The Old Building


Today I was at my daughter’s dance competition and on the way home, toxed (I have multiple chemical sensitivities) and sick from something I ate that apparently tripped my system into overboard on the total load thing, I saw a lot of pictures I wanted to take.  So tomorrow I’ll be posting some of the ones I took as we were driving. (Yep, actually as driving.)  But this one was inspired by Mike‘s photos of the doors. 

The only problem is… What is the purpose of the building?  Was it a carriage house?  A drive shed for storing tractors?  A simple garage for a ’58  Bel Air?

Any ideas?


8 thoughts on “The Old Building

  1. @Mike It does mine too but I’m willing to bet not for the same reasons. 🙂

    I see worn down, broken down or even a graceful aging and I want to know the story behind it. I want to make up stories behind it. I found a house about an hour from here that is huge and wearing down and I swear I saw something in the third floor cupola window. So now it has to have a story, even as I want to know the history behind it.

    Today though it’s the pics I took while driving. 😀


      1. Dilapidated catches my eye every time. Today I shot a tiny, abandoned farm house from the 40’s. I shot the inside as well. It should make for an interesting post.


  2. Ohhhh it looks like a farm shed for tools and things…just my imagination but my uncle was born in a similar shed and this is what I always picture in my mind 😉


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