Demon Plague is LIVE!

Good morning, folks!

I am pleased to bring you the second book in my Highland Wolves series:

Demon Plague

Just look at the cover!

HW2 book cover copy 2.jpg

I know the back is a tad difficult to read but it is readable.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  I love having vibrant, compelling covers.

I say that with zero modesty and a whack of pride.  I spent hours on it a few days ago.   Cried over it even.  

I have to tell you, even though I publish through Amazon/Kindle it is so exciting to see my books available for public consumption!

It’s a lot of hard work to get them there.  The research, planning, character development, writing, editing, editing, editing, editingformatting, cover planning and development.  I could hire someone to do the cover, I suppose, but I like seeing it come together.  

Just in the writing, it’s a huge relief to write THE END at the end of the document.  It’s a milestone but now, to see it for sale (and soon to see it in print), it’s breathtaking.  

Sure, a traditional publisher picking up my books would be wonderful, (or heartstopping) but for now, I will continue to do it this way.

You can see HW2 in print here and on Kindle here.

I hope you enjoy them!  If you missed the 5 day promotion in which HW1 and Lizendale were free on Kindle I’m so sorry but you’ll have to purchase them now.  😉   Both books are also in print, of course, (Highland Wolves 1 can be found in print by clicking on “See all formats” or by clicking here).

You can look at all my books on my Amazon Author page.  

What’s next?

Next, I will be diving into the research for HW4 and I will be editing A Year in the Life of S. Claus.  I am seriously considering submitting it for publishing at Sterling and Stone because of a little book I read put out by them called SANTA: EXPOSED by Guy incognito.  There was a line in the book saying “what if Santa has deals with all the toy companies al over the world?” and it made me want to give them Ari.  First though, it needs at least one run through.

I will begin plotting for NaNo too, I think.  Or at least, I’ll start looking for ideas.   The YA tiger shifter is too short to do it as November’s NaNo, unless I make it a series of 2 or 3 shorts.   Something to consider.

Plus!  I have a college application in for Fanshawe’s online Business Program.   Busy busy, just the way I prefer it.  

I am out of here!  Have housework to do and some rest (it’s been a busy, toxic last week and I’m exhausted) while I plot out what’s going on over the next few months.  

Have a wonderful day!  




Everyone Loves Free Books!

Good evening!

Since I will be publishing Demon Plague: The second Highland Wolves Book on August the first, I have decided to put the ebooks Witch Hitlist, the first of the series, and Lizendale, a stand alone, very dark paranormal drama up for free!

Phew, that was a long winded sentence.  Sorry about that but you get the point.


Which is a good thing, right?

That, dear readers, is my gift to you.  They are for free, across Amazon/Kindle in Canada, the US and the UK.

I do want you to love the first book so that you’ll want to read the second.  And I want you to love my writing so you’ll want to read any book I write.  

I am a writer, after all.  😉

I do hope you enjoy them because the simple fact is that I write to evoke emotions and paint pictures in my readers’ minds.  Not to make a pretty penny, that’d just be a major bonus.  

The links below are the Canadian ones.

Witch Hitlist


Have a wonderful night!

A Swan Song

Good evening!

I just had to share some of my favourite pictures with you.  I know that it’s been a while so I will catch you up but first, these completely and totally awesome photos.  

Last weekend, when I was in Grand Bend, I turned from the BBQ and what did I see?  

2016-07-09 17.45.36

Swans and their cygnets!

They wandered into the backyard to pick at the weeds and grass, not entirely sure why they went for a walk, they have a pond about two blocks away.  We were quite delighted to see them for the cygnets were adorable in their ugliness and the parents fierce in their protectiveness, though they were quite relaxed here.  They stayed about ten minutes before wandering off across the street.  

This summer, my daughter decided that her dog needed to live with us full time, rather than her dad, so she could train her and try and get some of her worse behaviours under control.  It’s fallen to me to walk the dog first thing in the morning, invariably just as the sun is coming up.  

So I’ve been appreciating the walks.  I get to see things that a lot of people don’t that early in the day.  We go to the same spot, because it’s easier on me to take her out on the long leash and mostly stand there (sometimes we walk, but it’s before breakfast and before my pills).  I was watching the progress of a large thistle bloom until the municipality mowed everything down on the hillside, I listen to the birds waking up and take time to look for the little things.  Which led to two of three of my most favourite pictures ever.  



This snail resting on the slab of sliced off tree.

Which the dog decided to explore…


And, thankfully, decided wasn’t food.

My third favourite picture is one I took just this evening after we dropped Girlkid off at work.  We went to the beach to take a gander at the water.  I love the beach when it’s windy and on the edge of being stormy (and when it is stormy).  The colours and movement of the water are amazing.  

The Boyfriend sat down to enjoy the view while I wandered down to the water’s edge then up the pier and around to the boardwalk.  Came up from behind him and saw a picture that had to be taken.


It was a peaceful moment.

So, those are my favourite moments from the last little while.  

And now, time to catch up!

I decided not to write July Camp, for reasons that are my own, and chose instead to edit HW2.   I’m 43 pages from the end!  That means that it will be published, barring any unforeseen circumstances, on August 1st.  

And THAT means free books! The HW1 ebook will be made available for free for three days (maybe more, depends on mood and options *laughs*).  I will probably make Lizendale for free too.  And then I will begin the research for HW4 and the slow, painful process of editing both HW3 and A Year in the life of S. Claus.  

I don’t have the plot set for HW4 and I am hoping that the research will give me some inspiration for the rest of it.  

AND I have decided to go back to school.  Hopefully, I’ll be starting in September.  I plan on being a busy girl.  The government finally acknowledged that I AM disabled (we knew that, eh?) and that relieved so much pressure in my head, released a huge cloud of depression and anger that was hanging over me that I wasn’t even wholly aware of.  

Happy days!

Time for me to go to bed.  Have a grand night and a great weekend!



Camp Day 11

Good evening!

I know it’s been a couple days since I posted last.  It’s taken me far too long to write Ida.  The foggy, heavy head is a bitch.

Ida is erotic horror, which means that if you are under the age of majority in your place of residence you need to sit this one out.

This is going to be  short.  It’s dinner time here and I’m really quite tired.  I hope you like the story.  It didn’t turn out like I expected but hey, it’s done and editing fixes everything. 😉

Have a good night! 



Intense Dreams

Ida Iliescu moaned as her hips thrust upward.  Her sheets tangled around her legs as she thrashed and twisted.  A tanned hand with perfectly manicured fingernails sild between her thighs and rubbed over her clit causing her entire body to clench up. Her breath froze.  He gave her a little pinch.  She screamed as she gushed all over her bed.

The scream woke her.

Ida pounded the sheets and growled in frustration.  “Holy fuck!  Why? WHY do I keep having these dreams?”  She rolled out of bed and padded across the room to the bathroom, her feet making a soft slap on the oak floor.  Taking a wash cloth, she soaked it under the tap, so focused on her frustrations that she didn’t pay any attention to the temperature.

When she touched it to her folds, she screamed again, this time in shock.  “Holy mother of hockey players!  What the hell are you trying to do to yourself?”  She warmed it up and cleaned herself from knees to belly button.  “Damn these dreams,” she muttered.  “Ruining me for anyone else.”

She laid down on the other side of her queen size bed, rolled onto her side and bunched her pillows under her head and between her thighs. “Goddammit I hope there isn’t another dream tonight.”

Eighteen hours later, Ida finally closed her shop.  She leaned her head on the front door as she turned the bolt and sighed.

“You should go home, you look exhausted.  I can do the final books.”

The soft voice behind her made her jump out of her skin.   “Jody!  I almost forgot you were here.”  Ida was startled and whipped around with her hand on her chest, back against the door.  Part of her was dismayed that the carefully applied makeup didn’t hide the dark circles and sunken look to her eyes.

Jody laughed.  “I was in back working on the arrangements for the Murdock wedding.  I can’t believe she has sixteen bridesmaids!”

Ida groaned.  “I know!  But it’s a fantastic commission for us.”  She rubbed her face and pushed off the door.  “Go home to Frank.  You’ve been working late for the last three weeks.   I’m sure he must miss you.”

“Oh yeah, he misses the cooking.  But he’s not missing out on anything else.”  She made a lewd gesture that had them both laughing.

“God.  Speaking of sex, it’s the dreams.  They’re keeping me up.”  Ida followed Jody into the back room of the flower shop.

“Oh yeah?  Still the super hot guy?”  Jody looked interested as she grabbed her coat and purse.

“Yeah.”  The golden god had been invading her dreams on and off for weeks now, though it had been every night for the last week solid.

“Still no actual intercourse?”  Jody was sympathetic.

Ida slapped her hand down on the table.  “No, dammit!  It’s frustrating as hell.  The orgasms are fantastic and I swear he’s done everything but stick that wonderful cock in any hole I’ve got!” she said angrily.  “Seriously, if you’re going to screw with my sleep with these intense dreams at least fuck me.”

“I totally agree,” said Jody, nodding.  “I’m beginning to think he’s ruining you for all real men though.” She studied her boss.  At 5’6”, Ida was as tall or slightly taller than half of the men in the neighbourhood they lived and worked in.  Between their job, which included slinging around fifty pound boxes of flowers, and Ida’s daily running regime, she was toned, delicious looking.  “You should wear your hair down more,” she added.

Ida pulled the long braid over her shoulder and toyed with the end of it.  “Our customers would find these black threads in all their arrangements if I did that.”  Both women laughed.   Ida picked up Jody’s coat and purse and put them in the other woman’s arms.  “Go home.  I’ll finish these three you have going and clean up.  Go see Jay.” She grinned. “Finish what the golden god has started.”

Jody’s eyes twinkled as she headed for the back door and the alley.  “Oh, I’m sure he’ll be quite happy to oblige. See you tomorrow.”

The door slid shut on its track as Jody pushed it from the outside and the automatic lock clicked.  The smile slipped from Ida’s face as she rubbed her eyes.  She was more tired than she had ever been.  Every muscle, hell, every bone ached with fatigue.  She just didn’t have the energy she needed to finish the arrangements but she had to do it.  She dragged a stool over, knowing it would take her three times as long as necessary.

A few hours later, Ida shut the last cooler and leaned against it, yawning heavily.  She laid her head against the cooler door and indulged in a ten second nap.  Any longer than that, she’d found, and her dream lover found her and began his seduction.  She cleaned the work table, washed her hands, briefly lamenting the seemingly permanent green stain on her finger tips.

Finally, she stood in the alley, pulling the door closed.  A small, satisfied smile curved her lips as she punched in the security code that blanketed the store in protection.  She had taken a slightly more than modest inheritance from her maternal grandmother and built this shop from the ground up.  She’d chosen to work as a florist because of the years of her childhood that were spent in the gardens with that grandmother.

She was also an amateur botanist, creating new breeds of her favourite plants through cross pollination and splicing.  And she loved every minute of her life.

Except the damn dreams.

Footsteps echoing off the damp brick walls around her made Ida put her hand in her pocket and thread her fingers through the set of brass knuckles she kept there.  You didn’t live in the middle of downtown, even if it was being rebranded as an upscale place to live, without some sort of protection.  She reached into her other pocket and thumbed the cap off her tiny can of spray Mace.

Whispers started.  The hushed voices bounced all around her.

What a tasty package.

Wonder if she smells like flowers.

Look at that mouth, I’d like to –

Ida stopped listening and lengthened her strides, trying not to look like they were getting to her. She stared at the mouth of the alley.  Her shop was at the bottom of a long tall building, her back door opened at the side, about one third of the way up the alley from the main street.  Her car was parked in the lot at the other end.   She risked a glance behind her to find three men blocking the way to the busy street.

At her look, the three grinned and picked up their pace.

Ida moved faster but then her boot came down on someone’s discarded banana peel and she slid, crashing into the wall.  She caught her fall on a garbage can and straightened quickly.  But they’d gained some distance on her.  She sprinted forward.

The footsteps behind her got louder, faster.  The garbage cans when flying as they shoved them out of the way.

“Get her, Joe!” a rough voice shouted.

She looked behind her and gave a startled scream to find one of them, presumably Joe, was almost close enough to grab her.  Ida adjusted her purse so there was no strap to grab and put in more effort to running.

Something heavy hit her from behind and she flew through the air briefly before landing on the wet, dirty ground, weighed down.  The breath was knocked out of her and she couldn’t catch her breath. She wheezed trying to inhale.

“Get off her, Joe!  We want some fun and we can’t do that if she can’t breathe.”

The weight lifted off her and she was lifted to her feet.  Strong fingers gripped her biceps as a wide flat hand slapped her between the shoulder blades.  “Come on, pretty thing, breathe!”

Ida coughed, gasped and drew in a long breath.  Immediately, she struggled against the hands holding her.  She wrenched one hand free and sprayed Mace into the face of the one in front of her.

Unfortunately, he saw her coming and smacked her hand to the side.  The Mace missed his eyes and sprayed his cheek instead.  His face transformed from concerned to furious and she shrank back.  He reached out and backhanded her before he ripped the Mace from her fingers and threw it down the alley.

Tears formed in Ida’s eyes as a bruise formed on her cheek but she lifted her chin and spit at him.  “You can’t hurt me,” she said.

“Oh honey, we plan on it.”  He smiled cruelly as he motioned to the two others.  They tore her purse off her then cut her coat off with a few practiced moves with the knives they carried.  Then her arms were pulled behind her and pinned there.

The leader stepped close again and reached out to stroke her unblemished cheek.  His hand slid down her throat, over her collar bone and stopped on her breast.  He squeezed hard enough to leave fingerprints and she gasped.  He grinned as he put both hands on the buttons on her blouse and tore it open.

“Oh la la,” Thug Number Two said.  “The uptight florist likes to wear pretty things.”

Thug One took out his own knife and slid the blade very lightly over her chest.  He popped open her bra by slicing through the small scrap of fabric holding the cups together.  Her breasts popped free.  “Look at how beautiful all this pale flesh is, boys.”

The other two agreed and just as Thug One reached out to touch her there was a shout from the end of the alley.  Footsteps rang out again and Joe changed his grip on Ida as Thug One and Two turned to face the newcomer.  “This bird is ours,” growled Thug One.

Ida bristled.  “Bird?  What, you watch too many old mob movies?  Piss off, you bastard.”  She stomped on Joe’s foot and when his grip loosened and he leaned forward with the pain, she slammed the back of her head into his nose.  Turning, she kneed him in the balls and then took off running, holding her shirt together.

The sounds of a fight started behind her and she slowed.  Near the end of the alley she turned to see who her rescuer was.  She got a glimpse of golden hair, a strong jaw and broad shoulders and slid to a halt, her jaw hanging open.

It was the golden god of her dreams.  He was magnificent as he seemed to effortlessly flow through the fight until all three were on the ground.  Only when they were all groaning did he come to a halt and pulled out a cell phone. “Yes.  I am calling because I have here three men who assaulted a woman in an ally beside the Have a Heart florist shop on Sweet Street.”  He listened for a moment.  “They may need ambulances, yes.  We will wait, of course.”  He shut down the phone and looked up.  “Miss?  Or Ma’am… I need you to stay here.  The police will be along momentarily.”

He removed his coat and spread it over a few boxes that were piled up nearby after testing to make sure they would hold her.  “Please, sit down.  You must be exhausted and frightened.”

Ida came closer, she couldn’t help it.  His voice was seductive.  It reminded her of his whispers in her dreams.  Her knees were suddenly shaking and she started to sink to the ground.  He was there in a flash to pick her up.  He sat on the boxes and cradled her in his lap.  “Shh,” he whispered. “It’s okay, you’re safe now.”

Tears suddenly filled her eyes as she gathered her blouse over her chest.  Revolving red and blue lights filled the alley from both ends and the rest became a blur.  She found herself in her own home, sitting at her dining room table by candlelight as he set a bowl of a light soup in front of her.

Ida blinked up at him, fear warring with comfort.  “Who are you?”

He sat down in a chair beside her and rested a hand over hers.  “Oh, my dear, I thought you were in shock.  I helped you in the alley, remember?”  His thumb stroked the back of her hand in mesmerizing circles.  “My name is Xander Aarle.  After you gave your statement, I brought you home.  You asked me to stay for a little while and I offered to make dinner while you took a shower.”

She looked down at herself and discovered she was wearing a silk robe, a pair of slippers and little else.  “I don’t remember.”

Xander smiled as he stroked her hand and looked into her eyes.  “That’s okay.  It’s shock.  You’re alright.”

Ida yawned.  She blushed as she covered it with her hand.  “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.  You’re tired.”  He smiled at her and she blinked.

When she opened her eyes he was above her, his mouth on her nipple and she was arching her back in pleasure, her hands fisted in his hair.   She shoved against him.  “What?  How!?  Get off me.”  She pushed against his shoulders.

Xander stroked her nipple with his tongue.  “It’s okay,” he said softly. “You asked for this.”  He shifted back to rest on his kneels and heels.  His shaft rose high in an impressive display of his arousal.  “You wanted it in all you dreams.  You begged me to fuck you.”  He grabbed her legs and pushed her knees back to her chest as her jaw went slack.

“You…you were in my dreams?” she asked as he moved her hands to hold her legs in place.

“Spread those beautiful thighs for me, my little tasty treat.”  Xander shifted again, lying on the bed with his face near her core.  He blew gently on her and she gasped.

Helplessly, she spread her thighs.  “I don’t…Oh!” she panted as he swiped the flat of his tongue up her lower lips. An electric tingle shot through her that made her feel good and yet left her feeling tired.  He brought her to a screaming orgasm that way then pushed himself to his knees.

Xander crowded her, laying on top of her.  He peppered her face with kisses.  “Such a lovely snack you are. Let me in, Ida, let me in.”

Ida whimpered and rocked her pelvis just a little, causing his cock to slip through her slick folds.  “Please, please! Fuck me.”

“That, my dear, is exactly what I needed.”

She screamed as he thrust into her all the way to the hilt, forcing all her muscles to adapt at once.  Ida opened her eyes and screamed again; this time in fear and loathing.

Xander had transformed.  His face was terrifying.  He had a short snout and wicked fangs.  Black eyes with fire in the pupils stared at her.  Cheekbones jutted out and rose up at the temples to meet multiple ridges from his forehead.  Red skin covered him from head to foot and great big wings rose up from his back.

Ida wriggled backwards, fighting to get away. “Let me go!” she shrieked.

“No, your life is mine now.  I won you!” He growled.  His head darted forward and he sunk his teeth into her shoulder to pin her down.  His tongue lapped at the blood but that’s not what he was really after.

She pounded on him and kicked, struggling as hard as she could.  A sharp, burning pain suddenly exploded in her womb as barbs from his penis stabbed into her.  Ida’s struggles got weaker and weaker as he drank in her life force.

Finally, all that was left of her was a husk and two blood stains on the bed.



Genie in a bottle

This morning I finally finished the A-Z weapons list! 

Partway through, I realized that ‘duh, I’m writing horror and not all weapons should be WEAPONS.  Some of them should be accidental or incidental and definitely paranormal.  

So some of the weapons are coming about because people get thrown back in history; or the story has inspired by things like Night at the Museum.  (Inspired? my Muse says.  HA! Like ripped it off.)  Alright, alright, so Earnest and the Elephant Goad are a NatM rip off but believe me, he’s going to deserve it.  

It was Desmond that amused me the most.  I first thought that the man would be decimated by desert vipers (snakes, yes).  And then this morning I was in the shower, drying off with one foot on the edge of the tub, the other still in the draining water when my brain yelled, “DJINN! Desmond can be killed by a wish gone wrong!”   

Sure, it’s probably been done before.  Wishes go wrong all the time.  The trick is to make it as original as possible AND as creepy, scary and intense as possible.  

You know me.   No problem.  

I hope.

Here’s the list.  Some have notes on stories ideas.  Some don’t; they’re simply things I liked when I ran across them, (like Zillian’s zumbooruck.  There’s an idea percolating but I’ll be damned if I know what it is yet).

Amy who was felled by an arrow shot from an Arbalest

Basil who was poisoned by a dart from a Blowgun  (a scientist-soldier-writer in the South American jungle, arrogant but witless, )

Clara who was cleaved by a Cinquedea

Desmond A Djinn discovered on a dig/during research – 40 Thieves story.  Other fairy tales and such were proving to be true

Earnest gutted by an Elephant Goad he works in a museum and it came to life (one section, a la Night at the Museum but darker)

Fanny flagellated by a Flail  (at a Renaissance fair or one of those revival dinners, display armour comes to life when she touches it) 

George who is surprised to be run through by a Glaive

Hector who is horrified to be held prisoner on a Hellburner

Ida who was beheaded by an Igorot Headhunting Axe  (Ida will be studying the the Austronesian collective of mountain dwelling peoples in the mountains of Luzon.  Forced to participate in a dance, ends up being hunted through the forest)

James  who was killed ignominiously by a Jagdpanzer  (showboating while supposing to be on look out on the front and falls off?)                       

Kate killed by a dart slung from a kestros

Leo levelled by a Lundri Chenm patag  (Not sure I like this, frankly, although I do like the weapon.  I’m fond of blades.)

Maud who died while disposing of munitions for the FBI

Neville who was tortured by nanobots.    Messed with auditory nerve to play the carousel song… a few seconds here and there at first, longer bursts more often, until finally it’s all the time.  Goes mad

Olive offed by Orange Glazed DrumChuks and an Onager  (the DrumChuks are a weapon from an MMPRPG)

Prue the pilot gunned down by POPRAD Polish self-propelled anti-aircraft missile launcher firing Grom missles

Quentin with a quarterstaff

Rhonda who became Rhadamanthus by accident  (A Greek mythos character and judge of the dead)

Susan whose demon summoning skills were not up to par

Titus totalled by a toad (poisonous ones, of course)

Una  uraemia complications

Victor whose vulcanization went wrong (Supernatural creature)  {Vulcanization:  a chemical process for converting natural rubber or related polymers into more durable materials via the addition of sulfur or other equivalent curatives or accelerators.)

Winnie who was shredded by Wind and Fire Wheels

Xerxes dies accidentally due to xenophobia inspired issues  (wakes up in another country with nothing but a note informing him of the reasons)

Yorick  messes with ytterbite

Zillian zumbooruck (a camel calvary)

I know that some of these things are on the obscure side.  And there are a few I’m not totally in love with (like Una’s uraemia complications, but I might know a way to make that work.  Maybe.) but over all, I like the list.  I’ll tweak it as I plot it.  My two page document is about to become a twenty-six page document as I give each list it’s own page. 

I am having some major fun with this.  

Speaking of fun…  Have you ever seen Lip Sync Battles on Spike?  If you haven’t, you should.  Yesterday, I watched a dozen or so clips on Youtube yesterday.  I was having fun.  I don’t have enough fun.  I was singing (off key) and lip syncing and dancing.  It was great.

So, because it’s Monday, I’m going to leave you with a couple of my favourite clips – the episode with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.  

Have a fantastic rest of your day.


The First Day


A blessing for the new year. (web find)


This is the time of the year when everyone starts reflecting on all the things they need to change in order to live well. I am guilty of it but I am trying to change it for I think that we should be looking at our lives regularly through the year and changing our negative behaviours to the positive.  

I also think, though, that everyone needs a starting point and ‘Happy new year!’ tends to be that point.  Why not February 1st or July 1st or October?   

So this January I’m not making resolutions or promises, I’m making changes.  

I will tell you about them but first, I want to look at the positives of 2015.  

I had ample opportunity to be proud of my children.  My son is working hard at achieving his goals, he stands strong by his girlfriend and he is there for his family.  My daughter is making strides in handling her own anger issues and she works hard to maintain her position on the honour roll at school.  

I began therapy and have made progress in changing how I react to things.  The current bruises on my hand would seem to belie that but it is true nevertheless.  The bruises are a result of not taking care of myself well enough throughout December.

