.

“No, eldest of my loins, I cannot.  You children are responsible for this mess and you must clean it up.  Go to Eurwen and then your daughter.” Seren swept out, barely maintaining a sedate pace.

See, Cadfael suddenly realized that it was The Sceptor behind the theft of Ammit.  And Seren’s brain just sorted out Cadfael’s mutterings.  

But!  Carwen will do as she is told.  I can’t wait to see how that pans out.  I’m just trying to decide if that’s going to happen now or if we’re going to visit with the child of Air.  

Probably now.  There is a mythological beast involved here.  A unicorn named Fury.  He’s fantastic.  I’ll tell you about him later.  

Meanwhile, enjoy a little tune and the rest of your Sunday.  

Oh, just on a side note.  If you are interested in living healthier and you want to gain some insight on how to do that, you should follow my bestie over at Nourishment3.  It’s pronounced ‘nourishment cubed’ and stands for the mind-body-spirit connection.  Val has some fantastic information, you really should check her out.


Antagony: Contest; opposition; antagonism

That’s certainly what my antagonist is going to do.  He is a conniving, calculating man, hiding it all behind a genial nature.

Masaru Miyagi is tall for a Japanese man, standing at 5’10”.  He is getting thick around the middle and when combined with the severe hair cut, the dark chocolate brown eyes and the mouth that only ever smiles if he thinks it’s an appropriate action, he is somewhat intimidating to the people who work under him and more than a few others in the toy manufacturing world.  The shark-like attitude is why he owns one of the largest companies in the world.

Masaru owns Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. and between the Japanese and US holdings he is extremely rich and yet very conservative in his spending.  He owns what he thinks a successful business man should own.  He is polite but ruthless and aggressive.  He owns and heads the largest company in Japan (second largest toy manufacturer in the world) not because he believes in the product but because he believes in the Yen and the almighty US dollar.

He has spies in every major toy/entertainment manufacturing company including S.C. Enterprises.  He discovered long ago that SCE either owns or has shares in almost every manufacturer of toys and electronics.  Masaru has decided that he wants the company. He wants SCE as part of his holdings.  He can’t afford it at its current value so he sets about trying to sabotage it and make at least part of it collapse from within.  It’s through one of those spies that he discovers what the ‘S.C’ stands for.

It changes Masaru’s tactics and goals.  And makes him darker as he gets more covetous.

And there we have my main antagonist.  There are minions, of course, but Masaru is the ultimate business man, not averse to resorting to dirty tactics.  He may or may not have ties to a mob.  

I think that I will have fun with this.  

And I think my next job is research hostile takeovers and industrial sabotage.  As soon as I figure out what my questions are.  😉

Insanity, Heavenly Scents and Mrs Claus

I am making Thanksgiving dinner today for Peter, Callie, Ben and Dennis. Doing it all by myself (up until the gravy, then I’ll need a gravy stirrer, Ben will be up to the task I’m sure) and driving myself bonkers. So far I have pumpkin gingerbread muffins (and a loaf), pumpkin pie and apple brownies. The giblets are simmering for the gravy. Turkey is just beginning to scent the apartment and the cat’s nose is going wild.


Rosemary garlic roasted turkey
Garlic mashed potatoes
Peas and carrots in herbed butter
Cranberry sauce
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Brownies

I’ll need alcohol by that point so I’ll be having a little Smirnoff too I think lol And no, there’s no stuffing/dressing. I simply couldn’t make it this year, had no time what with the book release.  I have to make it from scratch because I have yet to find a ready made stuffing that is gluten, soy and corn free.

And yes, I’m a few days late for Thanksgiving.  Last weekend was busy for everyone so we put it off.  Well, I, the chef, put it off.

While I’m sitting here now and then, between bastings and before potato peeling, I thought I’d work up Mrs Claus.  Having an apartment smell like fall foods is no excuse not to work.




[~*~*~*~*~Unintentional Time Travel~*~*~*~*~]


Okay folks, it’s Friday!  I got so damn busy yesterday I just couldn’t keep up with the blog too.  I have to say this though:  The turkey was moist and flavourful and the five pounds of mashed potatoes I made disappeared, all but one serving.  Poof.

So let’s talk about Mrs. Claus.

Her name is Heidi Lykke.  She’s German.  Or, more accurately, Gaulish. 

Tall, fair skinned, blonde with silvery highlights (some natural, some not).  Her eyes are a deep forest green.  She has high cheekbones, a lush mouth and straight nose.  She’s tall, reaching a height of 5’11 in bare feet.  She is fit but has curves, looks fantastic in a bikini or wet suit but her body is luxurious and soft.

