Welcome to my photography page!  

For Christmas Peter bought himself an Olympus D-700, 4x-Wide, 12 megapixel camera.  Then he was given two more by friends so the wonderful man gave it to me!  *grins*

There are layers and levels of reasons why I love him.

So I have been taking pictures, playing with macro and distance.  

The general consensus is that I need to work on my horizons but that I take beautiful pictures. 

Most of the time they’re right about the latter but sometimes I tilt the horizon on purpose.  They don’t believe me. 😀

I’ll be putting up my favourite photographs here from our weekly jaunts around the area.  Most of them will probably be the beach and the weather, family and friends.  If you wish to use a picture somewhere, please let me know. Most of the time I will give permission, as long as credit is given and I get a link back to it.  I love it when people love my pictures.

Click on the photos to see them larger.  They’re small because I’m adding several today.

This is the Grand Bend public beach in mid-January.  It was the fiercest storm we’d had yet.  I loved the view here of the storm along the beach and against the condos.  Unfortunately, the wind was a bully and pushed me over just as I snapped the picture.  I believe the camera was set on Auto (it changes the settings automatically based on the scene) and no zoom.  I edited for the sepia tone.

Same day, standing in the same spot.  I swear I was holding the camera straight.  *laughs*  Same settings on the camera.  I upped the light a little bit when editing.  It looks stark and cold, doesn’t it?

About 10 days later this is a causeway on a private beach – the beach is down 44 steps and is a challenge for me to get up from but I love it there.   Unfortunately, that day I fell, twisted my hip and lower back and we haven’t been back since because we’re trying to let me heal.  

This is about a month later, in late February.  It’s on my morning walk (the second half, before I started riding again) and I loved the contrast of the white on brown and the lines of it against the blue sky.  I don’t remember the settings here except that it was at max zoom.   I didn’t change a thing when editing.

This is the same day and if you don’t click on any of the others, click on this one.  (Right click > new tab, easier that way)  This used to be a railway track.  It was part of the Grand Trunk Railway line but now is a beautiful walking path.  It is Peter’s favourite photo, I think.

As I said earlier, I’ve been playing with macros this month.  The camera is set on Super Macro – which sets the lens distance and focus.  This stone is about an inch and a half long.  It looks like a foot so when I wrapped it in wire I had to attempt to make it look like it was wearing a sandal.  *chuckles*  It looks HUGE here doesn’t it?  And the sand looks amazing.

There’s another macro shot I’d love to show you but I can’t find the picture.  I’m hoping it’s still on my camera. I have a habit of deleting groups of pictures I’ve put on my camera.  I don’t think I’ve cleared it recently but we’ll see.  

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them!  🙂 


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