I put Lizendale up for sale on Kindle and Amazon.  (HW2 is a week or so away from publication too, by the way.  And when it’s up, both HW1 and Lizendale will be given away for free in the Kindle store.)

My relationship with Wolfman has improved a great deal.

My relationship with The Boyfriend is still going strong.

I went into remission for a few weeks.  Man oh man, was that ever great!

The flare I went into following the remission wasn’t as bad as previous ones.  That means I’m getting stronger.

I had a lot of love, a lot of laughs and a lot of Light in my life. 

Sounds like a great year, doesn’t it?  It was.

It wasn’t without difficulty though.  There are changes I need to make in my thinking, my perspective and the way I treat my body.

Less junk food.  More veggies.  Start at the beginning with my elliptical and any other exercises I want to add.  That means 3 minutes on the elliptical.  Three leg lifts, three repetitions of each move with the resistance band.  

I need to be more open to seeing how other people really see me; my daughter tells me that people appreciate me more than I know. She says I refuse to see it, or close to that.  

I need to be open to the gifts the Universe will send my way and I need to use them wisely.  

I need to be in touch with my spirituality more often, more deeply.  It is a big part of who I am and it’s time I put the work into it that it deserves.

I need to forgive myself my errors and have more patience, mostly with myself but with others as well.

Now, how do we get past the mistakes of last year? It’s as (seemingly) simple as forgiving ourselves for them and letting go.

So easy to type, so potentially difficult to do.

For me, I require symbolism.  A way to… let those mistakes go up in smoke.  For this New Year Day I will be doing the following ritual:

I will clean my house from top to bottom, washing away the dirt and negativity of 2015.  Then I will burn a little piece of paper on which I have written a few things (which I will tell you in a bit).  A tarot reading and a shower.  The shower will be about washing away all the negativity that clings to me.  

Written on the piece of paper I have cut into a 4×4″ square are the following things:

Side 1: I forgive myself the transgressions of 2015.

I let go of the mistakes I made, the things I didn’t get done.

I celebrate the accomplishments, the joys and all that is positive and let go of the negative.  Good bye, 2015.

Side 2:  I open myself to the possibilities, to the gifts that will come my way.

I open my eyes, mind and heart to the Universe and all the Gods choose to bestow upon me.  

I am worthy to receive them.


To me, it is the physical demonstration that I need.  Between the Fibro and the MCS I lose a lot in my brain.  Writing it down, making it something permanent in my memory will help me remember.

That’s what I am doing today, folks, what about you?  What is your favourite way to start the year?  What is the most meaningful?

I wish you every joy, every blessing and all the Light and love you can handle, and then some, in 2016.  I wish you the open mind and heart to receive these gifts.  

Happy New Year.


It’s That Time of Year…

…when good feelings abound.

…when family gets together.

…when food is made in abundance.

…when gaily wrapped boxes and funky or cute bags full of goodies appear.

…when depression becomes it’s strongest.

…when the poor feel their empty wallets more keenly.

…when people acquire debt they can ill afford. 


Yule.  A Google find.

To me, the Yule season is about family.  It’s about showing the love you have for the people in your life.  It’s about gratitude come to life; gratitude that is shown in the hugs, the kisses, the food and warm drinks shared.  

It’s about showing the Gods, (whatever you call them – God, Yahweh, Allah, Isis, the Oak King), your gratitude for your life.  Regardless of your beliefs, this time of year shines with family and love. 

It’s about remembering why we’re here and why we do what we do.  

I have spent some time reflecting on my own family, my obligations, my needs and my hopes and dreams.  There are some things I’d like to change, others I’d like to give sharper focus to.  

Next week, we’ll talk about changes for 2016 and plans for the future.  

This weekend, I’m going to take some pictures with the new GorillaPod Action Tripod my daughter got me!  This is the only time I wish the water was on the east side of me, so I could take night pictures of the full moon on the lake.  It’s the first one on Christmas in 38 years and there won’t be another until 2034.  It’s worth spending some time looking at it, I think.  

But then, I love the moon. 😉

I hope that your holidays see you blessed with love and light, regardless of where you are or your financial station or your health.  Remember, take some time to ease the stress in your belly.  Breathe, enjoy having your family around you.