Heidi is happy with her life.  She’d always known that she had more love than being a mother to a small few could manage.  And she needed more love than a little family could give her.  Now she has most of the world’s children to love and spoil and who love her back.   She travels the world with Ari though she only spends half the year with him.  Really, after a thirteen hundred years of marriage, some space is needed between husband and wife.  

Heidi is nearly endlessly patient and very creative.  She is the one who takes Ari’s ideas for toys to inspire imaginative minds and makes them something practical and doable.  She oversees the production of the toys they still make at the Pole and trusts Ari to take care of the external factories.  Where her husband collects cars, our Heidi collects motorcycles.  Racers, long distance riders, hogs… you name it, she loves it and probably has one.  One of her favourites is a cherry red 1942 Indian Chief with a sidecar.  It’s a show bike and she uses it for ride-for-kids charity rides.  

Mrs. Lykke is a philanthropist for children’s charities.  Health, schools, toys or literacy, Heidi has had a hand in them all over the world.  

Perhaps a brief history of the Clauses as a couple is necessary too.  

They have been married since approximately 573 A.D..  Then they were known as Sinterklaas, or Saint Nicholas and the world only ever saw  Mrs Claus after a Mr. James Rees snuck his way into the North Pole and subsequently wrote a book about what he saw.  Like any other couple they’ve had good years and bad years, (or, rather, good decades and bad ones), but their work has always brought them together.  They were put together by the Gods because of their love of children and their philanthropic natures.  

Their gifts of magic and insight are put up for review every century, as is their job as the lead gift givers of the world.  Every century they pass.  

They have huge responsibilities together and they manage their business well.  They manage their relationship with ease and panache.   Their love is deep and they make the effort to rejuvenate it every few decades.  

Together they are half the joy of Christmas.

That sums up my take on Santa and Mrs. Claus, what do you think?

To Santa or Not to Santa

Hi there!  

It is Hump Day and I am thoroughly toxed trying to finish the cleaning of my new clothes so I may ramble a bit.  

On the weekend I began work on the characters for NaNo.  In case you don’t remember, sometime in the summer Peter and I stumbled on the story for this year’s NaNoWriMo: A Year in the Life of S. Claus.  Of course, my work starts with my main character, Mr. Claus himself.

So here’s my little bio so far:

“Santa Claus” is a suit the man puts on every year to deliver presents.  The big belly?  The big white beard?  They only exist as costume props.  Oh the sleigh is real- *stops*

Oh dear, that sounds like an opening line, doesn’t it?  

Anyway, Santa’s real name is Ari Lykke (pronounced Ah-ree Loo-kuh).  The man is 6’4″ and kind of looks like Paul Sr. 

This guy. Only less mean.

And less mustache.  Ari is clean shaven.  He is blond.  Blue eyes.  The hair is cut close on the sides, little longer on top.  And he has big hands.  (I like big hands.)

Ari is pretty much like you’d expect Santa to be – funny, smart, compassionate and a loving husband.  He is a ruthless business man and a fair boss.  The Elves (yes, they exist) have paid holidays and benefits along with equal wages.    He is slow to anger and usually sees the reasons behind a person’s actions.  He DOES have the insight you want in a man who decides who has been naughty and nice.

Our Santa loves to surf!  He collects cars.  Loves cars. Has collected them since the first Model T rolled off the line.  In fact, he owned the first.  He drives all over the country in these cars, trading them every few states, as he drives around looking after his business interests.  He likes to travel commercial airlines when he travels around the world to look in on his interests in other countries.  He gets to meet people that way.  He may or may not have a knack for getting on flights with children-now-adults he likes or children on planes, period.

He has one sibling, someone who had been in the business with him until the late 19th Century.  The brother was not what you would want in Santa’s brother – he was selfish and hedonistic.  He toyed with the female elves (toyed! HA! no pun intended *giggles*), using them for sexual pleasure and whatnot.  Finally Ari had enough and dropped his brother in the New World to fend for himself.  That man lost his immortality but because his brother loves him, he is dying very slowly.  It’s been well over a century and he is still alive, though it’s getting close now.  All those women Hugh lives with in California will be devastated when he dies, I’m sure.

Ari’s wife was chosen for him for her personality traits but they have, over the centuries, become madly in love with each other.  Their children are the world’s children and they are content with themselves and their lives.  That contentment is reflected in the way Ari conducts Santa Claus Enterprises.  

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my MC for NaNo.  

Like him?

Also, I’m trying to come up with  ideas to make my facebook page more engaging.  I’ve thought of things like Manic Monday, Trivia Tuesday, This or That Thursday.  I want to get people talking, not just occasionally meandering past my page when I post something.  

I’m not sure what Manic Monday is about but I thought Trivia Tuesday could be about the blog or books. Multiple choice things.  Any ideas?

And just because I’m in a good mood: