Fiction Friday Week 18

Good afternoon!  I hope you are all enjoying this lovely Friday.  It’s supposed to get to a very humid 30°C (86 or so Fahrenheit) today.  Quite a nice day for a walk on the beach!  I’m hoping to accomplish just that thing this afternoon. 

I am working on the formatting to get Lizendale up on Kindle.  And because I’m working so hard on it, I want to share something from it.  It’s the marriage between Magni and Alexi – weddings are on the brain, given that I’m also writing Liam & Anna’s.  I think it’s a beautiful thing. 

I am looking towards the… And I got distracted.  I have no idea what I was going to say there.  I’ve been thinking and pondering it for close to ten minutes.  Not a clue.

I am heading to the beach today, (I know, quelle surprise), and I think this Monday’s medley theme may be water.  Or whatever comes to mind when I look at my pictures. 

For now, I am heading to The Boyfriend’s.  I will be sure to let you know as soon as Lizendale hits the Kindle market.  

It IS on Amazon!  You can find it here.  And you can find my Amazon Author page here although, for some reason, it isn’t linking my books together properly when you go to it from the book page.  It has also added a book to my profile when you click on “visit the author page” from the Witch Hitlist page.  I did not write The Golden One.  That’s someone else entirely.

Seems I have some tech support writing to do. 😉  But first! The cottage!

Have a wonderful weekend!  



Alexi watched through the kitchen door as the three men flew off.  “Will I ever get used to it?”

“Of course you will, my dear, you were born to be among us.”  Artie smiled and hugged the young girl.  “Come now, I prepared a bath for you, then I will show you the dress.”  Artie led the way upstairs and bustled away again once she closed the door on Alexi in the tub.

Alexi slipped into the steaming, strawberry scented water with a sigh and a smile.  Tonight she would be married.  She frowned wondering if married was the right word.  She shrugged it didn’t matter for then she would be his for all time.   She felt whole when she was with him and like a part of her was missing when she wasn’t.  It had started when she was thirteen, though she didn’t know what she was missing.  There was just something there at times then gone for months at a time.  Months she’d spent desolate and lonely. 

A smile curved her lips as she washed herself, sending the images to Magni.  You brat!  Do you know what you are doing to me?

The same thing I am doing to myself, Beloved.  See you soon.  Then she deliberately blocked their connection, not realizing that Magni hadn’t fully left her mind since the first day he’d seen her, except when he was hunting.  She washed her hair and worked painstakingly at removing all the extra hair from her body.   Then she rose carefully, trying not to slosh the water on the floor, and reached for a towel.  She wrapped her hair in one then grabbed another and dried off.  Wearing it like a toga, she padded down the hall, looking for Artie.

“We’re in here dear.”  Artie’s voice came from her bedroom. 

Alexi looked a little alarmed at the ‘we’ in the statement and peered cautiously through the door.  She nearly fled when Artie and three strange women turned to her.

Artie reached out a hand.  “Don’t be afraid, these are my sisters and they are going to help prepare you.  This is Thena,” the blonde one nodded as Artie turned to a brunette.  “This is Lacey.  And finally, this is Helena.”  Artie pulled Alexi into the room.  “Now, just let us do the work.  Look at the dress my sisters made for you, isn’t it beautiful?”

It hung from a dressmaker’s dummy.  An invisible strap held it across the back, holding the front in place where it stretched across the front of the dummy.  It was formfitting to the hips where the skirts fell in soft folds, a slight ruffle around the hem.  The color of the fabric rippled from emerald green to pine green in the shifting light, sparkling slightly.  Elbow length gloves in the same material were draped over one shoulder.

Alexi gasped. “That’s for me?”  All four women nodded.  “It’s so beautiful!”

“As are you, little one.”  Helena smiled.  “Our sister was right; you are beautiful and delightful.  I only hope Magni is deserving of you.”  All four of the older women laughed. 

Alexi blushed as the four of them began bustling around her, arguing over her hair, undergarments and just about everything.  Alexi just let them move her as they would.  Soon she was dressed with the gloves, the skirts of the gown just brushing the tops of her bare feet.  Her hair was pinned on top of her head, except for a few ringlets trailing over the nape of her neck.   All four women congratulated each other and beamed at the slip of the girl.  Alexi stared at herself in astonishment as they turned her to the mirror.

“That’s me?”  She watched her reflection move its mouth in time with hers and just shook her head.  She was very nervous all of a sudden.

Artie came up behind her and smiled.  “Yes it is Alexi.  Magni will be speechless when he sees you.  It’s time. Come downstairs in five minutes.”

Alexi nodded, watching as the women filed out of the room.  Then she moved to the window, staring out at the backyard as it filled with people.  The earthen altar was gone and torches had been lit in a large circle against the gathering gloom of the evening.  People were filling the yard, once again forming a circle that was open towards the house.  Suddenly three large birds flew into the yard, circling to the ground and landing on their feet as Llyr, Magni and Matheus.  Alexi smiled at the sight of her beloved.  There you are.

Indeed.  And where are you?  He asked the question even as his sought to find her in the window.  His brother and father flanked him, all in formal dress, as Alexi heard Artie’s voice in her head, telling her it was time. 

Alexi moved on bare feet down the stairs and out the kitchen door.  She felt like she was floating and had eyes only for her Mate.  She never noticed the circle closing behind her, or the gasps of delight at her appearance.  She glided to Magni’s side and took the hand he offered her. 

Magni looked down at her, awed by her beauty.  He had to be poked in the back to begin.  Alexi heard the words she was to say flow into her head as Magni began to speak.  With his first words, silver sparkles began to form in the air around them.  “My love, kiss me, let my breath be yours.”

Alexi’s voice rose, musical and strong, “Let my breath be yours.”

“Remember me, for my soul remembers you.”  The sparkles grew, dancing and swirling around them with his words.

“Love me, all of me, for all of me loves you.”

“Yield to love, for love conquers all.”

“As love for you has conquered me.”  Alexi’s voice was breathless.  She could feel the bond between them strengthening, a hundred million golden threads pulling their souls closer.

“I am yours for all time.”

“As I am yours.”

“Our soul, once halved, is one; we glow with the same light.”  Magni nearly gasped as his heart wrenched, skipped a beat then strengthened, beating in time with hers.

“For now, forever, across all time and space.”

Magni spoke his last line and the sparkles around them swirled, gathering speed with each word.  “What once was mine is forevermore yours.”

“What once was mine is forevermore yours.”  As Alexi spoke the last words of the binding the sparkles closed in on them then exploded outwards, scattering over all gathered, spreading the love shared by two.  Magni cupped Alexi’s face and leaned down to kiss her.

At once the people around them erupted into applause.  Magni released Alexi’s mouth with a whispered promise to continue later and turned them both to greet the others.  His hand rested on the small of her back and both of them could feel the fires he tried to bank flaring to life under the casual touch of flesh on flesh.  Magni was impatient with the need to be pleasant and greet and thank all of their guests.  He nearly growled when Artie waved a hand and tables of food and beverage appeared.

Alexi smiled and slid her arms around his waist, laying her head on his chest.  I can feel your impatience, Beloved.  There is no need; we have all the time in the world for I am yours for eternity.

I would like that time to start right now.  Magni’s chest rumbled with a soft growl, even as he sent her images of what he’d like to be doing to her.    He was even more annoyed when Alexi merely laughed softly then left his side to talk to his mother and aunts.  The next couple of hours were spent with him watching helplessly as she smiled and greeted and even flirted with their guests.  He had a nearly permanent scowl on his face.

Llyr, in a rare show of light humor, slapped his son on the back.  “Lighten up, you ogre, your scowl will scare away our guests.  This is a celebration!”

Magni turned his scowl on his father.  “Scare them away?  Good!”  He turned slightly and morphed one arm into that of a bear, complete with vicious claws.

Llyr just laughed at him.  “That won’t make a difference.  These people can do all that.  They know very well what you want.  The pheromones you two are giving off are nearly spoiling the taste of the food.”

Magni gaped at Llyr.  Then he laughed.  “Fine, fine.  Let’s have a party.”  He merged with the rest of the crowd, greeting old friends as he sought his Mate and clamped her to his side.



Fiction Friday Week 17

Good morning!

I swear, I should just call it Storytime Saturday or something. *laughs*  Yesterday was busy and toxic and the blog never even crossed my mind.  I do have something I want to share with you this week.  A couple of somethings.  

First, is a paragraph from Anna and Liam’s wedding rehearsal.  They’d just run through the procession for the second time and…well, here, just read it. 😉

Conaire smiled at the bride and groom as they stood before him a second time at the end of the rehearsal.  “Are you sure you don’t want me to marry you right now?” 

Anna and Liam smiled at each other for a long moment before looking at Conaire again.  It was Liam who spoke, his voice a little rough with emotion.  “I want to see her in all her bridal finery.  I want to give her what she deserves – all the romance and pomp and circumstance that goes with who and what she is.”

I absolutely adore Liam.  He’s so tough and gruff, hard and all business.  Except when it comes to his Anna.  She is his sun and moon, his life blood, the marrow in his bones.  

Just as he is for her.

The thing I most want to share is Anna’s parents and the rehearsal dinner.  However, I can’t share the entire thing (the dinner that is) because it’s two chapters long.  As dinner comes to an end, Cain and Janelle give their wedding gift to their daughter and her husband-to-be.  A little about the dinner:  Fourteen people sit around the large square table and three of them are Vampires.  Their diet is what you’d expect and they are informed at the beginning of the meal that the castle staff all donated blood.  This is an important point, trust me. 😀

I shall be setting up my new computer today and finishing that project that was supposed to be the subject of last week’s announcement (so that maybe  I can announce it tomorrow), and wishing I could be at my daughter’s competition today.  It’s 2 hours away and I can barely walk; there’s no way I can make the drive.  It’s going to crush her. 😦 It breaks my heart. I missed her dance yesterday and I can’t go to her last competition next week either.  

*sigh*  These are the realities of my life buy they still suck.

On Monday I will have a new thing for you.  A new weekly blog experiment.

Have a great day!  


Anna smiled at her father as he watched her take a final bite of the cake.  She swallowed then asked, “Was everything alright, Father?”

Cain nodded.  “It was indeed.  These Highlanders have a lovely flavour.”  He winked at her and her giggles filled the room over the sudden stillness.

“I think you should be complimented, Conaire.”  Anna said mischievously.  “You grow a fine people here.”

Conaire burst out laughing.  “I do indeed.”  He turned to Cain, “I am pleased that you all were able to enjoy the meal.  Unfortunately, we do not have a enough people here to donate as much as is needed for tomorrow; at least, not by Prince Andre’s estimations.  We have had some vintages flown in for the Vampire side of tomorrow night’s celebrations.”

Cain nodded.  “That is acceptable, thank you.”  He rose, his heavy goblet in hand.  “I would like to say something.”  He waited until everyone picked up their glasses.  “My daughter is more than seven hundred years old and yet –”  he broke off as everyone’s head whipped around to stare at Anna, everyone except Liam, who merely took her hand in his. Cain cleared his throat.  “And yet,” he said again, “you would never know by looking at her.  She is a gorgeous creature; loving, charming, absolutely brilliant and completely devoted to whomever she has given her heart.

“She has chosen to give it to Liam here and to the Wolves he rules over.”  Cain nodded to Liam.  “Now, I don’t know Liam very well, even though I’ve had him thoroughly investigated.”  He gave Liam a hard look, and only Liam saw the amusement in his eyes.  “We need to discuss that Norfolk thing, boy.”

Liam’s eyes widened.  “No, no,” he said hastily, “we don’t.”  He glowered at Marcus as he smirked.  He was the only one who knew that Liam had worked undercover as a drag queen to catch a rogue shifter.

Cain grinned again.  “As I was saying, with or without the Norfolk thing, Liam is as fine a person as I have ever met.  Regardless of what you are…” scowls ringed the table and Janelle pinched him, “I will be pleased to call you son-in-law.  Hey,” he said in response to the scowls, “I am old –”

“Ancient,” Anna chimed in.

Cain scowled at her and finished his sentence.  “I am old and I am set in my ways.  The war between Therianthrope and Vampire is almost as old as I am.”  He lifted his glass.  “Here’s to Liam and Anna, may you live a long, happy life filled with so much joy that a smile never leaves your face.  I’d add ‘and enough strife to make you appreciate it’ but you’ve had enough trouble in the last few weeks to last you two lifetimes.  To Anna and Liam!”  He tipped his glass at the pair and sipped as everyone echoed his toast and sipped.

Janelle leaned over and whispered in his ear.  Cain nodded, chagrined.  “One more thing,” he said.  He raised his voice.  “Come!”

Immediately, the door to the main hall opened and another Vampire walked in.  He was carrying a large chest covered by a red velvet cloth.  He set it down on the table between Anna and Liam, who hastily moved their dishes.  It made a heavy thunk on the thick wooden table top. The chest measured fifteen inches wide by ten wide and nine from table to where the curve of the lid began.  Anna, always eager to unwrap a gift, reached for the cloth.

“Hold.”  Cain’s voice was soft but commanding.  Anna stopped and reluctantly tucked her fingers in her lap, under the table.  He smiled at her and held his hand to Janelle, who took it and rose to stand beside him.  Cain continued, “I know that the Four Claw Pack has the ability and means to look after themselves but we are parents and we wish nothing but the best for our daughter.  We want to know that her future, the future of her husband and children and all those she cares about is secure.”

Janelle wrapped an arm around Cain and smiled at Anna and Liam.  “It’s true.  We love you both dearly,” she was pinching Cain to keep him from inserting his usual derogatory remark about Wolves.  She needn’t have been.  Cain could clearly see how happy and well loved his daughter was and was coming around to feeling affection for this particular group of Wolves.  “We want to make sure that whatever comes up, whatever happens, you will always be safe.”

“You may lift the cloth, Daughter.”

Together, Anna and Liam pulled the red cloth from the chest.  Everyone at the table gasped as Anna set the cloth to one side.  The base chest was made of several solid slabs of mahogany, the lid of several thinner strips nailed to solid curved pieces at each end.  Every join of wood was covered with Damascus steel, the hinges on the back and the latch for the padlock on the front.  Tied to the padlock with a black silk ribbon was the key.

Liam looked from the chest to Cain.  “The construction is astounding.  Is that really Damascus steel?”

“It is.  I know some people.”  Cain looked smug.  He’d known the Wolf would like the box itself but he couldn’t wait to see what they thought of the contents.  “Open it.”

Anna untied the key but left it to Liam to open and remove the lock.  Together they lift the lid.  Immediately they gasped and half rose to their feet.  Simultaneously, they looked at her parents.  Anna waved a hand at chest.  “This is… is…” her voice was tremulous.

“…too much!”  Liam said, his voice thick with emotion.

Cain shook his head as Janelle moved around to wrap an arm around her daughter’s shoulder.  “Given your longevity and hers, it may not be enough.”

Marcus and Conaire both leaned to the side trying to see into the chest but they couldn’t really see anything.  Anna and Liam gazed back down again.  Across the top of the chest were rolls of hundred pound notes three inches wide.  The chest held five rolls across and three up from front to back.  Underneath that, they could see a hint of gold. 

Together they took out the rolls, setting them on their ends on the table, making sure to hide the exact count from everyone.  There were gasps from the others.  Under the pound notes was a pile of gold and roughly cut jewels; rubies, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds were the most easily identified. 

Almost as one, Anna and Liam dropped heavily into their chairs.  “Momma, Da… this is too much.”  Anna repeated.

“Nonsense,” Janelle said briskly.  She began putting rolls back in the box.  “You will need all of this at some point in your lives.  Just think of the babies.  You have three to put through college.”

“There are ways of doing these things, Janelle, and I have wealth of my own.”  Liam protested feebly as he helped her repack the chest.

She gave them a hard look through her lashes that indicated the pair were not being very gracious.  Immediately, they both blushed.  Anna hugged her mother tightly, making the older woman squeak.  Knowing where Anna was heading next, Janelle used one arm to anchor her in place, scooped up the lock with the other, pulled out the key and deftly tucking it into Anna’s cleavage.  “You’re welcome,” she whispered in her daughter’s ear.  “Keep that key safe.”

Anna nodded then flew around the table to throw herself at her father.  She giggled when Cain caught her awkwardly and hugged her almost as stiffly as she was being enthusiastic.

“Thank you, Father.  We will invest it wisely.”

Cain hugged his daughter and frowned.  “It’s not meant to be invested.  It’s meant to be housed and used as needed.”  He dipped his head and whispered in her ear.  “Your mother insists that two of those rolls of bills are to be used on your pregnancy, the babies, their nursery and for something nice to be done for you after you deliver.”

“Yes, Father.”  Behind her she heard the lock snap shut.  She turned to smile at the man who would be her husband in less than twenty-four hours.  He smiled back like he knew what she was thinking and held out his hand to her.

Fiction Friday Week 16

Good morning!  

Since most of the world to the west of me is still sleeping, we’ll call this time of day late-Friday so the blog isn’t late again. 😉

Yesterday was a brain laggy day because I was out of one of my meds and had been for 24 hours.   It sucked.

BUT!  Today I have here a chapter I wrote this week for HW3.  The scene is totally apropos of nothing in the story, except, perhaps, to show the humour and camaraderie with which my Wolves live their lives.  

Callie and Krissy are, again, the girls Anna and Liam scared the hell out of at the beginning of the book towards the end of HW2, they are flower girls in the wedding.  (I believe I mentioned that last week but in case you missed it, there you go.) 

I woke with a brain that works this morning so, before I do anything else, I am going to write some.  It is my goal to write a little every day – again.  I got out of the habit, allowed my health and stress to rule.  No more!  The words shall flow again!  *sounds of a quill scratching across paper*

I shall have an announcement tomorrow and perhaps a surprise.  Be sure to pay attention! 

Have a great day, my lovely people.


Chapter Forty-Four

 The pub was half taken over by a large group of tables for the heads of the nearby Therianthrope groups.  They were there to help celebrate the wedding and, in part, discuss some issues that had come up.  Mostly, though, they were there to eat, drink and be merry and not a one of them missed the Vampires.  The creatures of the night had declined to attend dinner, they were even staying at an inn across town, saying that they “refuse to mingle with the curs any more than absolutely necessary.  The only ones who would, as far as Anna knew, were her mother and father.

However, Princes Sarah and Andre and their consort Sebastian appeared at the door soon after Cain and Janelle’s appearance at sunset.  They were followed by the appearance of something that stopped every person in the pub in their tracks:  two small pirates brandishing swords.

Seven year old Callie and Krissy were dressed in identical pirate outfits:  Knee high, folded over black leather boots and black and white striped satin pants covered their legs; frilly white shirts were topped with long tunic-style vests – pink for Krissy and purple for Callie – and held closed with wide leather belts with big bronze buckles; scabbards hung over each girl’s left hip and black bandanas with a white skull-and-crossbones pattern covered their hair.

They ran up to Anna. “Look!” they cried in unison.  “Look what Mr. Con gave us!”  They did a little twirl, swords swinging wide, one knocking Marcus in the hip, the other narrowly missing Anna’s face.

“Watch it!”  Their mother ran up to them and put her hands on their shoulders. 

They shrugged her off after muttering their apologies.  “We’re pirates!” they said, again in unison.

“Oh wow!  That’s fantastic!  You two look great.”  Anna looked each of them over with a fond but critical look.  “Do you think you can do a sword fight as good as Wesley and Inigo?”

Both little faces lit up and then looked at each other.  They’d watched The Princess Bride at least eight times in the last couple of weeks, four of those times with Anna, who had introduced them to it.  They ran to the dance floor and stood in the starting position Wesley and Inigo had taken. 

Callie said, “You seem a decent fellow, I hate to kill you.”  She quoted the movie as she tipped her sword towards her forehead with a little bow.

Krissy swept her sister a wide-armed bow.  “You seem a decent fellow, I hate to die.”

The girls leapt at each other and the thwack of wood on wood sounded through the pub.  They climbed up chairs and across tables, much to the dismay of their mother and the encouraging amusement of everyone else.

“Who are you?”  Callie asked as they paused, staring at each other.

“No one of consequence,” Krissy replied.

“But I must know!” Callie insisted.

“Get used to disappointment,” Krissy said as she lunged at her sister.

They fought for a little bit longer until one of them swept a sword across a table and took a pint of ale to the floor, shattering the glass and spilling beer all over the place. 

“Alright, that’s enough now.”  Ruth stepped in and grabbed each girl by an arm.

Conaire chuckled as two people hurried in to clean the mess.  He raised a glass.  “A toast!  To the most beautiful pirates ever to grace the land, may your exploits live on in infamy and may your sainted mother have the patience to teach you all you need to know to live the best of lives.”  His toast was topped by cries of “here here!”

Ruth blushed to the roots of her hair.  “Thank you, Sir,” she said.  The twins squirmed out of her grasp and ran to Conaire.  They hugged him and whispered in his ears.  Ruth wondered what they said that made him look at her that way.  She allowed the girls to run to Anna to say good night then took them from the pub back to Argyll’s Lodging.

Fiction Friday Week 14


My goodness!  Apparently, this week has been a bad week for blogs again.  However, I can make up for it!  I have been WRITING!  Making real progress in Anna and Liam’s wedding.  I am thrilled with myself.  

My Scotsman has been encouraging me.  We talked about doing CampNaNo this month but it was already the 5th and it is a lot to do in 25 days – he was looking to do 50k and I am looking to finish HW3 in 25k words.  I can accomplish it, I think, but he felt pressured.

Instead, we’re going to do CampNaNo in July and each write 50k about pirates. Yep, that’s right.  Pirates.   We have decided there is more than one way to write a pirate story and we’re going to see who writes the best one.  

Should be fun.

The Great Hall

 Meanwhile, I’m getting closer to the actual ceremony at Stirling Castle.  This chapter I’m going to share is something that amuses me.  Conaire is quite the charmer, truly.  I’m charmed by him and I love the men in my life. 😉

I am going to relax for the rest of the evening.  My eyes are getting pretty bad.  I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I do; keeping in mind, of course, that it’s first draft material.  (If you don’t remember the twins, it’s because you haven’t read the entire book. *laughs*) 

Good night.


Chapter Forty-Two


The helicopter’s rotors slowed then came to a stop as the occupants stayed in their seats, waiting.  Finally, the pilot pulled the door open and the group tumbled out.  Anna and Chelle each retained a tight grip on the hand of a twin.

Anna took a moment to admire the tall, imposing looking man came towards them, ignoring the growl from her Mate.  He was taller than Liam by a couple of inches, broad shouldered and looked like the movie version of a Highlander with long, dark, wavy hair that brushed his shoulders.  Blue eyes were surrounded by thick lashes and faint laugh lines creased his face as he smiled broadly.  He was wearing a loose white shirt with laces at the throat, a kilt, tall, thick socks and 8-hole Doc Martens.

He reached them and clasped Liam’s forearm.  “My Alpha, how are you?”

Liam clasped his arm in return and clapped his free hand to the man’s shoulder.  “Conaire.  How many times must I tell you not to call me that?”  He let go and drew Anna forward.  “This is my Mate, Anna Marie Connor.”

Conaire took her free hand in his and bowed low over it, brushing his lips across her knuckles.  He winked at Callie as the girl giggled then rose.  “My Alpha,” he said again, “I am Conaire Quigley, Alpha of Stirling.  It is a pleasure and an honour to meet the woman who brought Liam to his knees by stealing his heart.”

Anna smiled.  “Conaire.  It is a pleasure to meet one so generous as you.  Thank you so much for the use of the castle and your town for our wedding.  It is exceedingly kind of you.”

“’Tis nothing.  It is my greatest pleasure to witness such joy.”  He leaned close and whispered, “Don’t tell them but I love weddings.  I cry at every single one.  I expect your’s will cause a deluge.”

Anna’s smile changed to a grin.  “Don’t worry,” she whispered back, “it’s our secret.”

Just then, Callie let go of Anna’s hand and tugged on Conaire’s kilt.  “I am Callie Ainsley.”

Conaire took her hand and swept her a bow.  “Lady Callie, it is a pleasure to meet such a beauty.”  He pretended he hadn’t seen Krissy.  “Surely, there is no other beauty like you in all the land.”

Krissy let go of Chelle and ran to stand beside her sister.  “There is!  There’s me!  I am Krissy Ainsley!”

Conaire feigned shock and fell, quite deliberately, on his ass.  “Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!  There are two of you!  I can hardly believe it.”

The twins giggled and helped him to his feet.  They inserted their hands into his and refused to let go until they were forced to in order to get into the vehicles waiting to take the group to the castle.  They weren’t going to do the full tour until the following day but they wanted to see the wedding venues.

They first stopped to see the Queen Anne Garden and Anna gasped when she stepped through the arch by the Forework.  “Oh my!  This is gorgeous!”  Spread out before her was a large two-tier garden shaped like a flat-topped A with the smaller end at the arch.  The lower tier was a vast expanse of thick, lush verdant green grass edged with flowering gardens, holly bushes and small trees.  It was surrounded by a tall stone wall and a large, ancient tree provided shade in the middle of the bottom end of the garden.

The top tier was narrow and tucked up against the palace outer wall.  As Anna wandered deeper in the garden, following the girls – who had taken off at a run to examine the flowers – at a much slower pace, she studied the upper level.  Small shrubs hugged the wall, ivy climbed it.  The ancient stones glowed pale yellow in the sunlight.  A low stone wall bordered it on the opposite side; roses and other flowering shrubs were planted tight against it on the ground level.  It was accessed through another arch from the palace courtyard.

Anna leaned against Liam as he came up and wrapped his arms around her, hands on her belly.  She put her hands on his and smiled.  “It’s perfect.”

“Aye, ‘tis.  You’ll look lovely standing up there in the moonlight.”  He kissed the top of her head then slid his arms from around her, taking her hand in the process.  “Come, let’s go see the Great Hall.”

The group, with the girls firmly in hand once more, passed through the Forework and headed across the courtyard to the ancient hall.  Anna stopped again, staring.

Conaire stopped beside her with Janelle on his other side.  “The Great Hall was built for James the IV around 1503.  It was part of a major rebuild for his new queen, Margaret Tudor.  Five fireplaces, a large dais for the king and queen and a soaring hammerbeam roof made it the largest of its kind ever built in medieval Scotland.  Indeed, it was pretty damn big no matter where you come from.”  He led them to the large doors and stopped them there before continuing his narrative. 

“It was used as soldiers’ barracks in the 1800s.  The roof was torn down and it was subdivided.  We started the rebuild in the late sixties, using seven hundred and eighty tonnes of stone.  We felled three hundred and fifty oak trees to build a new hammerbeam roof and finished the job by farling the exterior walls with plaster tint with gold.”

“It’s breathtaking,” Anna whispered as she craned her neck to look at the details in the stone work around the windows and eaves. 

“Thirty-five years it took us to complete and we are extremely proud of it.”  Conaire stroked the stone surrounding the door.  “Come in!”  He threw open the doors and led them inside.

“It looks just like I remember,” Janelle sighed softly.  “There are a couple of differences – the lights, the curtains you have along the wall there – but it looks just like I remember. 

Conaire looked at her appraisingly.  “You’d be her mother then, Janelle, the living Vampire.”  

“I am.”  Janelle smiled at him.

He took her hand and brushed his lips over her knuckles.  “A pleasure.”

Anna frowned.  “I don’t remember ever being here, Momma.”

“You weren’t, you were in Spain at the time.”  Janelle tipped her head back to study the roof.  On one side, right angled brackets rested on rounded stone ledges, bolted to the walls.  They support thick trusses that soared high before crossing the roof to come to rest on matching brackets on the other side.  The trusses went from one end of the building to the other, reminding Janelle of the ribs of a ship.  The oak had been stained dark and it made the entire thing entirely imposing.

Anna nodded, remembering that trip, then turned to Conaire.  “The space is glorious.  It looks enormous but are you sure there will be enough seating?”

Conaire laughed.  “Aye, don’t worry.  Whether you want long trestle tables or the round ones that seat ten, there will be room.”  He paused to think for a moment.  “Given the mix of Vampires and Shifters, I’d suggest the round tables.”

Chelle spoke up from where she’d been studying the building, several meters away.  “I’ve already done seating charts for the round tables.  Your planner and I have already discussed it.”

Anna smiled at her then turned back to Conaire.  “It’s settled then.  I know that my mother must be ready to relax; it’s been a long day for her.  May we see our hotel now?”  She refused to admit that she was the exhausted one; her belly ached and her feet felt like watermelons filled with tiny needles.  She sighed inwardly, if this is what the rest of the pregnancy was going to be like she was in trouble.  Maybe it was a good thing it appeared to be going to be shorter.  She was kicked three times simultaneously, as if the babies could read her thoughts.  Rubbing her hands over the babies, she thought calming, loving thoughts at them.

Liam frowned at her then nodded in agreement as he came to her side and tucked her hand into the crook of his arm. “Aye, it’s time to settle in, make sure the rest of us have arrived in one piece.”

“As you wish.”  Conaire spoke briefly into his phone then took them outside again and led them across the courtyard, “You lot, those of you who came in the copter, and the girls’ mother, will be staying at Argyle’s Lodging.  Your rehearsal dinner is also there tomorrow night.  The rest of you will be staying at The Boar and the Thistle.  The Boar is a wonderful, warm pub.  You’ll find good ale, good food, darts and great music there.  The Thistle is the inn above.” 

Conaire bowed as they reached hedges that marked the entrance to the inn; it was just a couple dozen meters down the path from the Forework.  “I shall see you again tomorrow.  Enjoy your stay.  The cars will be at your disposal, you have but to call.” He bowed to Anna and Liam, handing Liam a card with the number for the cars, then turned to Krissy and Callie.  “And you, my princesses, there is something special awaiting you in your rooms.  Be sure to be good girls and earn the privilege of keeping it.”  He bowed to them too, like they were indeed princesses and he was a courtier.

The girls giggled then surprised everyone by wrapping their arms around his neck and hugging him tight.  They then allowed themselves to be swept into the small maze in front of the inn with everyone else.

Fiction Friday Week 12

Good morning!

I know, I know.  It’s Saturday again. I have a good reason though!

This week, when I wasn’t at therapy or recovering from the nasty chemical hits, (and subsequent, vicious asthma attacks), I took on Sunday and Monday, I have been working out the details for Anna and Liam’s wedding!  Isn’t that great?  I finally have it done.  Now all I have to do is write it into the book and, with a couple details after that, HW3 will be complete!

(Speaking of the HW books, I discovered that Witch Hitlist IS still live on Amazon!  I thought I had taken it down so didn’t give it a thought.  You can find it here.  And, as of midnight, or so, for the English speaking countries, you’ll be able to find it on Kindle.)

I have a new character because I needed to create a back story to explain why they were given Stirling Castle as a venue.  The character is the Stirling Wolf Alpha.  Delightful man.  I’ll post his back story tomorrow – I need to type it into my computer.

I do have some of Anna and Liam’s vows written out but I’m not going to share them with you.  It’s a you-have-to-read-the-book kind of thing.  However, you can find pictures of many of the details here on my Pinterest board, created especially to show you what I’m talking about.

Today, I have the alpha’s back story to write and a multitude of pictures to edit.  It’s cold again but brilliantly sunny outside so I see a beach walk in my future today.  So, with that, I’m going to share the plan with you and get on with my other work.  

Have a great weekend!  


The Wedding:

Two days before wedding:

  • Arrival of Janelle
  • Helicopter fight (AugustaWestland AW139) from Pack land to Stirling (Anna, Liam, Janelle, Marcus, Chelle & Jules, Krissy and Callie, [who are the only children currently in the pack, 7 year old twins])
  • Tour of Queen Anne Garden and the Great Hall
  • Settle into Argyll’s Lodging, (Alphas, Beta, Gamma, Anna’s Parents, Jules)
  • The Boar and the Thistle (the Boar being the pub below and the Thistle is the inn above.)
  • Dinner with the Stirling and Edinburgh Alphas, along with a run and hunt, Janelle spending the night with Cain

Day before the wedding:

  • Tour the castle
  • Rehearsal
  • Rehearsal dinner at Argyll’s Lodging – The High Dining Room
  • Bachelorette and bachelor parties (separate)

Day of Wedding:

  • Spa day for Anna and bridesmaids
  • Arrival at the Royal Palace
  • Dressing
  • Meanwhile, Great Hall and Garden are being set up and dressed for wedding
  • Arch being set up on terrace, chairs on the lower level – Therianthropes on the groom’s side, Vampires on the bride’s
  • Torches, flowers on the chairs
  • Arch – wrought iron, woven with blood red roses and gold organza
  • Small altar with an empty glass jar (14”, 3” in diameter) in the middle, a smaller but similar jar of silver sand on one side and another with royal blue sand

The Ceremony

  • Liam and groomsmen will arrive first and stand on the left (when facing the terrace)
  • Flower girls will come in, tossing rose petals
  • Anna will be piped in, escorted by both her parents
  • Conair will stand with his back to the altar, Liam and Anna side by side, arm’s length apart (Liam’s arm *laughs*)
  • Greeting, vows, rings, unity sand, “Mr. and Mrs.”


  • Cocktails in the Douglas Gardens and wall walk
  • Wedding photos in the Queens Inner Hall
  • Dinner in the Great Hall


Soup: Carrot, ginger & cocomut

Starter:  Smoked Venison with celeriac remoulade

Main course: Roast lamb saddle, gratin potato, shallot and currant sauce

Bridal party main course: Fillet of Scottish beef, glazed carrots, parsley potatoes and wild mushroom gravy

Dessert: Whiskey & marmalade sponge pudding with orange toffee sauce

Followed by tea and coffee with truffles

Prosesco was ordered but 3 cases of Champagne were given to Anna as a wedding gift, for the wedding, by a French Vampire family Anna helped in the two world wars.

  • Two glasses of wine before and after ceremony, half a bottle of house wine per person, glasses of Champagne for toasts, after dinner liquor

For the Vampires: warmers table side for bottles of blood.

Canapes: 2 cold: rare roast Aberdeen beef roll with rocket and horseradish; smoked salmon with lemon and black pepper.  Two sweet: mini éclair; shortbread with strawberries and cream

Toasts between the starter and main course


Rectangular head table

Round tables, 6 per table

Small round cake table to the left of the head table

Black table cloths, red runners; black chair covers with gold organza ties, centerpieces are short round vases filled with crystals, strips lights in natural tones, and short white roses in almost full bloom.

Low lighting

The Cake

  • Sitting on a clear acrylic table with crystals hanging in curved rows from one side to the other with more dangling at the corners, making it look like the table legs are actually the dangling crystals
  • Four tiers, covered in white fondant, black ink scrolling around each layer in a seemly haphazard manner above a black ribbon, ribbon is closed with two Swarovski crystals; red roses are piled on top with a few roses artfully falling to land here and there, sometimes only a petal or two, on each layer.
  • Vanilla bean sponge with lemon curd covered in vanilla butter cream in the bottom and third layer up
  • Dark chocolate sponge with a rum soaked cherry filling and a milk chocolate buttercream on the second and top layers


The Gowns:

From chapter 3 of HW3:

It didn’t take them long to find a dress Anna approved of.  The gown was white and a close match for her gown but different enough to leave her looking like the bride.  Her gown was a fitted corset bodice to her hips with a soft sweetheart neckline; the bridesmaid gown was a high natural waist with a straight neckline.  Anna’s was a full ball gown with four box pleats from the waist line, each inset was blood red with the embroidery in black and gold; the bridesmaid gown was an A-line skirt with one pleat, offset from the center, falling from a belt at the high waist and the inside of the pleat was a plain colour.  Anna decided that her maid of honour would wear the dark red and the others would wear black. 

Even Chelle agreed she would wear such a gown and Anna smiled.  “Are you sure?  You’re going to look awfully girly, although I think the red will look nice on you.”

“Yes, I’m sure!  I…wait.  Did you just ask me to be maid of honour?”

Anna laughed.  “Why shouldn’t it be you?”  She looked at Doug.  “You wanna be a bridesmaid?”

As Chelle almost fell off the chair laughing at the image that popped into her head of this tall, wiry, dark man in the black gown, he groaned.  “Really?  And here I thought the only dress I’d be wearing was plaid and let me carry a knife.”

Doug scoffed and after they settled on the flower girl dresses – sleeveless, red, satin ball gowns falling to mid-calf with gold organza ribbons wrapped around the waist – he  wandered off to pay for the gowns and discuss fitting schedules with the little redhead.  The flirting was a bonus.  The flirting was also just for fun; Doug’s heart was set on his Mac, the beautiful woman he’d met at the market.

The bride’s hair will be an intricate braid thing with gold wire, onyx beads and garnets woven into it. A long, cathedral length veil, given to her by her parents will be attached.  The bridesmaids’ hair is of their choosing, any decorations in keeping with the colour scheme.  Flower girls with French braids and floral crowns (roses and baby’s breath).

The Bouquet:

Medium posy shape.  Dark red roses mixed with black Calla lilies.  Swarovski crystals are set into the center of some of the blooms, gold organza wraps the stems from the bottom of the blooms to the tips of the stems.  A dagger is hidden in the stems, sheathed, tied in carefully so that it doesn’t fall out but can be pulled out quickly if she needs it. 

The Groom

“Prince Charlie” jacket and waistcoat; double-breasted jacket, silver buttons.  The jacket is cut high at the waist, coming to a point in the front, wide satin lapels, three square buttons on each forearm, and on each side of the jacket opening (in a slight curve); work with a white tux shirt and a black satin bow tie.  Kilt in Taggart tartan – navy blue with red, dark green and black stripes – for Liam, family tartans for the groomsmen. 

Parents of the Bride

 Mother in gold chiffon, Greek Goddess style, jeweled belt glittering with onyx beads, garnet 4-strand necklace, updo with more garnets and onyx in it.   Father dressed in a severely black tux with the lily in his lapel, like the Groom and groomsmen. 

WeddingThis and Highland That

For some reason, Anna has decided that she wants to show Liam and the rest of the Pack that she respects their culture by having a troupe perform a Highland dance.

I thought “Okay, that won’t be a bitch to write or anything but I like the idea.”  

There are two dances I knew of off the bat: The Fling and the Sword Dance.  Everybody knows those dances, right?  (Okay, maybe it’s just some Canuck who’s been obsessed with Scotland since she was a kid that knows)  Apparently there are ways and there are ways to do those dances.  

There’s a traditional sword dance like this one: 

There’s another traditional one called the Army Sword Dance (I think) that looks like this:

There’s the Fling, which I like but I don’t think fits in with a Supernat wedding attended by all kinds of were-animals.  

So I’m thinking – after a lot of research – that maybe combining these guys:  (And I swear, if you’ve not clicked on a video yet, click on this one!)

with some one like these three:


A male who can dance traditional and wild at the same time.  Someone who can throw themselves into the music.  Who can turn his body into the music, show the emotions with his movements.  A fire dancer.  I wonder if there are any in Scotland?

Oh and aye, there are.  A quick Google search provided me with several options.  

I think they’re going to be a small Wolf Pack living in Northumberland National Park.  Mountain men style.  

It’s settled!  Even D thinks it’s a good idea (grudgingly mind you).  It’ll be a surprise.  And I do love that it’s fiction and I can do/get anything I want for the wedding.  hehehe  It’s going to be the Clanadonia, a huge bonfire and a fire dancer or six.

I think the Clanadonia are phenomenal.  The question truly is: Can I do them justice writing about them?  They are as much visual as they are audio.  

Bouquets, Gowns, Details and Blockages

Okay, remember how I promised to keep up with my blog more?


I’m sorry, I really do need to do this more often if I want to keep my viewers.  I’m just not sure what to talk about some days, especially when I haven’t been making any progress.  

This morning my brain has been kicking stuff out though.  And on Sunday I got quite a bit of work done. Just none of it on the computer.  *laughs*  I decided a while ago that if I’m going to write a series of books I’m going to need a way to keep the characters consistent in looks, behaviours and abilities.  So I put the main characters on note cards and taped them to the wall. Well, that works, to a degree, but there are so many other details now that I need a bigger, better solution.

I bought a large, divided, spiral-bound notebook.  After I bought it and started writing things in I realized that it wasn’t going to work.  I need something I can add stuff too.  Spiral bound makes the room I have finite.  Binders, on the other hand, can be added to as the case may be.  Why do I need to add things?  Take Anna for example:


–          5’8”, voluptuous, very fluid, liquid lines

–          Copper hair with silver streaks

–          Emerald green eyes that darken with in arousal or anger; shift to pale green with sorrow, turn black with fury or Hunger and become black rimmed and forest gre when doing ambient feeding

But in HW2 after her ferocious battle with a demon her hair turned black:

Liam growled as his hands changed, the fingers thickening as fur sprouted.   His nails lengthened until they were claws.  The rest of Liam wasn’t far behind in the shift to half-Wolf.  “Let’s try some claws, then.”  He leapt at the beast, uncaring if he survived or not.   The snake smacked Liam out of the air and Liam snagged the beast by sinking the claws of one hand into a front paw.  The goat hind legs kicked at his body as the other front paw, a large lion foot, swiped for his face.

Just then the water exploded upwards and Anna reappeared.  She hovered there as the water crashed back into the ocean beneath her.  Her hair floated around her head in living flames and she was dressed from head to toe in a worn, well used set of leather armour.  She had gauntlets on her arms; the sword in one hand and a shield strapped to her other arm.  Both gleamed in the faint light.  Her eyes were black and glittering with fire.  She roared, “Come to me beast!”

The Chimaera abandoned toying with Liam, shaking the Wolf-beast off, and dashed for Anna even as the dragon head spit fire at the small group watching anxiously.  They scattered but Anna spared them no more than a glance as she screamed heavenward.  “Zeus, Ares!  Lend me your strength!  Artemis lend me your aim!  Hades, prepare to receive your creature!” She threw her sword at the heart of the Chimaera like it was a throwing knife.  It had no sooner left her hand then she was dodging to the left and pulling a bow off her back.  The shield clattered to the rocks below as she reached for an arrow.

The Chimaera caught the sword and flung it at Chelle, laughing.  “You cannot kill me with so puny a weapon!”

“No,” Anna spoke as she pulled on the bow string and shot the arrow at the goat’s head.  The beast roared as the arrow sunk deep into the skull.  “But these arrows were created in the forge of Hephaestus himself.”  She had a second arrow launched and in the snake’s head before her sentence was over.

The lion’s head roared again as the snake died.  The dragon opened its mouth and bellowed fire at Anna.  She dodged again, leaving those watching to wonder how the hell she was flying.  Anna fired another arrow, hitting the lion in the throat.  It gurgled and fought to get the arrow out.  She used that moment to do her trick with the water again, waiting until the dragon was spitting fire at her. 

Fire versus water.  The two pushed and shoved in a macabre kind of tug-of-war.  Anna braced against the wind and slowly pushed the fire back. Soon the dragon was drowning, its fire put out.  Anna swooped down to land as the Chimaera sank to the rocks, trailing three dead heads and bleeding profusely from the neck of the fourth.  Liam raced for it and grabbed it by the mane, twisting the head until it tore off, his fury and fear lending him the strength.

Five harpies, blacker than a moonless night sky, appeared and picked the corpse up, as one, they opened their mouths and the voice of Hades boomed out.  “Thank you for returning my beast to me, little one.  Rest well this night and the next for the Fates tell me another trial is coming your way on the third night.”

Anna nodded, staggered and passed out.

Marcus caught her and scooped her up as Liam shifted back.  Liam went to take his Mate but Marcus shook his head, knowing Liam would be feeling the strain of his last actions as soon as the adrenaline wore off.  “She is no burden to me, Alpha, I assure you.  Please allow me to carry the one who fought so hard to save us.”

Liam nodded, and merely walked by her head, stroking her hair and staring at the colour change.  “Her hair is black.”

Startled, all present turned to look at her and one by one, the Wolves came to touch her.  They stroked her arms and legs and her face, willing her to wake up.  Caspian’s pack and Liam’s came forward to lend their touch, moving with the small group as Caspian led them to a well appointed guest suite.

I’m still not quite sure why it did.  I think it’s the amount of power expended in that battle.  Anna can’t fly and yet somehow she remained airborne to do the fight.  She drowned in the water and yet she reappeared, dressed in battle gear and her hair was on fire.   

Then later, this happened:

Anna’s body tightened, slimmed and strengthening.   Dull silver wings sprouted from her back, startling her momentarily.  Through it all her skin turned ash grey and leathery. Her hair turned white from the roots down.  She looked both more and less animal than when she shifted to Wolf.  Liam and Chelle backed up, the shield moving with them, until they were pressed up against the door.  Neither knew what to make of this version of Anna.  

This shift happened in two blinks of an eye, without conscious thought on Anna’s part.  Deumos shifted to her demonic form at the same time, nearly identical but with red skin, horns that curled back from her forehead and no canine style snout.

The two leapt at each other with matching shrieks of fury.  Anna spared a moment to strengthen the shield around her Mate and Gamma and the moment cost her a bell ringing punch in the side of the head.  She growled deep in her chest and called on her grief and rage. 

Black fire roared into existence around the pair of demons.  It singed Deumos’ wing and she hissed in pain as Anna grinned.  The look was savage and frightening and even the devourer of souls took a step backwards.

“Sadira, what happened to you!”  Deumos held her hands up, aiming for concern, in an attempt to disarm Anna.


Chapter Thirty

They appeared on the lawn in front of the pack home with a thunderclap.  Anna let them go and rolled away, coming up on all fours with her wings draped around her.  She vomited onto the grass in front of her as Wolves came running in from all over at the sound.

Liam and Chelle struggled to their feet and stood staring in dismay and fear at Anna. 

Chelle looked from Anna to Liam.  “Do you think she’ll change back?”

“I…I don’t know.”  He mourned his Anna.  He knew she was forever changed. Shouts started them as Wolves ranged in a wide arc around the three Wolves.  Liam’s head snapped up when he heard the distinct sound of a shotgun being racked.  He found Marcus wading through the crowd and leapt between him and Anna.  “No!”

Marcus looked around Liam, even as Chelle flung herself at him, pinning the shotgun full length against his body as she wrapped her arms around him.  “What the hell is that thing!”

Their newly resident ghost appeared beside Marcus.  “Anna.  It’s  Anna.”  Elsie stared at her, hand pressed to her ample bosom.  “I’ve never seen such a thing in all my centuries!”

Marcus sagged and his hands fell from the gun.  Chelle took it gently and stepped away.  “How…what…how!”  Marcus stuttered, unable to vocalize the thousand questions that popped into his head.

“We don’t know.”  Chelle shook her head.  “It happened while we were in the fourth circle and she had to fight some bitch of a demon.”

“She hasn’t turned back yet.  I don’t even know how she got us home or if she will ever turn back.”  Liam sank to his knees beside her head and reached out to stroke her hair.  He pulled his hand back at the last second.  When she turned her head he was both gratified to see her face was more human and saddened at the heartbreak in her eyes. 

Anna willed herself to turn back to her human self.  She forced the change and tried to make the wounds heal.   Slowly her skin turned back to pale pink and the wings shrunk.  She could feel her teeth shortening as her jaw reformed into the human curve.  She pushed herself to her feet when it was done and nearly sobbed when she saw her hair was still white. 

So, I needed to add things to her details.  My lovely copper-haired Anna now is a lovely, white-haired Anna.  I’m not sure I like it and there will be some discussion about whether or not it should be dyed before the wedding.  She also has 3 paper thin scars down her face as a result of that fight.

And not only are there main character details to look after there are also:

  • Locations – both geographically and architecturally (like the Pack compound, we need to know what it looks like)
  • Weapons – Anna has a beautiful Archer’s sword but I keep forgetting what it looks like.  Plus there are others.  And it’s not just the hardware, it’s the magic too
  • The wedding.  LOTS of details there!
  • Allies
  • and as The Boyfriend reminded me, enemies.  “They can’t have a need for allies without enemies and they have lots of them.”

It’s a lot to try and fit into a spiral bound notebook!  And I’m sure there are a few things I’m forgetting.  There are characters that need more development, in regard to details, than I’ve given them on paper.  

On top of trying to do that I’m planning the wedding.  We have the bridesmaids’ dress down now.  There were two that it came down to.  One was very flowy, very pretty.  But it didn’t feel formal enough to me for the occasion and seemed a little too different.  Tee is of the opinion that the one I did choose is too close to Anna’s dress.  That’s one of the things I like about it.  It offers a level of consistency to the bride’s side of the party that is there on the groom’s side.

The groomsmen will all be wearing the tartan the groom is wearing, all in formal wear with a slightly different jacket than the groom.  I figure that the bridesmaids all need to have that same level of matchy matchy.  So, a reminder about the bride:

This is the bridesmaid gown:

The maid of honour will be in red, the rest in black, all with the white insert and ribbon.  Pretty isn’t it?

This morning I’ve been working on the bouquet.  It popped into my head, almost fully conceptualized.  I could see the colours and placement of some of the glitter but I couldn’t tell what kind of flowers they were.  So I went on a hunt.  And I’ve made several decisions about it.

This shape. Called “Teardrop”

This rose. It’s called a Papa Meilland. And will be mixed with these lilies:

Which are called Black Forest Calla Lilies.

There will be some bling.  Small gold beads set into the centers of some of the roses and Swarovski crystal picks set in.  There will be dark greens and the stems will be wrapped in gold ribbon.  

As I see it in my head it’s dark with hints of sparkle.  And it works with the colours of the wedding (red, black and gold with touches of white and blue from the tartan).

With all this detail work there hasn’t been a whole lot of writing.  And it all needs to get done.  

Oh!  I finally got interior pictures of the Duke Street Church!  I wish I’d gotten pictures from before it’s conversion into a youth hostel but the center of it still seems to be relatively the same shape (the pics are regrettably tiny):

This is the side pews of the balcony.


Lots and lots of beautiful details


Some of the ceiling plaster work.



There is lots of use of colour throughout the plaster work – most notably seems to be the blue there.





The whole thing seems to be perfect for the massive, super formal wedding that the Princess of Vampires and the Alpha of Alphas should be having.  

So because I haven’t been writing so much my brain seems to have decided that blogs aren’t appropriate.  I think though that since it’s all part of the process of creating a book and THAT is what my blog is about I should be talking about this stuff.  Getting feedback goes a long way to helping me continue writing.  If no one seems to be reading them, why on earth would I want to put the time in?  

*smiles*  Probably because I like to talk about my books, eh?  Besides, having something to read helps draw in the readers.

Back to work here folks.  Have a wonderful Fourth of July to my American readers!